WPAPP - Full Wordpress News App for iOS

WPAPP - Full Wordpress News App for iOS

What is WPAPP – Full Wordpress News App for iOS

WPAPP is a full native iOS application for the iPhone or iPod touch that has been built to easily connect to a Wordpress Blog / Magazine for people who want to offer their users a professional iPhone App for reading the posts.

This app is very easy to understand and to tweak, it’s written in Swift 2.0 and compatible with iOS 8 / 9. It uses an universal plugin called WP REST API that is going to merge into WordPress core this December and that is available for now for free on the WordPress Plugin Directory. This app allows you to show posts, images and information about the author. Support for other type of information will be gradually added. It also uses two open source libraries called Alamofire (to handle the communication with your server) and ObjectMapper (that helps to get the WordPress models translated to their Swift equivalents) added through pods included in the zip file.


  • Load posts from any WordPress blog (version 4.0 or newer)
  • Loads images asynchronously in different sizes and stores them in a simple cache system built in for faster loading
  • Gets content and excerpt correctly from WordPress by stripping more complicated HTML tags and keepung line tags
  • Extensions to easily configure the look and feel of the app
  • A communications layer that is easy to understand and to expand
  • Very easy to expand and integrate with existing apps


-- Version 1.0
initial release

Future releases will include:

  • category and tags (browse & filter)
  • archives
  • multiple images inside a blog post
  • support for galleries
  • bold, italic and underline formats as well as links inside the post content
  • ability to commenting from the app
  • detailed user / author information
  • system to mark like / favorite fully integrated with WordPress (custom post meta)
  • many other features