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Hi, I bought your plugin I am on multisite wordpress. I had the non paid version installed. I’m trying to ban people on one of the sites.

1.) Uninstalled not paid version 2.) Installed new version and it seems like all the settings were still there 3.) When I go to settings I can’t see any graphs or anything. It does lock the people out but purpose was to do IP Ban’s not sure if it is working. I don’t see anyone banned on list when I ban someone. Please help?

Hi pbrownell, thanks for your message and for purchasing my plugin. The graphs we’re only introduced to the paid version so when installing the paid version you won’t see any graph data for a few days whilst it collects data. The IP addresses you will need to manually enter in the ban ip table. Currently you will need to ban a user and also ban their ip address separately, this is because in shared environment obviously multiple users could share the same ip address. The next release which is due out very shortly allows you to ban the ip address at the same time as banning the user to make things a little quicker and easier for you. Let me know if that’s not clear, or if you need any further help. More than happy to support you to ensure we get it working to your needs. Regards, Matt.

alright well i’ve already banned a few people. I’m hoping it kicks in. thanks for your reply i will get back to you. What about hardware banning? i notice you have that feature or it seems you do at least.

HI, can you please clarify what you mean by “What about hardware banning?” does this refer to banning by device type, i.e a specific agent type of a mobile?. If you can advise that would be great.

It doesn’t seem like the ip ban feature works. Like the notifications and redirects dont work either when someone is banned.

Hi, I think it would best if I could take a look at your website as it seems like there may be a conflict with another plugin or code. If happy to let me, can I ask you to contact me at support@webxmedia.co.uk. Thank you.

Heres an issue. If ultimate ban is activated Visual Composer stops working. Still no updates in the dashboard as far as stats go.

HI pbrownell I’m just looking into the items you’ve reported today and will post a reply shortly.

HI pbrownell, can you please confirm the version of WordPress you have installed and which theme, along with the version of the Ban user plugin and finally which version of Visual Composer are you using. I’ve tested the latest Visual Composer (5.4.2) with the latest release of WordPress (4.8.3.) with version 1.4.8 of the ban user plugin and composer appears to work fine. to make things a little easier for you, do you want to email me at support@webxmedia.co.uk. I’m happy to take a look at your website if you can provide me with access (if so please send details to my email address). Thank you

I use Ultimate Member, and will have many thousands of registered users. I will start receiving periodic blacklists of users that need to be banned by email address.

1) Can WP Ultimate BAN Users do this by email address? (I won’t be given usernames) 2) Can WP Ultimate BAN Users accept a file input for the list of users to ban? (it’s too much work for the admin to manually edit each user account to ban them)

Thank you very much

Hi wwwcre8r, many thanks for your question. I can confirm that yes it does allow you to ban users by their email address. But this is a manual process, so you’d need to add each email one at a time. I like your suggestion about using an import method for bulk banning users so I’m going to investigate that further and look to introduce in a future release. Once released I will let you know. thanks again for your question, anything else please just ask.

I purchased a license, I’m going to test this out and we’ll manually ban users for now. I’m very much looking forward to being able to upload (or paste) a list of banned email addresses into the plugin at some point, when you have that feature ready. Thank you very much!

Just banned a user (testing this plugin), tried logging in as this user, and while I do see the message that I was banned – I also now see a PHP error on the page.

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-ban-users/include/functions.php on line 257

Note that I am running Ultimate Member Version 1.3.88

Hi wwwcre8r, thanks for your messages and sorry to see you have an error showing. I’m going to take a look at this with the version of UM you’re running but suspect it’s probably a PHP version difference. Are you running PHP 7? I’ll get this resolved asap for you.

Also, if you can email me at support@webxmedia.co.uk I will send you an early preview of the next release so you can test the bulk ban option that I’m developing. Cheers.

Done, I’ve sent you a detailed email – many thanks!

Hi, i got some presale question, i want to create a blacklist/userbanned database which only registered user can see. this database can be search either from nama, email, id number, phone no. etc. if one of the keyword exist in the database, the warning would appear. “this <name> have been blacklisted> something like that.

is it possible to accomplish this situation using your plugin?

HI Fyzxie, thanks for your enquiry! The plugin focuses on controlling access to the site, so preventing banned users from logging into their wordpress backoffice functions. As well as sending warning messages etc to users. It doesn’t at present allow you to use this control to limit access to specific functions, neither does it allow you to search the data for the purposes of using the response for some secondary purpose. So unless I’ve missed understood your question, no I don’t believe it will do what you need it to. If I’ve got this confused or you want to expand on the scope a little more I’d be happy to consider this for a future release. Regards, Matt.

hi, we just bought the plugin and it seems to work fine with ultimate member. however, we have 2 questions/requests if you please; 1) is there a way to choose more than one role to give them ability to ban. i.e. we have users who will act as moderators and we don’t want to give them full admin privileges but the ability to ban. 2) is there a way to have the ban command to appear on the frontend for these “moderators”?

Hi mohammedsinan, many thanks for purchasing my plugin. Also thanks for the question. The next release of the plugin allows you to assign multiple roles to the ban function, as well as controlling which roles they are permitted to ban. I’m hoping to have this ready at some point this month, so will advise once the updated has been approved and listed. Any other questions in the mean time please do get in touch!

This is pre-sales Question,

Can this ban by user’s mobile, laptop? (I don’t see the plugin feature if any?)

Let’s say if the member logged-in on the site using dynamic IPs, not to keep banning by 10 different dynamic IPs,

But possible to block by their devices (Laptop, Mobile)?

Please advise? Thanks

Hi DamnDramaQueen, thank you for your message and my apologies for delay in responding. The ban user plugin allows you to ban a user by their user account, email address, ip address and country. It will soon allow you to ban access by useragent. However the plugin can’t ban a user by their device type as there is no way of detecting a users MAC address which would be the only reliable way of attributing a device to a user. Do let me know if I’ve miss understood your question. Kind Regards, Matt.


Sounds very good on the features. So far so good… :)

Devices? Ok,here is this,for example:When I downloaded adobe Photoshop 30 days trial… When I try to download it again, it wouldn’t let me, is like adobe programmed some kind of codes in the software to block re-download it from the same computer. Unless I format the computer for some kind of reset then, I can able to for the download once more?

Can you explain how the useragent go for my understanding or anyone’s understanding? So I can plan for this plugin once is done. And any idea when this will be done btw?



I have al license but it was not possible to put in the page under free license or were ever.

I opent my sql and chance the key there, is this okey?

I still don’t see the difference between the free version.

Please help.


Hi MediaExces, many thanks for your question and for purchasing my plugin. It sounds as though you still have the ‘free version’ of the plugin installed. You will need to disable the plugin, then remove it (but don’t delete the data) and then upload the premium version. Once that’s activated you should see the new changes. Let me know if you need any more help. Regards, Matt.

I am trying to activate the Pro version of Ultimate Ban. I get this erorr:

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /w3dev-ban-users-class.php on line 582

Hi broignatius1, many thanks for purchasing my plugin. Can I ask you to drop me an email at support@webxmedia.co.uk so I can follow this up and fix it for you. Thank you.