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Many thanks!

it’s working with Wordpress 4.2 ?

Hi streamApps! Thanks for your question. I can confirm the plugin has been tested with versions 4.2 and 4.2.9 and works fine. Anything else please get in touch.

I really like this plugin but before I buy this I wanted to know that I have installed the free version and when I ban a user it doesnt show the message to user when he’s blocked am using ultimate membership plugin for user login Is this plugin compatible with that login plugin.

I tested but unfortunately, This plugin works only with default wp-login and shows the error but when I try to login from ultimate membership pro plugin page, It doesnt shows the error. Checked this with your latest free version, If you want I can even send you the screenshot…

I tested but unfortunately, This plugin works only with default wp-login and shows the error but when I try to login from ultimate membership pro plugin page, It doesnt shows the error. Checked this with your latest free version, If you want I can even send you the screenshot…

Hi bhaveshxsoni,

Just in case you haven’t see the updates for my plugin on wordpress.org, the plugin has been updated to support the Ultimate Membership plugin. Please let me know if you have any further queries. The ultimate ban users plugin on codecanyon also supports the Ultimate Membership plugin

Regards, Matt.


i have a question regarding your plugin in special the editor for the templates. I need html tags in the templates but they arent supported in the editor. i changed the editor to tinymce but now i have the problem that all doublequots are getting masked like:

Hi Welllinked, sorry for delay getting back to you. Can you please confirm if you are using the paid version of the plugin sold here on CodeCanyon, or the free version hosted on WordPres.ORG. Can you also provide an example of the HTML tags you’re trying to insert into the editor.


doreso Purchased

Nice work. Is it working with WP 4.7?

Hi Edorsan,

Many thanks for your feedback. I’m currently finalising the next release of the plugin due out imminently. During testing I found no compatibility issues with WordPress 4.7 so will be updating the plugin to show support for 4.7

Any further questions please do let me know. Matt.


doreso Purchased

Thanks a lot dear Matt. As far as I see, this is the best Ban WP Plugin :) I am considering buying it…

That’s great to hear, thanks Edorsan. Matt. I have so much more development in the pipeline for this plugin too ;)


doreso Purchased

Is it compatible with Buddypress?


doreso Purchased

If it is compatible with Buddypress, I’ll buy it immediatly ! I really liked your plugin, very nice work.

Hi Edorsan, thank you. I’ll be working on Buddypress integration over the forthcoming weeks. Soon as it’s available I will let you know. All the best, Matt.


doreso Purchased

Thanks a lot ! ;)

Great ! Good luck

Thank you! Much appreciated.

We have removed the paid version of the plugin and installed the free version as the paid version severely slows down login and registration on our site.

It seems the paid version has not been updated alongside the free version?

Hi Digitalsuccess, I’m still waiting on Envato to release the updated version. If you email me at support@webxmedia.co.uk I will email you the latest Premium Code. Once you have that please let me know if the updated version addresses the performance issues. Regards,Matt.

Hi Digitalsuccess, hopefully you received the update confirmation from CodeCanyon, however just in case, I can confirm the latest release has now been approved and available for you to download. Let me know how you get on. Regards, Matt

Does it work with S2member?

Appreciate the insights Lanxys, I shall investigate and let you know how I get on. ;O)

Any news on S2member?

Hi Lanxys, sorry for delay been a very busy week. I will reply back asap regarding S2Member. Please bear with me. Thanks.

I’ve just paid for and downloaded the Pro Plugin from Codecanyon, but I can’t seem to install the plugin on my WordPress site.

When I upload the zip file it says that no plugin is found?

I have been impressed by the “lite” version as a method of handling problem users, and could see advantages in some of the pro features …

We run a custom BuddyPress site, but the Lite version has caused no issues, and has been working perfectly.

Hi mkbrichte, thanks for your message and I’m sorry to hear you’ve have a problem installing the plugin. Can you email me at support@webxmedia.co.uk and I will email you a copy of the plugin just in case there’s a problem with the version on codecanyon which I will investigate straight away.

Hi mkbrichte, just to let you know I’ve resubmitted the plugin files to codecanyon moments ago just in case there was a problem with the zip files. I’ve tested the main files I have and can’t see any problem so please do email me and ill send you a replacement copy and gladly assist with installing the plugin if you need further assistance. Thanks.

