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What’s the difference between Regular and Extensive License? If it’s not too much to ask can you dumb it down for me lol? And what sort of “themes” would be compatible with this plugin?

Basically if you charge users money for using site you need extended

It is compatible with ANY theme

oh cool. Fast reply. Nice to see an active Author!

thanks a lot.

is this support youtube and Vimeo video and Restrict Content Pro

HI im starting getting the same problem like before the Genre and Kinds is showing like list not like the way i saw in the demo 4 cross and than it go down, and when i clique on the on movies the link is not open. i have set up set permalinks (under wp-admin->settings->permalinks) to Postname. the link is not working ands is sawing like list.

HI im starting getting the same problem like before the Genre and Kinds is showing like list not like the way i saw in the demo 4 cross and than it go down, and when i clique on the on movies the link is not open. i have set up set permalinks (under wp-admin->settings->permalinks) to Postname. the link is not working ands is sawing like list.

Just want to say that everything is working fine and your script is awesome! It would be cool if there was a way for users to sign in and upload their own content. I wouldn’t mind paying extra for that.

Thanks a lot though not everyone would like to see contents added by someone else to their site… If you need a custom quote for you contact me via my profile form describing how you want it to work

alright thanks!

Just wondering if this plugin can add schedules for TV shows or Movies. So TV shows or Movies can be played at scheduled time. We would like build a TV station type of site where each show starts at specific time based on schedule.

Thanks Ervin

Hi Ervin, you could use the built-in feature of wordpress to schedule a post to be published at a specified date & time.

Can it also grab embed of movies, like for exemple all embed from

if not can you make one?

hi, it doesn’t grab putlocker. contact me with more info via my profile page for a quote on a custom module

looks nice but it would be better in view tv show tab to see how it will look with 6-7 episodes, i am really interested for tv shows but i want the users to see them in my site. Also i want the option to sort by channel and/or year are these possible?

each episode will appear one below the next one . you can show them on your site by using embedded codes ( it will appear in a modal window ) . theres no channel/year sorting yet.

is there any plan to add to this script? i think the tvdb would be the best info source for tv shows as to imdb also they have a lot more artwork.

can you give example ?

okay well a good example would be Drupal’s Book Module talked about in this video here

the idea is to have series info page as an index to the book and each video is a child to that index in the order specified.

okay example

>series page
.......>episode 01 page
........>episode 02 page


>series page
....>season 01
.......>episode 01 page
.......>episode 02 page
.....>season 02
........>episode 01 page
........>episode 02 page

each episode page would have its own weight to move it up and down the order in witch to be watched in.

this would also make episode navigation better so you can have next episode and last episode links on the video page.

i see what you mean now. will think about it

hello how can i change imdb with ????

iam waiting

fixed, your theme didn’t comply with wp standards and didn’t call wp_footer() at the bottom.

ok thanks

Could I use this plugin with the layers theme?. Layers uses horizontal content spaces and we can add widgets to those spaces.

I want to put the video library in the front page. Is it necessary to create a separate page and redirect the front page to that page ?, or can i use a widget?

Hi there, really sorry but not familiar with layers and cant provide an answer.

I am seeking to buy this plugin today but have questions before I do.

  1. I formerly have been using wp movie library. It is good but it lacks importing tv shows and that’s one thing I need. The question here is it sorts by actors as well as genres. In the demo, I saw that this plugin only sorted genres does it sort by actors. I know in the description it says it does. I need to make sure I can sort by both.
  2. I also need to sort things by the pg and pg-13 rating this is not a must but just wanting to know if it can be done or not.
  3. My next issue would be is buying it and once I buy I will know if it will work for my site or not, See I have most of my stuff done and my videos already imported with the plugin I been using I never saw yours till now. That’s my fault I never looked so I will have to import all these movies over if your plugin does help me. Anyways the question here is refund policy if it turns out I can not use it can I get my money back.
  4. Next question about the importing let’s say I’m happy with your plugin and now I need to import my long list of stuff do you have an easy way of doing this or am I going to be up for weeks again doing one by one.
  5. My last question I promise how often do you update the plugin.


