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We’re using a buddypress theme. We disabled Ranks in the settings, but when you view a users profile page, it still displays “Rank: Newbie” on their cover photo. Can this be fixed?


thank you for the report. We will fix this in the next release.

This plugin works with QAENGINE???

Hello, WPAchievements should work with all WordPress themes if they are using proper coding practices. That being said can you elaborate on the type of functionality you are seeking?


leonbax Purchased

I have non-working custom triggers and have been trying to get support via e-mail. I am not getting a reply. I hope my messages are not in your spam folder. Can someone get back to me?

Hello, can you provide me information in regards to the custom triggers issue (I am not able to access those emails) but if you can provide the problem here I can take a look thank you ^^

Hi. The website is currently behind an under construction page. I don’t see a way to mark comments as private and I don’t want to share the login with the rest of the world so if I you can provide me with a contact email or you can contact me (I am a registered user) I will give you all login info.

The issue is that custom triggers do not trigger anything.

All forms of custom triggers are not working that is a little odd what version of PHP are you using?

I am using wpachievements, one of the triggers are not working and that is get points when a user get 100% perfect score in a quiz. I emailed few days ago but no support. Please check my email.

Hello can you provide me some general information about the setup of your website? Can you list your plugins, potentially the php version of your server?

I have wpAchievements pro and wp-courseware installed. I have created and Achivement – for users who pass a quiz with 100%, but this does not work. Even if the user pass the quiz with 100%, he cannot unlock the achievement. Any idea ?

I have some course setup with wp-courseware, for each lesson there is a quiz. I have created and Achivement – for users who pass a quiz with 100%, but this does not work. Even if the user pass the quiz with 100%, he cannot unlock the achievement.

PHP Version 5.4.45

Plugins: Breadcrumb NavXT Contact Form 7 DW Question Answer Pro Easy Video Player Export Users to CSV Google Doc Embedder Hide Admin Bar From Non-admins If Menu LayerSlider WP Paid Memberships Pro Peter’s Login Redirect Postman SMTP Slider Revolution Theme My Login Username Changer WordPress Importer WordPress Mass Email to users WP Bouncer WP Courseware WP Courseware – Paid Memberships Pro Add On WP Hide Dashboard WPAchievements

All right that is quite interesting can you try to see if there is any plugin conflict (try testing for this by disabling each plugin one by one and see if the issue is resolved after the plugin is disabled if it doesn’t help or you find a conflict please report back here ^ ^)

I disabled all the plugins still doesn’t work. I have a quiz 80% is pass, if I get 80% I get 100 points and if I get 100% Perfect Quiz Score still I get 100 points. I have set extra 100 points for 100% Perfect Quiz Score. Can you please check my site. How can I give you login details?

Does this plugin have the ability to make custom achievements and allow them to be automatically approved?


you can create an unlimited number of achievements. For each achievement you can select one available trigger. Additionally you can set custom triggers that are fired automatically.

Great. I purchased this plugin already. Where can I find the documentation or knowledge base on how to set this up. I’ve spent hours trying to get the custom triggers to work and no luck.

In the plugin backend is a faq area which gives you some help. Could you explain me your trigger setup?

A few followup questions -

1. Why isn’t Achievements available under BuddyPress Nav menu, surely it makes sense to show it there.

2. When a player ‘Ranks’ up I can’t seem to find anywhere (except the widget) where you see the icon.

3. I wish we could customise the widget, it doesn’t look too good on my sidebar.

4. The page for [wpa_myachievements] just shows badges but not what was needed to earn them. It would be nice to see the same amount of time spent on the visuals as on the Achievements & Quests.

5. On the Achievements & Quests pages, I notice each box only takes up half the available space. So if I don’t use Quests only half the page it shown.

Those are all good feature suggestions.

So let me read them out and see if these are what you are looking for us to add?

1. You would like us to add a menu that shows all the user achievements on their BuddyPress profile?

2. You want to see the user rank up maybe through a BuddyPress activity post, or something on their profile that shows the change?

3. You want more customization for the widget in what way?

4. We should include a shortcode that shows all the achievements as well as the requirements?

5. You want the achievements to automatically fill the page even when quests aren’t being used?

1. Yes, take it off the Profile Header and move it to a navigation menu.

2. I can’t figure out where I’m meant to see the badge, other than on the profile cover – which just looks out of place. I suggest: -Show badge with rank when levelling up -Have a sidebar widget that shows the ‘profile’ rank, so whether you’re on your own profile or other players you can see it.

3. Background/Text Colour/Bar Colours/alignment- so that it can match the theme. For example, look how ugly this is. 4. I’d like to see a page that shows -the current badges and how you earned them (this is important). -Along with (optional) ‘greyed out’ badges, which you haven’t earned but can by completing the objectives/quests Your current display is rather lackluster. EDIT: I’ve just seen the ‘Achievement Page’ actually does this – however it only fills half the page. This is because I don’t use quests, but it looks half-complete.

5. As above.

Just got this error after activating the plugin: Warning: array_key_exists(): The first argument should be either a string or an integer in l/wp-content/plugins/mycred/includes/mycred-functions.php on line 1005. Is this app compatible with MyCred?

Actually Please disregard my last comment. I had to update with MyCred.

Presale: I plan on using your plugin w/ UserPro which I read that it integrates with—the question I understand we can define different ranks etc, but can we define different rules for accumulating points programatically? In other words I want to build in a rule that says when a Woocommerce order has gone through for $500 then I want the user to get x amount of points, etc. Thanks.

Hi, its possible to reset point one time / month to able members to win (for month) ?


points are locked with ranks. Thereby it’s not useful for reset points. In that case the user will lose his rank.

its possible to add this famous reset point ? it would be great or how i can modify it ?

Hello, I’m interested with your plugin. Is there any way to give point to users for sharing our articles to social media??

Hello, our plugin isn’t able to handle that but maybe there is an extension for MyCRED which you can use together with WPAchievements plugin.

Will you be adding support for PeepSo? It’s similar to BuddyPress.

Hello.thank you for your inquiry. We will check it.

Hello Destac, where can i make a support ticket ?


please use the contact form on codecanyon to submit a ticket:

I agree with Ka1z3’s post 8 days ago. The sidebar widget is a bit ugly. I managed to change the color of the progress bar, but getting the icon to align next to the bar has been tricky. Is there a way I can get the icon to appear to the left of the progress bar without extending the progress bar outside the boundaries of the sidebar area?


Destac Author Team

We can look at improving the styling and the appearance of the sidebar widget in a future update thank you robert!

Hello; I am using mycred ranks and Badges. I can see ican deactivate ranks in oyour plugin, but what I would like is to use wpa achievements quests linked to a mycred badge…Because in mycred badges I have more plugins compatibility options… is this possible ? or if not , can it be developed on top ? what would you suggest we do ? Best rgs, HM

Hello again, how do you make custom triggers ?


Destac Author Team

You, can make custom achievements through the shortcode found in the documentation?

[wpa_custom_achievement] Copy this to any post/page to trigger a custom achievement.

if you are talking about integration with triggers in another plugin then there is no easy way of doing so and would require some development knowledge.

Could I request help with modifying the look of the leaderboard widget? I would like to remove the border around each user or at least change the color of the border and the color around each name.