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Is this compatible with wp multisite?

Hello king-maker,

Yes, the plugin works on WP Multisite, too. You can network enable it and it will available on every sub site or your can enable it on each network site separately.

Best regards, Daniel

It is compatible with Ultimate Member ?( https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-member/ )


Thank you for your inquiry. A few minutes ago we’ve submitted a new release for review that will sync last login data from Ultimate Member with WPUserCleaner during the installation process. It means that last login information from Ultimate Member will be used to calculate the user status. :)

Best regards, Daniel

Pre-sale question.

I have a website on which users make entries to custom post all day. I want to restrict then to a certain period of time, say about 8 hours a day, and then make their account inactive for rest of the hours. I want this to be repeated every day.

Can this plugin will provide this functionality to disable a whole user group for a certain period of time everyday.


I’m sorry but that is not possible with this plugin.

Hello, how does your “blocked registrations” function work? It counts all users that have tried to register on the site by using a temporary email address. How does your plugin know what is a temporary email address? Do we need to import a list of temporary email address anywhere? Is it automatic?


the temporary emails is an array of typically known email adresses. The adresses are part of the plugin. If you want to extend the list of email adresses you are able to edit a plugin file. This is very easy to do.

Best regards Powerfusion

Hi, this plugin is regolary updated? I see that is compatable only to wordpress 4.4 and no has update from january. i can buy this with warranty that will be updat in future?


the plugin will be updated frequently. We didn’t get any complaints from users which ae already using it.

If you should have any trouble we will try to help you.

Best regards Powerfusion

If I install your plugin will I be able to delete accounts right away? I’m interested mostly in something to clean the users that never logged in or didn’t login in the past 6 months. Can I expect such a result if I use this plugin?


yes, you can do. You should install the plugin and keep it active for let’s say 30 days. Then you will be able to delete users who have not logged in in the last 30 days.

Please keep in mind that you will not be able to delete inactive users (didn’t login in the past 6 months) immediately after plugin activation because of missing user data. The plugin needs a bit time to record user logins/user activities.

Hi your plugins not working, i have you email about the problem with mention the license code… please advice me… thanks

i have purchase this item with another account…. send you email with purchase code… please check email or give me your email address… thanks

Please use the contact form and send me your second account name.

i have send the email via contrac form…. or you can email me mhplaban @ gmail

we have 146,436 users, this plugins is showing all the user is active but this is really impossible, please help me…. thanks

Purchase Date: 2016-11-01 13:52:20 UTC Licensee: Ahmed Syful

Hi. I purchased now. But I have the same problem as @hasanmahmudul !

This plugin is showing all the user is active but this is really impossible!

I can’t wait more! I need to remove the last inactive users now, no 30 days after active! I purchased for this measure just! Please accept my refund request.



If you don’t like to refund, I report you and I know what to do with your product…......

Clean and good, GLWS

Is this still working? Or is it working at all with newest Wordpress Woocommerce?


yes the plugin will work with the lastest Versions of both plugins.


Just stumbled upon this in Google.

I run an ads website, which as you can imagine starts piling up on members with no ads, and also ads that are no longer active.

I wanted to delete ALL users after six months of inactivity – the username and ads content alike.

Would this plugin be up to the task in deleting all content and usernames?


The plugin will only delete users but not the wordpress posts.

Just bought the plugin but All my user are active the last week, month year.?

I want to delete every user that haven`t logged in last year but all my custumors are active. How can that be, there is a lot of fake users in my database.


Hi, the plugin needs time to collect user data. For example if you want to delete users that have not logged in sine a month then you will need to keep the plugin active for a month so it can track user log ins and activities.

Does this plugin still work with wp 4.9?

Hi, In the description you have mentioned that rules can be defined for the cleanup, but please explain what rules can be defined. Also please include the functionality to exclude Roles or specific users from deletion. It would be great if a working demo is there for us to have a closer look at the functionality of the plugin.

Does the plugin Still working and having updates ?