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Do the updates get displayed on every page and post? Or just certain ones? And if they show for every post/page, do they show just on the first page the visitor loads, or every one?

the updates will be displayed wherever you want. all you need to do is copy paste the following code where the updates should be displayed:

<?php if( function_exists(‘showLastNotification’) ){ showLastNotification(); } ?>

and the update will be displayed as long as the user didn’t click on the x (top right of the update box)

a bit like here on the envato marketplaces

I like it. Definitely buy this plugin, right now it is on my wishlist. :)

thank you :)

QUestion: Does this work automatically with posted content on WP? Does it allow users to subscribe to upcoming posts based on categories of choice?

No it doesn’t automatically work with posted content but it is an interesting feature, I will implement this in the next version.

The second request is standard in wordpress using rss feed, just go to But maybe you want something a bit different, send an email through my profile on how you would like users to subscribe to post content and i will see if it’s worth implementing.

The idea of notification is good but needs decent enough features to make it really useful and worth the money..

1. To display certain message on specific categories or post. 2. Start and End of notifications – automatically. 3. Display specific notifications to reg users and specific notifications to unreg or role specific users.

hope to see these features in near future.

I see the author mentioned about the next version in his 3 months ago reply. I hope the author gets the new version released soon with these new features in it.

thank you for your feedback. About me saying I would release an update 3 months ago, point taken there. I haven’t been able to do a lot of stuff lately, hopefully that will change as soon as possible.

I’m going to jump on this straight away.

Just bought your plugin

I do not see any configuration.php file which you have minetioned in Documentation page

“Edit classes/configuration.php and change the database settings”

any help..?

I’m terribly sorry, there is absolutely no configuration file to edit. it’s a mistake in the documentation as this was my first wordpress plugin.

seems to not show any fancy box, just the text

do you have a link where I can have a look at it? there could be several reasons why the boxes doesn’t show up

im using the twentyten default theme with no plugins except yours.

what version of wordpress are u using? I just installed a clean wordpress and installed the plugin and the fancy box displays normally like expected, including the image.

Can you mail me your page source through email at idealvisions[at]live[dot]com so I can have a look at what’s wrong. (the page source of the page where the fancy box should be displayed)

The item was updated and uploaded to codecanyon. Waiting for the updates to be reviewed and approved.

The plugin updates were reviewed and approved. (25 April 2011)

The plugin is nice. But how can I use different colors in different announcements. In options it seems that you can use only one for all. Any idea how to edit to allow multiple colors at the same time ?

Currently there is no such option in the plugin but I will implement this. Contact me through my profile and once it is done I will send it to you.

Links are in notifications are being shown with backslashes” huzzah

Please help

24 march 2012 – The plugin was updated to fix the slashes issue.

Any updates?

Is there something specific that you need?

Can this be setup so that specific users see different messages? For example, we have 3 different membership levels – can show different messages to different levels?

Pres sale question:

Can this notify my news wordpress website if new posts are published with the number of new posts ?! like facebook new feeds button

Kindly provide demo / screenshot.

regards Ayman

my anwser is a bit late (must have missed the email notification). The plugin will only display custom messages. so no.