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Is it possible to link from each persons picture to a site (put link)?

Not at the moment. But it’t easy to add. Though you will lose the jQuery effect than and all the information with it.

Than it would just be a picture with a link. Is that what you mean?

I am getting an error message after plugin activation…....

“The plugin does not have a valid header.”

Please advise.

Best would be FTP access and WordPress access. This way i can change the plugin too.

please give me an email address to send these details.


If you click on my name (on codecanyon) then on the right sidebar there is a contact form. You can mail me via there.

in the box the bio text is not word wrapping. any suggestions?

You probably could try to add the following CSS:

If you can give me a website i can take a look myself where to add it. And what is going wrong.

I can help you tomorrow, not today anymore, sorry for that.

I see the problem on your site.

You have my plugin wrapped inside a pre tag. remove that and it will work.

Hi I emailed you two days ago via your envato contact form as requested. Please let me know if you can help or not.


Sorry was kinda busy two days, Will look at it now.

Please check you email.

Hey krabiimaging, got it fixed for you. If more people have the same issue I will update here too.

I’ve installed your plug-in and it doesn’t show up in my menu? Any Idea

It shows the images now. Jquery effect works.

If there are more problems please let me know.

Sorry but still this is all we are seeing: http://www.mindplant.com/epicquest/?page_id=8

I saw it working when i fixed it. What did you change?

Got it working again now.

Works now, was just a little update i THOUGHT i already uploaded but didn’t.

I uploaded it now. You have the most recent version now.

Good luck with it.

Awesome. Will the update be available for download?

Yes, just uploaded it, needs to get to approved first.

The plug is great except I the rows are uneven!!!! Please see here… http://epic.circumerro.com/guides/ I have the tried the order of 0-19 and now 1-20 for each bio order. Any Idea why the the rows skip like they do???

I’ve deleted the post in the database thinking there might be an issues with IDs and I’ve recreated all posts again and I am still getting the same issue.

I see the issue is gone now? What did you change?

I just had to not use the sort order and let the bios stay by date added

Hey sorry to bother you again but I was just made aware that the hover state doesn’t work on Firefox (mac) could you please have a look… http://epicquest.com/guides

I’ve set ( easingspeed=”0” ) and now it works fine. Must be a Firefox issue

I’mgonna take a look now

Hey robybates,

I just checked your previous server and there it works just fine on MAC Firefox 24.0 and 23.0. Tested it on OS X Lion, Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard.

Wich version is your visitor on? Allso mailed you about this.

Hi, I’m very happy with this plugin and I have customized the css to match my needs. The only problem I have with it is the Member information max character which I believe is 200 at the moment.how can I max it to maybe 500? Any help regarding this issue would be very appreciated.

Hey Mastodonic,

Did you have the chance yet to send me the url or something?

Thank you very much for the reply. It was some database issue which in varchar was set to 200 for some reason. Got it solved. Cheers!

Good you solved it :)

Hi, I want to center my people on the page. Is there a shortcode to do that? See here: http://bonjournal.co/about-us/

No there is no shortcode for that. But you could achieve it with some extra CSS.

Horrible plugin.

I installed it, but the plugin doesn’t even look like the screen captures that are provided on this page.

  • There is no place to upload a photo of the team member.
  • There is no place to enter an email address for the team member.
  • There is no place to enter a LinkedIn address for the team member.

Unless these glaringly obvious omissions are fixed, stay away.

Hello. Can you show me your website? there must be something wrong.

Kind regards R3dRidl3