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Hello, I’m using your plugin and have just added bbpress to my site. The wp achievements badges are appearing next to the users name in the forum and if they have earned lots of badges, it is making each comment box massively large. Is it possible to turn this off in wp achievements so it doesn’t show the badges – or perhaps even limit the number of achievements shown in bbpress? Thank you.

Don’t forget to edit the line again after a plugin update. Maybe we could add an option for achievements count.

An option for achievements count would be great :)

Preorder question:

Hello, I’m searching for a plugin, that allows me to add achievements base on for example QR-Codes oder ‘normal’ codes (letters and so) to an user. For example: A restaurant in my city has a code, which is handed to the customers after they paid. The customer can now enter the code on my website and gets the achievement ‘Restaurant ABC’. So the user can collect achievements in his holidays.

Is this possible? Thanks for your answer :)


that’s a really nice idea. We will check if we can put it on our road map for the next release.

When You are gonna to make this plugin “responsive”?

Hi, we are already working on a new version. We will try to improve the CSS in the next release.

Please Please add Integration For WPLMS you have a great plugin and we need you in our Community WPLMS has 16,128 Users Till Now and it is growing You will be having a great Business Integrating With it thaaaanks

Sounds interesting. :)

I just installed and activated this plugin on a new install, migrating my sites to php 7 and wp 4.9 and it’s not showing up in the menu. I show a nag that is asking me to activate the plugin but when I click on settings in the ‘nag’ it says I do not have permission to access that page. Any suggestions?


  1. Do you have a multi site or a single site setup?
  2. Did you try to disable all other plugins for testing
  3. ?

Do you know if you’ll be adding Memberpress to your supported plugin lineup?

Hi, we will add it to our feature suggestion list and check if it can be added in the future.

Hi Hope you are fine Actualy due to Wp achivement plugin in getting HTTP ERROR 500 when i activate the plugin error comes and when i deactivate the plugin error goes Can you please help me out


Thank’s strange. Could you please send us your WP login to check what’s going wrong on your site?

how to reset the counter to zero? after a challenge completed for all users? please answer it’s urgent, I’m a customer


what counter exactly do you want to reset?

hello I wish to reward my visitors when they connect, comment articles … every month. and I want the meter to reset every month. the achievement counter

Hi, ok that would be a bit complicated and for now you will need to do it with e.g. PHPMyAdmin. You will need to empty the wp_achievements table and delete all user meta fields with the “wpachievements_” prefix in wp_user_meta table.

I have put the reset feature to our road map and we will try to add it into the next release.


sokoty Purchased

hello I wish to reward my visitors when they connect, comment articles … every month. and I want the counter to reset every month after choose people with the high rank. im talking about the achievement counter. how to reset it ? Please try to answer it’s urgent and I’m a bought your product.

Hi, ok that would be a bit complicated and for now you will need to do it with e.g. PHPMyAdmin. You will need to empty the wp_achievements table and delete all user meta fields with the “wpachievements_” prefix in wp_user_meta table.

I have put the reset feature to our road map and we will try to add it into the next release.

Hi, I have bought your plugin and sent a support question 1 month back but haven’t received any answers. Can you please respond to my support question. Thanks!

Hello, I’m sorry for the delay. We will answer your email right now.

Hello :)

I changed my domain and i can’t activate WPA. Please reset my license. Thanks!

Sure ;)


Hi, we have removed your old site. Now you can register a new one. Enjoy!

TY :)

Custom event triggers don’t seem to activate properly. Is there a reason or fix for this?

I rolled back my site for the time being after not having much luck getting things to trigger properly or update but I had the latest version from here installed. Also, is it just me or did this plugin use to have way more options for triggers like ‘x’ times visited, etc.? It seems kind of stripped down compared to a year ago when I used it.

Hi, we have constantly added new features and did not strip down anything in the past. Achievement triggers are usually simple triggers. If you need complex logic then you could use Quests.

Ok, did a clean reinstall with the new download and at the moment custom triggers seem to be working again. Also glad to hear it was just my imagination that features were missing from the plugin. Thanks.

