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Sorry. The plugin does not support self hosted/local videos. :(

HI,when i acctive this plugin there will always show a”The plugin generated 188 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.” please tell me how can i fix it,thank you so much

I was on a vacation. Can you please send me a mail with your issue ? Really sorry for the inconvenience.

is there anyway to make the overlays the same size as the images? i have read somewhere on here about image block but i do not know whee to put it?

please help

i don’t think so. This will only affect the images inside the overlays.

thats great, thanks so much

You’re welcome. :)

im already feel sick of installation failed during these days. and there was no support at all.just want to return it back now. Could you just answer to me? thanks

Can you send me your log in details from my profile page ?

hey i just saw ur message. can u give me ur profile page link? cause i didnt’ quite follow u…

Nice plugin – but have 4 questions due to lacking documentation:

1) I bought this plugin so that non-experienced html editors easy could add basic effects to images. – Is it possible to add the shortcode to an selected image element in the wp-editor? So that the image is still shown in the editor, and without NO manual insertion of image url?

2) How do I combine the shortcodes to get an image with overlay AND lightbox at the same time. As in this http://demo.wpthemers.net/thumbfx/#usage

3) in the settings – what is the purpose of the Selector: a[data-lightbox] (and the others)

4) having trouble with combining the shortcodes I tried using the classes and the same html syntax as in the Nn- WP version of the script. <a data-overlayer="effect:bottom;" href="mypage.html"> <img src="image.jpg" alt="" /><div class="overlay">Custom content goes here</div> </a> - See more at: http://demo.wpthemers.net/thumbfx/#usage

Is this the right way to do it without the shortcodes?

5) Is there a documentation of all the different css classes – and in wtch of the plugins css files are the correct one to edit for customization?

:) – this is a nice plugin, but i miss more documentation.

overlay (via shortcode and manually) doesn’t work on my site – I just send you an email with login credentials.
Thanks for having a quick look :)

Please check you mail. Thanks.

A few questions:

1 Can you use this plugin to create a hover state over an image that is inserted via the built in wordpress media inserter?

2. Can you have a link with the image so people can click on the image to go somewhere?

3. Can you make the caption centered on the image both vertically and horizontally?


I have to keep WP_DEBUG enabled because I manage a network of WP sites that includes a few developmental ones. When I activated this plugin I get quite a few notices across the dashboard and the front end of the site. Most of them are regarding functions that have been deprecated since version 3.3 of WordPress. I’m going to fix them up myself so I can use the plugin without the messages but if you come out with another version I would appreciate it if you could fix them as well and I’ll gladly boost my rating up to 5 stars. I love everything else and all the awesome features! Great job :)

Thanks for the info. I will be releasing a update very soon.

Can you add a download image or download video button besides the audio, video and picture with lightbox. And if so… Can it hace different sizes of them, different links?

Great Work! This is an amazing plugin. Can you chek your e-mail please, i send you my back-end and ftp pass. Thank you.

Hi! I have tried all sorts of shortcodes combinations and html code I have found on your support page and in this forum, but I can not find any that swaps an image for another on mousehover.

Please, look at the site http://www.evaneos.es/sudafrica/ In the gridlist when hover over the image a new image with a map shows. That is what I want.

How do I write a proper code for that? I prefer html code instead of the shortcodes which sometimes are a bit buggy.

Very happy for quick help! Best regards Sammet

Hi, no Demo? And is it compatible with WordPress 4?