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thank you!

Very nice, thanks. Do you plan on including buttons to switch the frame width, to view it in a different (responsive) size?

Thank you so much for the great idea. Sure will include this on next update. :)

You’re welcome :)

Can you tell me how to use it as you did in your demo, with a link?

Please use a popup plugin to do this…...

That’s Nice work!

Thanks mate :)

Awesome and very well made script, good luck with sales

Thank you so much brother :)

I really wanted this to work, but I have two major issues. First when I try to use the site I actually want to embed, it loads the page up. (Leaves the site and goes to the one I’m embedding)

I tried a couple different sites as well including codecanyon and it just sits there and loads. Your demo does the same thing. (Smaller windows)

I am using my iPad. Please help. Thanks.

Thank you so much for purchase our item please check the demo again all demo url loading correctly….but some site will not work with this plugin because they don’t allow to embed their site on another domain because they don’t want to give access on their data(facebook,twitter,google) etc and we respect their privacy.So you can only embed site who allowed to embed their site on another domain. But anyways we are trying to do something… will be notified update on next update…Thanks for your comment

yes, demo for me just has 3 spinning loading circles … never loads the sites but puts a header message that “loading multiple sites takes time” ... if the loading of 2 or more sites is too slow Google and users will never visit or rank the site …

Can the loading speed be improved?

thanks for your comment please check the demo again carefully:

this shouldn’t take more than 1.50min and my internet speed is 1mbps. Thanks

demo video added.

Hello, page does nog embed correctly

Original pag:

Page with embed 100% width and heigt:

Can you help? thank you matthijs

Hi Matthijs, We are extremely sorry for this issue. But you don’t have to use px or % for value just put a number. Note: width declared by ”%” and height declared by “px”

please check this link for better understanding :

Thank you so much for purchase our item.Please feel free to contact with us if you face any issue.

Thank You, Robin

How to use it as you did in your demo, with a link?

Please use a pop up plugin. You can use premium or free…....

Twi Awesome Modal Pop Up or Modal Popup Box For Visual Composer also there have a lot of choice you can use any other….

Hi do you have a plugin that does the opposite and embeds on a static php website?

I require to embed wordpress news page on another site?


Hi Thanks for your comment on our plugin. Sorry I don’t have any script right now but if you need anything custom you may contact me in my mail. Thanks, Robin

presales question : 1. is this compatible to WP 4.7 ? 2. For those pages with embedded sites, does it maintain the original site’s metadata ?

yes it compatible to WP 4.7 and it always maintain the original site’s metadata.