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I am starting to think that the problem above is related to using WP 3 .3.2 as a platform and this plug-in apparently has not been updated since WP 3 .0. One other thing that does not seem to work is setting the default closetext (it is always ‘close’ in the slide note no matter what I enter) but assigning it within the shortcode does work. FYI – would be excellent to get a version for this plug-in that has been tested in 3.3.2. Thx.

maketrax: Thanks for your feedback, I’m sorry I didn’t answered your comment before, I will take a look at the plugin to check if there’s something wrong.

Thanks again for purchasing and supporting Slidenotes :)

Two questions for you?

1. I am using the shadowbox.js plugin and am having some type of conflict is there any way to fix this?

2. Can an image trigger the box instead of text?

Hello jspoon1983:

1) Which kind of conflict are you having? Do you get any console error? Can I see your website maybe?

2) Sure! You can put any HTML as trigger, check the last example here http://demo.davoscript.com/?page_id=17


Hey Davo,

1) So I ended up using a different lightbox plugin and that seemed to fix the conflict.

2) I saw your demo but I couldn’t figure out what the code should look like? Can you give me some sample code?



This is code to use HTML as the Slidenote trigger:

[slidenote text="This slidenote contains an image" ] <img src="http://s3.envato.com/files/1591555/wp_slidenotes_thumb.jpg" alt="WP Slidenotes" /> [/slidenote]

Try it and let me know how it goes ;)


You have to command for hover on image? If you go with your mouse over a picture i get text?


Hello, you can do both:

1 – Hover an image and show a slidenote with text. 2 – Hover some text and show a slidenote with an image.

Regards, let me know if you have more questions.

Hi there,

Can sidenotes have links or embedded video?

Thanks, Igor

Hi there! Links for sure! Actually any HTML code, so embedded video should work fine, however it has not been tested too much.

Regards, David.

Thanks David, good news!

How can I set the position of the trigger text or trigger image?

I’m sorry but, what do you mean by the “position of a trigger”, if you take a look here: http://demo.davoscript.com/features/ you will see that the triggers are any HTML . There are many ways to positionate an element with HTML and CSS which is the best way to do it depends mostly on your design and needs.

Do you have a live demo?

When i try to use your plugin the triggers either all in a single row or a single column. I want to be able to position all the triggers to create a pattern like a circle or a square. How can I do this?

You can positionate the elements as you wish and the plugin won’t mess with that ;)

If you want to create a circle I would advice to take a look at this: http://www.barelyfitz.com/screencast/html-training/css/positioning/

For the square you could maybe use a table: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_tables.asp

Could you please give the code for using an image as trigger. I have tried the example code you provide, but all I get is the text trigger “This slidenote contains an image” What I want is the code for IMAGE as the trigger. Thanks.

Is there a way to make sure a slidenote is always the top element on a page so that it does not get covered by other elements like an image?

Love the plugin, but how can I keep it from vanishing when it leaves the content area. When it slides out from the content area, part of it is hidden behind the sidebar and is cut off by the bottom of the post/page.


yes and it is used to hide the notes, the plugin breaks if you remove that.

ok, so how do I make it work? So far it doesn’t work at the bottom of the a post or the middle of a post or the right side of a post or in anywhere in a widget …..... so how do we get it to work?

Another thought, the content isn’t hidden after you click the text, so why does overflow hidden still apply? At that point the content that was hidden is visible, so overflow:hidden shouldn’t apply.

No matter what I change the slidenote text to, it still says “Click me!” in all browsers.


I’m interested in purchasing but I have a question. I am using WordPress ToolTips right now and it has a weakness that I want to avoid with this purchase. When I create a tooltip for the phrase “Get More Information”, the same content appears every time that phrase is used throughout the website. I want it to appear only on the instances or specific page that I want.

For example, I want the slide note content for “Get More Information” on the About Us page to be different from the content for “Get More Information” on a product page. With the WP Tooltip plugin, the same content will always come up (the words themselves are the trigger). I need to be able to specify the piece of text on a specific page.

Does this plugin allow me to put the short code around the specific text I want? Or does the slide note appear anytime that phrase is used throughout the website?


Hi chermathews: Thanks for asking.

The slidenotes are created individually and have no relation between them, this means if you have the phrase “This is a note” more than once, you’ll have to create a slidenote (shortcode) for all the phrases you want to associate with a slidenote.

Let me know if you have any more doubts ;)

I purchased this plugin in order to display a popup box containing the full return policy whenever a visitor clicks the phrase, “Click here to view return policy details” in the sidebar of a product pages. I’m using the “text” widget in the sidebar section of Elegant Theme’s Divi theme. I entered the shortcode and the return policy in the Content section of the widget. The phrase displays in the sidebar, but nothing happens when I click it.

Below is what I entered: [slidenote text=”Click here to view return policy details”] You can change, reschedule or cancel an order at any time before the order cutoff deadline (please see your order confirmation email) we send when your order is received. Delivery timeslots and order deadlines for different neighborhoods may vary slightly. To avoid being charged for an order you wish to cancel, we must receive your cancellation before the deadline. Unfortunately No exceptions can be made at this time. For orders cancelled after the deadline, there is a restocking fee of 100% of the cost of perishable items in the order, payment for all other items will be refunded back to your card. If you miss the deadline, but for some reason still cannot accept your order, please call Dashing Delivery Customer Service at 513.996.0117. [/slidenote]