WP Ultimate BAN Users

WP Ultimate BAN Users

Plugin Overview – version 1.4.7

The Ultimate BAN Users WordPress Plugin is the last plugin you’ll ever need for managing access to your WordPress site and removing users’ content. Ban existing users indefinitely or by date / time, deny registrations based on banned ips/emails. Catpure IP/Geodata and much, much more….

Recent Reviews based on Lite Version
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  • “The best plugin I’ve ever used for banning accounts!”
  • “At last I found plugin that truly bans..”
  • “OUTSTANDING plugin / support / developer”

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Ultimate BAN Users Features:

  • Ban existing WordPress users from logging in
  • Ban users indefinitely, by day, week, month or until a specified date / time
  • Deny visitors from registering based on email and/or ip address
  • Enhanced security with option to hide failed login error messages
  • Bulk change the status of banned users’ posts (i.e. to draft)
  • Capture unique reason for banning users
  • Spam prevention settings for blocking logins/registrations
  • Include custom css/js in header/footer
  • Automated notifications for logins when accessed from new ip address
  • Send notification when someone logs in with an administrative account
  • Send custom email notifications, including CC, BCC fields
  • TAG support in custom emails to embed username, first name, last name etc..
  • Force banned users to logout, or redirect them
  • Capture IP/Geodata during logins, inc. Mobile Detection
  • Display IP/Geodata/banned & device details on users table
  • Easily manage banned users/ips/emails
  • Clearly highlight banned users in users table
  • Monitoring new posts, by sending notification when user publishes first post
  • Display front end notifications to users when banned
  • Enhanced security to restrict Ban User privilege access
  • Send WARNING emails to users with custom messages
  • Awesome flat icons as alternatives to text based links
  • Modal popup for sending custom messages, with textarea instead of text field
  • For developers, we include Shortcodes
  • Supports Ultimate Member Plugin
  • Support for Accessibility / Screen Readers

How is it useful; why do I need it?
There are multiple reasons why an administrator of a WordPress website may need to block users. One of the most popular reasons is the security of the site. Indeed, most blogs face security issues. Once your site is online and growing in popularity, it can become the target of individuals whose only goal is to destroy your work and to discredit your blog. The BAN Users Plugin enables administrators to deny access to unwanted individuals, and inform those users of the actions taken against them.

  • You want to ban malicious users from logging in.
  • You want to temporarily suspend a users login access.
  • You want to ban users who have breached terms of use or another policy.
  • You want to temporarily control access to admin.
  • You want to restrict a registered user from making any changes during development.
  • You have a client/user who has an unpaid invoice.
  • Ideal solution for moderators who monitor WordPress forums/posts.

Coming Soon

We’re constantly working on improvements to our plugin and have a number in plan for future releases. Here’s a quick glimpse of updates due out soon.

  • Send notifications when specified users login
  • Moderate posts/pages against list of Banned Keywords/Phrases
  • Bulk Ban users by Role
  • Ban users by User Agent
  • Ban users by Country
  • Dashboard with statistics
  • Highlight shared accounts
  • Responsive email template


Version: 1.4.7
[Updated] Minor UI changes to plugin's settings page
[Added] Email templates now support additional TAGS
[Added] Updated depenancy libraries
[Added] Send email notification when an Admin Logs In
[Added] Enhanced security with option to hide failed login errors
[Added] Additional WP Shortcodes
[Added] New icons to illustrate device type (desktop, mobile, tablet)
[Added] New save changes notification
[Added] Added BCC and CC fields to Email Templates
[Added] Support for multiple email addresses in Email Template To,Cc,Bcc fields.
[Fixed] Invalid markup causing php warning
[Fixed] Misc CSS
[Fixed] Broken country flag IMG src causing outline

Version: 1.4.2
[Fixed] Issue with enqueue dependancy (thank you e-watchman)
[Fixed] Compatibility issue with ARMember (thank you vortexvt)
[Fixed] Misc CSS issues

Version: 1.4.1
[Added] New IP lookup service (
[Added] Ability to include custom css/js in the header/footer
[Added] Spam prevention settings (deny login/registration)
[Added] Automated notifications for logins when access from new ip address

Version 1.3.9
[Fixed] Missing default values causing warning on Settings page.
[Fixed] Problem with Warning email template values not saving.
[Added] Enhanced security to restrict Ban User privilage access
[Added] Overhauled settings page. Simplified & organised layout
[Added] Option to enable/disable support for 3rd Party plugins
[Added] Option to disable plugin's enqueued files to allow them to be manually included
[Fixed] Force Logout bug when on front end
[Fixed] Logic mistakes on settings page
[Fixed] Optimised code; refactored & bug fixes
[Fixed] Improved options page layout, including misc fixes
[Added] Ban user by duration (1 day, 1 week etc) using new dropdown select
[Added] Improvements to date picker; moved to new modal popup
[Fixed] Issue where Unban Cron not executed correctly
[Fixed] PHP Compatibility issue (Thank you alfredopacino)
[Added] Added accessibility option to choose text links instead of icons
[Fixed] Improved accessibility, misc amends
[Fixed] Accessibility SR issue fixed affecting fontawesoome icons

Version: 1.3.1
[Added] New feature to BAN users by date & TIME!
[Fixed] Corrected database prefix when querying banned users by ip/email.

Version: 1.3.0
[Added] Message in plugin settings to warn when required MySQL tables are missing
[Fixed] Removed http links from enqueue to support SSL.

Version: 1.2.9
[Added] Ability to set front end notifications to users when banned
[Added] Ability to force logout &/or redirect on acknowledging front end notification
[Fixed] Force logout not working when custom logout url set

Version: 1.2.8
[Added] Capture users' IP/Geodata during login
[Added] Display IP/Geodata in users table
[Added] Send notifications to specified email addresses when user publishes first post
[Added] Prevent users with banned email address from registering
[Added] Prevent users with banned email address from logging in
[Added] Prevent users with banned ip address from registering
[Added] Prevent users with banned ip address from logging in
[Added] Easily manage add/remove/search banned email/ip addresses
[Added] Option to capture reason for ban without needing to send email notification
[Fixed] Default reason for BAN not working in all conditions
[Added] Set preferred date format (i.e. dd-mm-yyyy)
[Added] New email template tag for including ban lift date
[Fixed] Minor amends
[Fixed] Email charset switched to UTF8
[Fixed] BAN reason function updated to support accented characters
[Fixed] Updated options save function to support accented characters
[Fixed] Turned display/log PHP error debug off

Version: 1.2.3
[Fixed] Undefined index error accessing default login message
[Fixed] Undefined index error accessing default reason message

Version: 1.2.2
[Added] Set message to display when a BANned user attempts to login.
[Added] Users table includes tooltip to show reason user banned.
[Added] Users table includes tooltip to show date user banned.
[Added] Users table includes tooltip to show date user reinstated.

Version: 1.2.1
[Added] Toggle BANned column in users table on/off
[Added] Toggle BANned highlighted red row in users table
[Added] Minor security enhancements

Version: 1.2.0
[Added] Set duration of BAN using date picker
[Fixed] Move PHP functions into class structure
[Added] Custom UnBAN email template for user notification
[Fixed] Secured plugin files by preventing direct access

Version: 1.1.1
[Fixed] Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context

Version: 1.1.0
[Added] BAN user email notification
[Added] Custom BAN email template for user notification
[Fixed] Corrected force logout bug<br />
[Added] Ability to capture reason for BANning user
[Added] WordPress Uninstall configuration

Version: 1.0.1
Initial release