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I can’t seem to figure out how to award an achievement manually recurring. I can see the settings in the achievement setup, but when I manually award in the user it only shows one checkbox.

Can we edit the “How do we get this” text in the plugin?

Anybody still support this plugin ? i visit DigitalBuilder website ( and found the team had problem with fake Rayban and Oakley product

Neither the pop ups of achievements or achievement icons are working. I have the correct quiz ID’s referenced. This was working as of June. Is there a compatibility issue with the latest Wordpress version? TIA

I agree – the latest update broke everything on my site .. can you provide a roll back please?

The plugin is constantly telling me there is an update to 8.0.2 .. but confirms I have 8.0.2 already! .. it doesn’t work since this update .. not at all. It did beforehand.

I’ve switched to BadgeOS – free and has support!

Hi, I have just bought the plugin. I installed it but every time I activate it, the quiz never completes. It stops during recording the results and never continue!!!!

Please advise.

This plugin is not working since last WP upgrade…. is there anybody on this site that has a clue on how to fix it ?*

Hi all…yes…no support offered, but I use with LearnDash and myCRED. So far, still has seamless integration. My question, has anyone figured out how to show achievements that haven’t yet been earned? I believe BadgeOS does this, but haven’t been able to locate a way to do this in WPA.

Is the plugin dead?

It’s still working, currently using ver. 8.0.2, you cant manually give users a recurring achievement/quest … setup a trigger if you want, just don’t forget to set the number of Occurrences.. use notepad and search “How do we get this?” on wpachievements_achievements_page.php (its in the plugin folder)... quizzes are working for me too..


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Hello, I created a demo site and then deleted all gravity forms entries and cleared out the achievements. But when I log in I still have 18 points and visited 5 locations! Where in the database would I clear this info from please as I see no way to clear it from anywhere else?

Please add this plugin to your achievements plugin: Reviewer WordPress Plugin . I love your plugin but this review plugin is the best I could find for word press and is what I need the achievements and quests most for.


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So far this seems like a great plugin, thank you!

One issue I’m running into: I’m using Ultimate Member for front-end profiles, and I’d like to display achievement badges on the user profile pages. If I use the shortcode provided in the documentation, it only shows the achievements of the user currently logged in, not the achievements associated with that particular profile/user. Can you point me in the right direction as to which shortcode I need to use to display the achievements associated with the particular profile page, not the logged in user?



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I cannot renew support because unfortunately this product is poorly maintained. Doesnt quite do what it says. causes massive problems. No updates. IS THIS DEAD?

I am afraid, this is abandonware…