Hello and thank you for the amazing plugin! This works for me when BadgeOS did not, but after implementing the plugin, I have one question: How can I increase the size of the achievement badges on the users’ profile pages? They are currently too small to really see. Thank you! -B


Thank you very much.

If you mean the buddypress profile page then you will need to edit includes/modules/budypress.php file.
  1. Open the file and search for “function wpachievements_bp_profile_achievements()”
  2. In that function you will find three placed with width=”30”
  3. Change the width and the icons should resize

Best regards, WPAchievements Support

New version has been submitted for review!

Changelog – v8.2.0 – 2018-01-05
  • New: Create site wide Achievements on a multisite network
  • New: Create site wide Quests on a multisite network
  • New: Responsive Achievements overview
  • New: Option to limit displayed user achievements on bbPress pages
  • New: Award achievements for visiting specific posts or pages
  • Fix: Ranks still displayed even if disabled on buddypress, bbpress user page



JHeth Purchased

In your latest update you said “New: Award achievements for visiting specific posts or pages” How? I am a pro user, I have ran the most recent update, there are no new options or instructions. Also custom triggers seem to not work…

Hello JHeth,

when you create a new achievement select “The user visits a post” as trigger event. Then a new field will appear “Post ID”. There you need to add the post ID that user needs to visit in order to get this achievement.

How do you use custom triggers? Could you please post a step by step instructions that we can try to reproduce the issue? Thx

Best regards, Daniel

WPAchievements Support

Hello, I have purchased this plug and have a question. Is there any way to manually manage occurrences on a certain quest? Meaning as an admin I can give someone an achievement but I can not give them 1 occurrence towards a quest, is there a way to do this?


currently that is not possible but it sounds very interesting. I like the idea.I’ll put it on our feature suggestion list and we will discuss it.

Best regards, Daniel

WPAchievements Support

Two issues seem to be impacting my site at the moment.

1) Custom triggers seem to be disabled if you activate any point feature under settings -> module integration -> wordpress.

2) I’m running 8.2.0 and the plugin is still stuck in a weird loop where it says there is an update despite no update available. You can keep clicking the update on it and it’ll go through the motions only to end up at the latest version and still insisting there is an update.

Hmm…now it seems like even the log in triggers aren’t working after messing with those settings. All were functioning properly before I did that.


That sounds very strange because we did not touch other triggers. We will check it tomorrow again and try to reproduce the issues.

We have checked the log in triggers, too and they are working like expected. In this case will need to take a closer look at your site. Please send us your WordPress login and we will check what’s going wrong.

This plugin is no longer supported FYI. I purchased it recently and tried every conceivable method to contact the author – posting via the support channel on their site (broken), via email (bounced), via the envato channel (they too were unable to reach them). The plugin works and it’s being updated but be advised when you’re paying for 5mos of support you’re not receiving it. DigitalBuilder seems to respond here so maybe this will get his/her attention. this is the screencast I sent to the author nearly a month ago: thx

Hello Sean,

I’m sorry for the troubles with the plugin. We moved our support completely to Codecanyon (comments and contact form) so we don’t need to manage it on two sites.

The file package you can download from codecanyon includes a short documentation and after the plugin installation you will find a FAQ section directly under WPAchievements menu. There all shortcodes, widgets and custom triggers are explained.

Could you please send us the issue report directly from the Codecanyon contact form:

Best regards, Daniel

WPAchievements Support


leonbax Purchased

Is there a way to simply display the points (text) via a shortcode?


you could use the wpa_myrank shortcode to display your rank anyhere on the site:

[wpa_myranks user_id="" show_title="" title_class="" rank_image=""]

  • user_id – The ID of the user to get the rank for. If blank it defaults to current logged in user
  • rank_image – Whether to show the rank image, if one is available. “True” to show or “False” to hide. If blank it defaults to true.
  • show_title – Whether to display the title: “My Rank”. Example: “True” to show or “False” to hide. If blank it defaults to true.
  • title_class – This class will be added to the title and will allow the use of custom CSS.