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Hello awesome work it’s amazing to see how you guys are working with always new features I’m A current user of WPIVR and would continue to purchase more of you products on the other side I have a question can I use this plugin IVR and marketing plugin to use the same number?

Thank you very much. You have to use separate number for each plugin.

There is not way to use the same number ?

if we use the same number for IVR and Woo SMS plugin then incoming SMS feature of IVR will be stopped. and you have to update SMS URL of your twilio number manually and point it to WP SMS plugin SMS URL. in this way all incoming sms of twilio number will be saved and processed in WP Woo SMS plugin and all incoming call will go to our IVR Plugin. Please discuss if you want this change, I will make it ready for you. Its better if you share your install URLs, user name and password along with your Twilio login information at our support desk I will make it ready for you to avoid any issue. Thanks

I am interested in your plugin but I cannot make any sense of the pricing on Twillo’s website. Let’s say that my site will send 1000 SMS messages per month, how much will it cost to send each SMS?

0.0075 for incoming and outgoing text sms. 0.01 for incoming MMS. 0.02 for outgoing MMS.

Hi, nifty solution, may I ask if it works with mobile numbers in Africa especially Nigeria?

With Regards

you can see pricing information for Nigeria from below mentioned Twilio Pricing URL. for more information abut pricing and phone number availability you should contact with twilio support. They provide numbers in area on special request at same price if not listed on website.

Looks promising! How hard it is to add a SMS gateway which is not yet supported by this plugin?

Any programmer who know the WP Plugin development can add the new sms gateway very easily. Its better if you get it customized from us, Please contact with me via support ticket at to discuss it more. We are available for any customization. Thanks

one word “AMAZING” will definitely be purchasing in the next few days!

You are most welcome. We really appreciate it.

Hmm.. your header says 7 sms gateways supported, but in description it says you must have Twilio account.
So which 7 gateways are included? I need MessageBird ->
Is that one included?

Dear user 7grafix ! We appreciate you feedback. It isn’t unfair by any mean (current one is twilio based) we are working on it and you’ll see (soon it will be functional on 7 gateways). We are striving for excellence and that’s the main thing you’ll see in all of our existing products. We are working 24/7 to provide cost effective and most convenient solutions and services to our vulnerable clients.

Ah, I see you have updated your introduction text and cover image to show only twilio based. Now it’s correct :)
Looking forward to see messagebird in your sms gateway. When that one is available, it’s interesting for my business. Thanks!

You are most welcome. We really appreciate it.

support china? You should contact with Twilio support to get China numbers in your account. They can enable that for you.

Hello Author

Its nice plugin, just have a quick question

Once customer order product, he gets sms notification right, and further order status updates. Can we linked to vendor/seller also to get sms notification?

Thanks Rakpa

Currently, Admin will only get sms notification on every new order. but on every order status change, only customer will get the notification. Admin can exclude the status for not being notified to customer. Like admin can un check “Hold” status to not send SMS when ever order comes at Hold. So in this way admin have more control on status as well. But Admin will not get alert on every status change. we may include this feature in our next releases. but unfortunately we did not get sales on this plugin. If we keep getting sales, we will keep adding features and will keep improving it. Thanks


So Can you advise any other plugin which sends notification to vendor/seller?

Actually, I am looking for that, as soon as customer orders, how seller come to know? any plugin for that?

Dear user rakpa ! Please order this plugin and avail outstanding features.

WP WOO SMS Plugin send notifications to vendor / seller as well.

Whenever a new user orders something from you online shopping store or woo commerce store then both of you (client and admin) will receive text message at their cell phone.

1- Admin will receive a notification that e.g (#customer) (#order_number) has ordered worth $59 from your woo commerce store.

2- After the successful order completion by customer. Customer can check for order updates and for this purpose all they have to do is just text their order details (#order_number) and our advance order management system will forward them most appropriate details regarding their orders that either it is (in process, pending, shipped)

Hello, we see you have made another great plugin! We are interested in purchasing this. We purchased you IVR plugin which is great and you have provided great support. what is the major difference between this plugin and you WP SMS Marketing plugin. We want to use for a woocommerce site to send signup and order alerts. Also want a way for customers to call a number and get order status as well.

WP Woo SMS Plugin is only for SMS alerts for admin and customer on every new order. When ever order status changed in woo commerce customer will be notified for it. Admin can manage the order status for notification, I mean if you do not want to sent notification to customer if order status is hold or pending then you can un check it. Only selected order status by admin will be notified to customers. Order information via call is possible using our IVR plugin. Please discuss if you have any other question or issue. Thanks.

Hi there! Just bought this plugin, but the system freezes by making an order. In the admin area I see there was on order, but with 0 products. When I trun off the plugin it all works fine. Any idea how to solve this? Thank you for your help!

