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Wow i love it , Goodluck with sales

Thanks ahmedtawfek

Hi – Will this plugin allow me to add an additional menu to a theme at the top of header? Will it work on any theme?


plugin creates an additional menu location called “Advanced Bar Menu”. Additionally you can also choose to select an existing menu to be displayed in the bar.

We tested plugin in many themes and we tried to make it as compatible as possible.

Every bar is in fixed position on the screen (you can choose position by pixels).

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Thank you so much for your fast response. If for some reason it does not work in ht theme I am using for this client, it is a very handy thing to have for other so I will purchase!

Thank you for feedback!

If you have issue in your theme you can open a ticket on -> http://support.webself.it and we will happy to help you to solve theme incompatibility.

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How I can make the menu buttons are above the rest of the content?. On some pages, images or sliders hide menu buttons. Thanks.

Hi elpirao, thanks for purchased plugin. Please open a ticket on http://support.webself.it/ and give me a url site.

Best regards

Hi. I’ve just bought Wp Advanced Bar and am in the css file for menu.style2.css. I’d like two thing please, how to centre the bar and how to remove the white background. Anyone help please.


to centre a dynamic menu is difficult because the width of menu change by buttons number. For example if you have a menu of 400px (width) you can use:

left: 50%; margin-left: -200 px; (where 200 is half of menu static width)

This is a good solution if you know the menu width.

To centre a dynamic menu is possible using some jQuery functions, so you need to add in your js file the function to calculate menu div width and use it to centre the menu.

For the bg we don’t undestand what you mean (we have a flat green bg + a grey bg in menu.. not white)

To have more help please open a ticket on http://support.webself.it

I hope we helped you.

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Hi and thanks. My menu is 225px wide, I’m going to try you solution. Do I paste it into styles.css or menu.style2.css?

Ok we are answering to your ticket.

Thanks for your time.

Hi. I’m using your plugin with Trego Theme: http://newsmartwave.net/wordpress/trego/ How could we show your menu bar on the full screen home ? From now it’s only showing on none full screen pages… Thanks for your help. :)


we need to see your site to help you, please open a ticket on http://support.webself.it

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hi, is it works on mobile?


if you are talking about Style2 here the css code to add in the options (last field):

ul.share-first { display:none!important; } .wpabar .social-share.bottom.style2 { margin-bottom:0!important; } .wpabar .social-share.style2 { height:auto!important; }

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this is exactly what i mean :) thank you Best Regards

Perfect :)

Is there a live demo of this plugin anywhere?


with live demo are you meaning a real site that is using the plugin?

If you only need a standard demo here the site -> http://wordpress.webself.it/wpadvancedbar/

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Hi there, i need to convert my website into mobile app with a codecanyon plugin. i need to know that how can i add about us, our services and contact us buttons on the footer which can be sticky? can your plugin let me do that?

when you check the screenshot please see that i do not want to show social links in the sticky footer. i need to show 3 or 4 menu items…

i mean could you please check the screenshots and please let me know asap if i can get what i want with your plugin.

Screen Shots: 1. http://prnt.sc/c5i5kb 2. http://prnt.sc/c5i5oz

or do you have any other solution to help me? Thank You Bro.

Great work! I like it