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hi, work with wp 4.8.x? and wc 3.x?

Hi, Working.

Hello, any chance to integrate this with ultimate member?


We have a plan for integration with this popular plugin.


Can I send a clickable link in my sms message?

It’s possible.

Hi, I’m using Contact Form 7 and Twilio services. Is it possible to receive the sms from the sender form phone number field instead of the default Twilio phone number? Ex: My Twilio number is 222-222-2222. So all form to sms notification are from 222-222-2222. I would like to receive the text from the number filled in the contact form so it would be easier to reply.

Thanks, Julie


It’s possible. You can send sms notification to form value on the CF7 SMS meta box.


Salem23 Purchased

When i activate telephone field on purchase process, field says it’s wrong but is working. This confuse my customers. Is this normal? Last update i haven’t that problem. Need help.


Please go to and open new ticket.

Hello, I purchased your plugin and I opened a new ticket (526248) on 30 August. We are still waiting for your answer since it’s bit urgent. Best Regards


I’ll check soon.


So the good news is that the plugin is connecting successfully with the gateway (Clicksend). I know this because every time a new person tries to subscribe, I get charged for it. However they do not receive any verification code. And when I try to send out texts, I’m charged for them, but nothing is received. Is it a number formatting issue? I tried with the country code plus area code, with dashes, without dashes. I’m at a loss and could really use your help.


Thank you for contacting us, We need an access to your WordPress to check gateway configuration. Please go to and open new ticket for talking about this issue.


Does this work with buddypress groups? If i sent a message to a group do everybody get notified via text?

Hi, Unfortunately does not supported BuddyPress Groups.

hi , can use this plugin for rtl wordpress?

Hi, Yes, It’s possible.

i use Awesome Support , does this plugin integrate with Awesome Support ?

We want integration with Awesome support in the next version.

Hai I want to buy this plugin but have some questions, Please clarify. We have a coupon based site, and we need to integrate msg91 gateway to send coupon code to users who clicks on get coupon button. There will be many products and for each product there will be a particluar coupon. That coupon code has to be sent to the registered mobile number. Is this posiible with your plugin. Waiting for your reply.


Please send your Coupon plugin name to to check and review for integration.

Hello. Please check my ticket at veronalabs

Please answer fast!


Will be reviewed soon.


verit01 Purchased

Hi, can i send it by email automatically if i receive an sms? Thanks

Hi, Unfortunately impossible.

I am doing a real estate website and looking for a plugin that can notify a user when one of the listings they saved or favorited has a price drop or sells.

Hi, Do you using a Plugin? or using a estate theme?

ihomefinder plugin

Hi, Integration with formidable forms in plans ?

Hi, Unfortunately impossible.