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Can you explain me please how to translate button in bubble Ceckout, i tried with Wpml String Translation and CodeStyling Localization and NOTHING, thx

The “ckeckout” button isn’t added by my plugin : it is directly the woocommerce cart button, loaded with a woo function. You need to translate “Checkout” directly in woocommerce .

I just sent you a email, I am hoping this is a easy fix to get your product to work with my set up.. Thank you beverage* @ gmail Jason

Yes, I replied.

Love this plugin! I am having a small issue with the animation. The product is not falling directly into the cart, but about a hundred pixels in front of it. What file do I need to change that dictates the direction of the animation?

Thanks :)
You can find it at line 486 of the file assets/frontend.js . After edition, you need to minify the code (using http://www.minifyjavascript.com/) and paste it in the file frontend.min.js .
If you want help, you can contact me from the support tab giving me the url of the website, I will help you .

Thank you so much.

Sorry, but I don’t know all these plugins. If your plugins are changing standard ids and CSS classes of WooCommerce, or modify its functionalities, there is a risk of conflict.
I don’t know these plugins (except the 6), therefore I can’t guarantee it.

demo dont work, pls fix it

It works correctly for me, please try again .

Hi i have already bought the plugin and followed the steps to install etc. but when i click on the ON BUTTON nothing happens. and i have a person testing the chat, sending me messages and i got nothing.. help MEEE!!!!

No problem, please simply contact me from the support tab, using your buyer account .

Do you intend to add new features?

I have nothing planned for this one currently. What kind of feature do you think?

Ajaxified “Add to cart” button in the single product pages

Ok, thanks, I note the idea .

I tried to install your plugin and on the settings page changed the enable dropdown to yes. Once saving it changed to no, and all color setting chnaged to white #ffffff. Screen shot: https://gyazo.com/1d68246612137f179514e00f9f1ec093 , it doesnt seems to be working. I have the latest woocommerce and latest wordpress versions

Can you send me a temporary access to the backend of the plugin ? I will debug it.
You can contact me from http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-woo-visual-cart/10767265/support

Hi. What exactly will you d different? I dont want to break my site. Its live and previously people that touched it caused issues. Cant you tell me what to do?

Ok, please use the network tab of the console of your browser (f12 on chrome or firefox) to check the ajax message of the server when saving settings .

Hello are you still working in this plugin? The last actualization was 7 months ago, many things has changed since then, is it responsive?

Yes, it is responsive and fully compatible with last wp and woo versions.

Software Version 4.4.1

09th (or 10th) of February I wrote to you. There was no answer, very worried…

I received your email and replied “Where can I see the issue ?” the same day.
Sorry you didn’t receive it . Please send me the url where I can see the issue, I will debug it .


It’s been almost a year now since you last updated your plugin. Is your plugin compatible to the latest version of woocommerce please?

Thanks for asking. Yes, it is compatible with the last version of woocommerce .

A question though. I’m using a custom cart button on my website here:
password to enter is fly618

How to make your plugin trigger of my custom cart button please? On the top right corner of my website.

Please can you group your questions on the same thread ? Thanks.
The plugin automatically detects the cart link depending on the target of the link (here the link has no href target yet). Simply set the target to the cart page .

works with woocommerce lightbox? :?

Yes, it works with Woocommerce lightbox .

If you have a problem, you can simply contact me from the support tab, I will help you.

Awesome plugin! Really unique. Congrats!

I was just about to buy it but then I run the demo on an iPhone 6 and found out that the cart bubble doesn’t seem to be responsive. It’s a bit wide so I can’t see the X to close it and like half of the trash icon is out of the screen.

Could you please take a look at this? Thanks!

It looks much better now. But if you turn your phone to landscape part of bubble gets out of the screen. (And it gets worse if you turn it back to portrait again!) I mean… not a dealbreaker but you might wanna check on that too. Thank you.

You’re right, fixed. The height is too small in this case, the cart will now be hidden in this specific mode.
In general, updates are online on codecanyon after ~2-3 days after sending.

Awesome plugin and awesome support! Thanks.