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Really nice, can you please make a standalone script like this one ? It’s really nice, good job.

Thanks!I could make a standalone script but i don’t think that codecanyon and envato will publish it because there’s another php image uploader script yet ( Obviously i’d like to know (also in private) if and why you don’t like this php plugin…so i can evaluate what to do.but also if i don’t like it, i think it do what you need.

can you remove Temporary

and make vistors to upload to amazon s3 ?

do you mean that each users can upload on their own amazon s3?or that you want to use your amazon s3 as storage for all users?Removing temporary is very simple and it takes me 1 minute, uploading on amazon s3 is simple too and takes little time.please explain me what you need exactly: i would be happy to do it! thanks

i’m working on it yet.i’ve some problem with my amazon account so it takes more time…

Yes i want to use my amazon s3 as storage for all users

and i want vistors add title + description (Required) so this will show in meta description for seo after user share file in other site

and if possible to add remote upload so i can give it to premuem users :)

i will pay for this special customs

thanks a lot

Usually i don’t ask to pay if asked features are interesting like this because i use your ideas to improve my plugin (and earn more after). So: user upload (not temporary) file (not only image) on your amazon s3 with title + description. What about if you or them want to delete a file? What do u mean with “remote upload”? Can we talk about this on skype/gtalks/facebook/hangout/other? I very like your features so i w’d like to start this work asap (but i prefer to be precise about you needs).gmail: thanks!

ok, received your email. i’m working on your request (and i think that i create a new plugin because it’s so much different from this one)

hi. nice one. can the images be moderated before going public? i would like to allow users to upload images with a short description and title and also to classify them in already existing categories. thank you.

Yes, your ideas are very good! I’m already working on them (2-3 days and publish new version)...thanks!

hi. any update for the new version? thank u.

Is-there a preference panel? this would allow to pre-define the temporary time?

Created: 2 October 13 | Last Update: 2 October 13

No updates at all. Im guessing its a dead project?

Hi this plugin is nice to engage users. Before buy, I have some questions. After users upload their photos, I want them to put image filters and share directly to their facebook, tweeter and Instagram wall. If you make these changes then i would be happy to buy your plugin and use it to my website. thanks