WP Social Expander

WP Social Expander

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WP Social Expander is a powerful suite of tools for WordPress to quickly promote and grow your social popularity.

WP Social Expander Plugin includes:

  1. Unlimited Social Docks
    Awesome Social Icon Docks, with fantastic design and ultra smooth effect. Give your website the best looking Social Icon Dock on all your favorite social networks. The best way to increase your traffic and your social followers.

  2. Promote Sharing Overlay + Total share counter
    Promote Sharing Overlay tempts users to share your contents. If you want to leverage on your content’s success, there’s no better way than showing off how many shares your pages have and invite to share them.

  3. Facebook Like Booster
    Facebook Like Booster invites users to become your fan and increases traffic. It can be automatically displayed after user sharing and after loading page (with timer). For its fantastic appearance and its full customization options, Facebook Like Booster is really a powerful tool to quickly increase your Facebook fans.

  4. Content Selection Sharer
    Content Selection Sharer allows users to interact with any portion of text they have selected on your posts and drive new visitors to your site. A Popover menu will be enabled to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, search on Google, send by email or copy to clipboard any text selected on your posts.

  5. Save to Facebook Tool
    Save to Facebook Tool allows users to save current visited page on their private list on Facebook for a future use or consultation. Users can keep your contents, products, services, offers, promotions, discounts, events, etc., to their own list on Facebook.

Unlimited Social Docks


Key features

  • Add UNLIMITED Social Docks inside post or page.
    Customizable SHORTCODE and PHP CODE for any Social Docks!

  • 10 awesome icon themes
  • 3 position layout: right, left or bottom
  • Customizable Social Dock position Offset
  • 3 Social Dock expansion size: Smaller, Normal, Bigger
  • 14 social newtwoks and services included: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, Linkedin, Tumblr, Deviantart (profile url), Dribble (profile url), Flickr (profile url), Vimeo (channel url), Youtube (channel url), RSS Feed (website feed url)
  • Ability to enable/disable favorites social newtwoks and services
  • Customizable icons order
  • Customizable icon labels – Translation ready
  • Customizable icon label text size and color
  • Ability to enable/disable label background
  • Customizable label background color
  • Customizable label background shadow trasparency
  • Ability to set Social Dock Idle time (sleeping mode)
  • Ability to set Social Dock opacity during sleeping mode
  • Auto-static mode for Mobile touch devices
  • Sharing popup page centered

Promote Sharing Overlay + Total share counter

WP Social Expander - 1

Key features

  • Total sharing counter for any site url
  • Customizable Promote Sharing text
  • Customizable Promote Sharing text color
  • Customizable Promote Sharing Overlay background color

Facebook Like Booster


Key features

  • Display Fan Page Lightbox after user sharing
  • Display Fan Page Lightbox after loading page
  • Customizable Fan Page Lightbox text
  • Customizable Fan Page Lightbox text color
  • Customizable Fan Page Lightbox background color
  • Cookie support for popup close function
  • Customizable text for permanent popup close
  • Pulse Effect option for arrow element

Content Selection Sharer


Key features

  • Multifunction popup buttons on text selection
    • Share selection on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email
    • Search selection on Google
    • Copy selection to clipboard
  • Google URL Shortner for Twitter sharing
  • Customizable Background Selection Color
  • Customizable Text Selection Color
  • Customizable “Read More” text for Copy to clipboard option

Save to Facebook Tool


Key features

  • Customizable Popup Position
  • Customizable Header Text
  • Show/Hide Info and Close Button
  • Customizable Scrolling down page percentage for popup activation
  • “Show immediately” option
  • Customizable Save Button Language


For any need contact me using the plugin support form here. I’ll be happy to help you.


# Update 1.4 (Apr 08, 2017)
- Added option dialog window for Shortcode button in visual post editor
- Added “Where to show” option for Save to Facebook tool
- Fix bottom margin for Save to Facebook tool when Social Dock position is bottom
- CSS fix for Facebook Like Booster
- Plugin option page optimization 

# Update 1.3 (Mar 27, 2017)
- Added Unlimited Social Dock feature
- Added Shortcode for unlimited Social Dock in post
- Added Php code for unlimited Social Dock in theme
- Added Shortcode button to post editor

# Update 1.2 (Mar 19, 2017)
- Added Pulse Effect option for arrow element in Facebook Like Booster
- Added Facebook App Id option to Content Selection Sharer
- Added customizable “Read More” text to Content Selection Sharer
- Added “Show immediately” option to Save to Facebook Tool
- Fix to Total Share Counter caching code
- Save to Facebook Tool code optimization
- Facebook Like Booster code optimization
- Content Selection Sharer code optimization

# Update 1.1 (Mar/09/2017)
- Content Selection Sharer optimization for touch device
- Added customizable Facebook Like Booster Close Text
- Some code optimization

# Update 1.0 (Mar/02/2017)
- Initial release