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This item looks really good. I like it. :)

thanks mate, :) do remember to rate this product after you use it ;)

hi from Portugal,

Great work , tell me one thing , can i put rrs news inside the buttom ?


Thanks for writing to me, yes you can put RSS news on the bottom bar,

both top and bottom work exactly the same way and have same functionality! hope you like my product. :)

Unfortunately on my blog not funciona.O this empty file and not know what else to ask fazer.Vou suporte.E if there is no support, I will cancel compra.Pela first time something here in Envato does not.

please contact me via form on right hand, i provide email support to all my items. :)

is it possible for ticker to be scrolling text when view in mobile?

right now, no, but im sure we one of our programmers could get that for you, once you buy it.

I have added two custom messages & set rotate all option, but banners are not rotating, also not found option to add link in settings. My site

Thanks for your support. <center> </center> tag is not working.

Hello Waiting for your reply…

so sorry, i guess i missed this,

sent you an email.