It might happens when 2 plugins conflicts with each others due to any reason. I suggest you to please create a support ticket at including your WP Install URL, user name and password. I will get it working for you. Thanks

hello, what is the difference between this and WP SMS Marketing? i cant figure which one is best, please advice

Hi nabilbk !

We hope you are fine and doing great.

Both plugins have their own functionality and in their own terms both are exceptionally outstanding.

I suggest you to purchase any one that suits you best and represents your business in a proper way.

Best Regards

how does this differ from your other WP SMS plugin? Both seem to update statuses – Can you please prvide a comparison and let me know the difference – I am not sure which to buy? Also – If i have custom statuses will the auto message read any custom statuses – for instance – waiting for approval – etc… I’m using gravity flow to control my workflows and would love to involve text someway.

Hi nathansimpson !

We hop you are fine.

below are mentioned some features of Wordpress SMS Marketing Plugin

1- Many other plugins have bulk SMS sending features but in our most advanced WP SMS Marketing Plugin you can send up-to many messages at any mobile phone network any time and can actually schedule specific date from WP SMS Marketing Admin Panel. 2- You can send custom messages relating orders and campaigns to all Woo-Commerce users between any-date. (For-Example a user is subscribed in marketing campaign and he converted into a precious customer, later on your company revised marketing packages, meantime with this advance Woo-Commerce scheduled bulk SMS Sending feature you can send him text on his cell phone that our marketing packages are revised, subscribe at promotions and get 20% discount. 3- You can create custom campaign message and can easily send to many customers you’d like to in specific or designated dates (which can be set from WP SMS Marketing Plugin settings) 4- Wordpress sms marketing plugin have got more than 50 features. Please see by yourself

In Woocommerce plugin you’ll get

1- Woo commerce status update notification 2- Scheduled bulk sms sending feature 3- Order status mobile notification 4- Premier messaging just type and text 5- Advance statistics (analytics system) to keep a complete track record 6- Order status inquiry and update status notification feature

Both plugins have their own importance and got unlimited features to facilitate all of your needs. We suggest you to purchase now and enjoy unlimited benefits.

Best Regards

in our woo commerce plugin, you can exclude any woo commerce order status to not to share its status with customer. like if you do not want to share the order status with customer if its status is “Hold” then un check it from settings

Hi, Can I send sms using php code?

yes. its ok, I will test and let you know my findings. Thanks

Do you have an email to send?

I can not write my email here. its against the policies of codecanyon. you can generate a support ticket.

hi promotionking, what different between wp sms marketing and wp woo sms,,,if i buy this plugin is need to buy wp woo sms too?? as i know in wp sms marketing there is woocommerce integrated feature

we will remove woo commerce features from next version. we will continue with the separate woo sms plugin. I recommend you to buy the stand alone version if you want to use it for woocommerce only.

great work mate . good luck ^^

Thank you very much for your appreciation ….

Please check out our other products as well:

Thanks and best regards Team Ranksol

After installing, I can’t seem to find a place to add subscribers or to get customers to request subscription addition. Am I missing something?

Please pre-order wordpress sms marketing plugin as well. It’s an exclusive plugin with more than 50+ features inside. Your money isn’t wasted. Our team provided you complete customers support and assistance. You don’t have to feel that way.

Simply just purchase sms marketing plugin today and all of your problems will be solved within the most least possible time.

Thank you very much

Best regards


If telling me to purchase another product is complete suppport and assistance, then you did a spectacular job! I’m still not sure I want to spend more money on a product I should have probably purchased instead of this one. Again, thanks for your help.

You aren’t getting it right. Please understand and pre-order wp sms marketing plugin in order to enjoy full benefits and features of wp woo sms..

You won’t be disappointed…

You are always most welcome.

Thank you for your time


Does this notify the customer or subscriber when a product is Uploaded or Altered?

Hi TCTFox !

Thank you for contacting us. It only notifies when order is updated or altered. Please pre order that spectacular plugin today and enjoy many ultimate features.

In case you need to know anything else, please feel free to contact us anytime

Thanks and best regards


can you add support of any api … for example in Pakistan usually many sms service providers use http based api for example

If you can add support of these api then let me know, i am interested in purchasing plugin

Yes we can add support of any api of your choice..

We can add support of these api’s for you at good price. Please generate a support ticket at: and discuss in detail about your requirements.

pre order today

Thank you



I have an store that runs as (multi-vendors) for home & interior decor, the store has 3 section: 1- for me as super admin 2- for the vendor 3- the vendor who sell design service

I would like to insure that your plugin would help in such job, notify me as a super admin with each new order, notify the vendor for each new order and notify the designer who could able to design interior decors with each new order.

but currently, we only have notification at 2 numbers. admin will get notified about the order and customer will get notified about the order via SMS. if you need customization then please generate a support ticket at

Done! awaiting your replay!