I bought this too and it wouldn’t install. But I figured out the problem with the install file. It was zipped wrong. When I extracted it, and then zipped up only the files located in \main files\ultimate-ban-users, and uploaded it, it installed fine.

HI e-watchman, thanks for your message. The files when downloaded from codecanyon should include a main zip file which contains the documentation and the plugin folder itself and a second zip file which contains only the installable plugin. It’s the second zip which should be uploaded and installed. Are you saying that neither would install correctly for you?

I only received one zip file, and there was no other zip file contained within it.

Thanks for information e-watchman. I shall investigate and fix.


I’m using ARMember as paid membership system on my website. Bought your addon today and now I encountered a problem – default wp-users list is working in admin section, but ARMember can’t load users list. As soon as I deactivate your plugin, ARMember starts working fine again.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

Hi Vortext, thanks for your message. I’d be happy to look at the problem insitu to see where the conflict resides. If happy for me to test, could you email me some test wp logins to support@webxmedia.co.uk as I don’t have a copy of ARMember?

Sent you email with all info

Thank you Vortexvt. I’ve received your email and will take a look shortly and advise via email.

Been very happy with the purchase of this plugin. However, after installing Query Monitor, we noticed it is reporting a broken dependency. Is there anything we can do to fix it? Thanks.

Script: w3dev-notify-metro-js /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-ban-users/include/../lib/notifyjs/dist/styles/metro/notify-metro.js

Dependencies: jquery,w3dev-notifyjs-js (missing)

Yes, that’s the one. It’s an awesome plugin for debugging. Thank you.

Thanks for confirming e-watchman. Will advise shortly.

Hi e-watchman, I’ve just submitted an updated version of the plugin to CodeCanyon, which addresses the dependancy enqueue mistake that you’ve kindly highlighted, as well as fixing a css glitch, and a compatibility issue with the ARMember plugin. Thanks for your feedback, let me know if you have any further queries or areas of improvement. Regards, Matt.

Good afternoon! Can I give rights to block a certain group of users on my site? For example, I have a custom role “Comments moderator”

Yes, this is nice thought, but I’m not about it. I have people with custom role “Comments moderator”. They are may ban all another users, may I give rights this people?

Please, answer my last question. Why so long support? (

Hi Skyloveme, I only received your reply yesterday. The plugin doesn’t allow you to assign permissions to non-admin users to allow them to ban users if that’s what you mean? It’s something I’m considering for future development, but not on the immediate road map. Regards, Matt.

I’m very sorry, I hope you realize this (

Hey Skyloveme, no problem at all. I always try to reply asap. Soon as I have this next version of the plugin released, I’ll review the work involved in assigning permissions to groups and will get back to you with some thoughts. Thanks as always for your feedback and comments. Regards, Matt.

Well, I will wait very much, thank you :)

Questions before you buy. I have a closed site of classifieds and I need that when the user registers he is already banned or blocked, until a admin frees him to post. With your plugin I can do this too? In case, release the user after registering.

I need the user to make the registration, already between blocked. Then I will unlock, after consulting the data he has informed, since I have a custom register with optional fields.

HI agenciawebline, no it’s not possible to ban a user before they’ve registered. You can disallow registration, and ban access but you can’t allow someone to register but ban them automatically. I’ll review and consider for a future release but it’s not possible at this time. Regards, Matt.

Thanks for the feedback. I really need him to sign up without access until a admin frees him. I am grateful and in the future I certainly buy your plugin. Good sales.

Guys, the plugin itself looks super-awesome (y)

but the german translation is sub par (native speaker here).

Can we trade you a brushup for a 2-sites pro license? :)

Cheers, eLeX & Team

Hi eLeXeM, many thanks for the comments. Always appreciate constructive feedback. We’ve not yet updated our paid plugin to better support translations, as we recently did a peace of work on our free version. Are you currently using the free version? If you could drop me an email at support@webxmedia.co.uk happy to follow up our conversation. ;o)

(we did, 2 days ago :) maybe it fell in the anti-spam-sewer or something?)

Many thanks eLeXeM, I’ve dropped you a reply.

HI, I have just purchased ultimate users ban plugin

When banning a user am I banning the use name , email adddress, or IP. What is the default and how can I adjust this.

Thanks Steve Venus

Hi Steve Venus, when you ban a user from the users table, you are banning that particular user (by user_id). The IP address can be banned also by doing so from the plugin options, registrations page which then allows you to ban IP Addresses, Country Codes etc. Let me know if you have any further questions. Cheers.