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Hi, I bought your plugin I am on multisite wordpress. I had the non paid version installed. I’m trying to ban people on one of the sites.

1.) Uninstalled not paid version 2.) Installed new version and it seems like all the settings were still there 3.) When I go to settings I can’t see any graphs or anything. It does lock the people out but purpose was to do IP Ban’s not sure if it is working. I don’t see anyone banned on list when I ban someone. Please help?

Hi pbrownell, thanks for your message and for purchasing my plugin. The graphs we’re only introduced to the paid version so when installing the paid version you won’t see any graph data for a few days whilst it collects data. The IP addresses you will need to manually enter in the ban ip table. Currently you will need to ban a user and also ban their ip address separately, this is because in shared environment obviously multiple users could share the same ip address. The next release which is due out very shortly allows you to ban the ip address at the same time as banning the user to make things a little quicker and easier for you. Let me know if that’s not clear, or if you need any further help. More than happy to support you to ensure we get it working to your needs. Regards, Matt.

alright well i’ve already banned a few people. I’m hoping it kicks in. thanks for your reply i will get back to you. What about hardware banning? i notice you have that feature or it seems you do at least.

HI, can you please clarify what you mean by “What about hardware banning?” does this refer to banning by device type, i.e a specific agent type of a mobile?. If you can advise that would be great.

It doesn’t seem like the ip ban feature works. Like the notifications and redirects dont work either when someone is banned.

Hi, I think it would best if I could take a look at your website as it seems like there may be a conflict with another plugin or code. If happy to let me, can I ask you to contact me at support@webxmedia.co.uk. Thank you.

Heres an issue. If ultimate ban is activated Visual Composer stops working. Still no updates in the dashboard as far as stats go.

HI pbrownell I’m just looking into the items you’ve reported today and will post a reply shortly.

HI pbrownell, can you please confirm the version of WordPress you have installed and which theme, along with the version of the Ban user plugin and finally which version of Visual Composer are you using. I’ve tested the latest Visual Composer (5.4.2) with the latest release of WordPress (4.8.3.) with version 1.4.8 of the ban user plugin and composer appears to work fine. to make things a little easier for you, do you want to email me at support@webxmedia.co.uk. I’m happy to take a look at your website if you can provide me with access (if so please send details to my email address). Thank you