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Nice work, maybe version only PHP with backend without Wordpress?

Thanks. Maybe someday, but then it would need some data source with posts list to analyze.

Very good!! I’m looking for something, however, I need to have total control of my loop, perhaps creating some “query” in order to list the most shared posts within my theme. Thanks!

Thanks. On the dashboard screen (“Posts” -> “Social analytics”) there is custom date range picker, so you can easily choose and sort your best shared posts from any period you want.

Will this also track shortened posts? e.g. bit.ly

Yes, it will work. When you have e.g. http://domain.com/post and shortened URL http://bit.ly/something and someone would share/like this bit.ly URL it also increases stats for your original post (domain.com/post).

is it including instagram?

Hi, unfortunately not – supported social media are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+

Pre sales question: Looks great. Would it be possible to create a process/hook to email a listing owner (of a directory) just their page stats to them only each week? This would need to be for 5K+ users…customizing is ok for me, just need to know if it is realistic? Thank you. Michael

Hi Michael,

Generally some customization is for sure possible, but I would need to know more technical details about your existing infrastructure.

Can you please contact me via email (woj@wp-social-analytics.com)?

I have created the post and shared the post url on social sites but still it shows 0 count on dashboard.Can you please help me !!


Can you please send more details (URL of the post) to contact@avothemes.com? Will check immediately what may be wrong. It may be e.g. related to cache.

Thank you!

It’s stopped working on my websites.

Hi, I’ve just contacted you via mail.

im miss instagran.. any plans to update?

Unfortunately there are no plans to include Instagram. The plugin is more about statistics for posts published on websites/blogs.

When I installed the plugin has seemed to removed my admin menu option for “All Post” for viewing all post. Any idea how to correct?

Hi, just replied to your email.

Hi, It is possible to track other links, from other bloggers? I want to launch a content contest and i want to add the links and track how many shares, likes etc every link receive. thank you.

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible. Plugin tracks only social shares for WP posts.

Great look, well executed. Best of luck with sales

Thank you!

Hi. Is there any way to list posts by social count?

Ex: list 5 posts published on last 30 days order by total shares.

This isn’t supported by default, but you can get it via custom WP Query. Not sure if you’re familiar with PHP/SQL, but the plugin creates additional table in database (“wp_posts_social”) where all information is stored.

Can I use a WP_Query like meta_key=wp_posts_social and orderby=meta_value_num?

Just sent you an email, but will write also here.

With plugin activated you can also use Wsa_Social_Post class for getting most shared posts, here is the example of the code:


Hi, I look for a solution that can do a analysis (ranking) of fanpages. I would like to insert the url of these pages (competitors or reference pages). Do you know anything? Wordpress plugin. Thansk

Hi, Unfortunately not – there are some SaaS tools in this area, but I don’t know any WP plugin for this purpose.

can you analityc hastag socmed, example twitter hastag ..? and location ..?

Unfortunately not. It analyzes only the URL of posts/pages published via Wordpress.