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for Design Quality

This is a great plugin. So glad to see the author has updated!! Keep up the good work!

for Customizability

This plugin adds functionality that is powerful but flexible and easy to use. The documentation is clear and easy to understand, even for users who are not technical or very experienced.

for Customer Support

I voted 3 stars because the plugin does what it's supposed to do, but my rating is so low because it is veryyyy difficult to get a hold of customer support. The customer support form has been removed from their site and is difficult to find an email. I have some problems with the trigger box being the width of my whole site and my customizations are not reflected.

for Feature Availability

Great WP Triggers Plugin. For many years the coder keeps and stay up-to-date with developments, new possibilities and Wordpress upgrades. You can buy this plugin and it will stay accurate!
Many, many possibilities with this Wordpress Trigger Plugin.

for Other

This rating is for everything! WP Triggers is absolutely brilliant, and exactly what I need for a postcode (zip code in Australia) search. And because its so flexible, I can use a second "Trigger Set" in the same Trigger to also allow website visitors to search by suburb. In other words I was able to create a postcode and suburb search in one. Awesome!

for Design Quality

Doesn't seem to work.

1. Uploading to WP works fine.
2. WP Interface looks great.
3. Customizing looks good.


It shows up on my WP page with the field and button but when I click on button nothing happens.

Currently using the most recent WP update and WP-Bridge Theme.

Also support seems questionable.

Have attempted to install/reinstall - deactivate other plug ins - just doesn't seem to work for me.

At this time not sure if I could recommend.

by AL - United States 4 years ago

for Other

by IW - United States 4 years ago

by DY - Israel 5 years ago

for Flexibility

by CL - United States 5 years ago

for Flexibility

by KB - United States 5 years ago

for Code Quality

by EG - France 5 years ago

by PI - United States 5 years ago

by BH - United States 5 years ago

by MM - United Kingdom 5 years ago

by JA - Netherlands 5 years ago