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xvunk does not currently provide support for this item.

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Beautiful. And. Can i ask you how you made that sales video ?

Thanks, for the animaton try VideoScribe

Thanks a lot.

Where’s the preview? A video is not a preview…

Hi, thanks for your comment, you can check a walkthrough video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kty6CDCm_WE

OK, I’ll ask again: Where’s the real preview? A video is not a preview…

NP, I’ll answer you again: if you want to see how the plugin works you have the video, this is the only available option.

Great plugin. Which autoresponders are available eg. Aweber, GetResponse etc.Have you support for the two-step opt-in process?

Hi, i’m a little confused. So if the visitor has my page open and start browsing another website in a different browser tab, this plugin will activate and automatically bring them back to my tab (website)?

the walk through video is not working , can you please share the link again

Hi, As I mentioned earlier too.. Please share me the Walk through Video because the Link you shared is not working.. I am highly awaited for the walk Through video… thanks !

Seems like a good plugin. Why is there no support?

Great plugin! Why abandon it? You are losing money

Anyone used this? Need a demo or walkthrough. Hard to buy guessing what it does. Your doodle video shows nothing!

Hi, please don’t buy this item if you don’t have technical skills as you may find some compatibility problems, and yes I spent many days not even hours on items like this but quality don’t count anymore, marketing is more important which coders like me don’t like to do. thanks again for your message and best regards.

I have interest in selling this to my mailing list. Reach out