1. You can’t sort by neither of them. Instead you can SEARCH by movie actor, genre, title or kind ( movie/tv show)

2. No sorry.

3. All sales are final if you download. So I would think and analyse very well before.

4. Unfortunately I see the movie plugin you’re currently using has bulk import feature. I don’t have, but it’s a great update idea. I will implement it By September or sooner.

5. I constantly gather feedback from customers and build up a list of features I want to implement in updates, so it’s up to customers to ask for features ( reasonable ones )

Thanks, Alex

Thank you for the fast reply, unfortunately, I will not be able to use it mainly for the first question I need to be able to sort both genre and actors. If you could do that one day I will buy it later if you ever add that. Another thing was the importing I think that would be great too because it saves my so much time. I do thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I do think this is a great plugin but will not work for me at this time even that it has what I desperately needed on the tv shows I can still work around it with what I am using. I will still save this to my favs and maybe if later you add any of the other features I need I can buy it and just import my stuff over till then have a wonderful day.

Sure thing! Thanks a lot for your interest. Have a great day.

I don’t see any watch link in demo. Can you add to one movie in demo ?. I want to see how it show.

Yes sure meanwhile you could review it on my other script ( it’s exactly the same )

Is there any other direct way to make the poster(IMDB) size little bigger on my watch online pages so, that the viewers can see more clearly. It could have saved huge time if we have done this through autofetch movies info.

Hi there, yes you can edit the plugin code into wp-content/plugins/wp-watch-movies/includes/ wpwm-autofetch.php by switching on line 42 $movie_data[‘poster’] to $movie_data[‘post_large’] or $movie_data[‘poster_full’] .

Hello I have some pre questions plz:

1- Does this plugin work with RTL themes ?

2- Can I use it to list Tv shows that we have on our tv channel that shows a thumbnail and Timing of the show and Duration for example? and when someone click on certain show or program it opens a separate page for that showing more info and maybe some youtube videos for replays ?

is that possible ?


1- sorry I have no idea as I am not familiar witg RTL writing

2-yes of course.


Hey, Is there any option to sort any TV Show by Seasons and episodes? For example, and then should display site of Vikings with List of seasons and episodes, for example Seasons 1 E01 – Title E02 – Title E03 – Title E04 – Title Seasons 2 E01 – Title E02 – Title E03 – Title E04 – Title I’m interested in to buy this script, but I need this seasons/episodes for each TV Shows to make users easier way to find episode which they want to watch. Cheers!


Yes there is, but it’s tabs toggle instead of accordion toggle.

Thanks, Alex

how can I add a comment box of facebook into the movies pages?

You can use any regular shortcodes or plugins for that :) It’s wordpress.

Hi! Is this compatible with the latest Wordpress version? And is the movie user generated or just admin?

Hi, yes it is compatible with latest WP version. Movies are added by admins only.

I purchased the plugin, but I can’t install/activate it. I get notification, saying the plugin can’t be activated due to critical error. However, somehow it managed to instal over 20 broken pages and random, chaotic lines of code in different places. I tried to contact author a couple of days ago, but no response so far. I use recent version of WP. I feel I just lost money. There is no even istallation guide nor manual for his plugin. And such things would be expected from a product/service which isn’t free.

Thanks, I couldn’t get instruction, cause the zip folder I downloaded appeared to be damaged. I will download a new one and check.

No worries you’re welcome

Please check your email.

Hi crivion, I just found out that I have tons of these on my wp-options table.

It made my site so slow. After deleting all of it, my site went fast again. Any chance to avoid logging these to wp-options table?

Hi there, that’s used for tracking broken/works links. I could use a separate table if you say it will slow down your site. But that’s going to take a while until I update the plugin (max end of current year or sooner)

Presales question. Has this been tested with Newspaper 8 Theme? is there a full demo utilizing layout of a premium theme?

Hi there, no – please contact me and I can arrange an installation of the theme you’re mentioning so you can preview. Thanks

Hi Crivion, let me know how to go about seeing a demo of this. I currently use wp video robot and Newspaper theme. Wp Video Robot great for YouTube, but does not offer importing or embedding from other sources.

As earlier said, contact me via my profile page form instead and we’ll arrange there.


I heavily modified v1.5 of this plugin on my site. I was just wondering if I could get an original copy of v1.5 so I can compare what files you changed to v1.6 so I can update the plugin manually? Thank you!

Hello, yes sure. Contact me via my profile page form