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Hi first of all let me state that this is one of the best plugins I’ve ever purchased! You’ve done a superb job in terms of options and the gui.

My problem however is I am trying to create a count down game and it works but when the user wins the count down does not stop and when the count down reaches zero the message changes to you’ve lost.

I have no experience using jquery. My only experience with programming is limited to VBA and HTML. I have been using the sample code you provided with the plugin. any help will be appreciated

can am make a link and when the people have finish the game go atomatic to this link?

You’ll need to add code in the onCompleted section:
window.location = "link";

Hello, I want to purchase this plugin for a contest on my website. Is it possible to show a form after the user solve the game?

Hmm, i think your Plugin doesnt work. i got the message: Unable to Add Shuffle Puzzle

There may be several reasons for that:
1. You may need to add any word in the field to the left from the button “Add new Shuffle Puzzle”
2. You activated the plugin at the domain level and at the same time you’re trying to configure the plugin to the subdomain level.

OK, i found the mistake. You plugin works not with WP MU. I must copy the wp_table itself. Now it works.

Hello am getting this error “missing temporary folder” when installing your plugin kindly assist.

Is there a way to show different message onCompleted for hard shuffle, 5×5 for example, and for the rest default message?

Hi Maria,
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it. I have tried many times but with no result. I just want to say this can’t be done via the settings.

Ok. Thanks for the replay :)

Hi. I really like the look of SP. Quick question…is it possible to add a new puzzle to different posts etc? So instead of having only 1 SPuzzle in only 1 post and having a drop-down to choose a new image…have multiple SPuzzles in multiple posts? Does it add to posts using a short code? Thanks in advance :)

No save button ???

You should have mentioned in your listed Item that it’s supported only by English

Sorry, but I can’t help you without seeing overall picture. I checked it works in different languages (at least english, german, spanish, russian). I don’t know which language you need.

Try to use Arabic or Hebrew, so you can see what I’m talking about.

Hi there, when i click add new puzzle it doesn’t want to. Please assist. Regards Jaco

Hi Jaco. Please check your email for details.


It is not showing on my website with my new template. Could you please help me? Please find below the url


Could you please see on right side bar in home page. I updated the header as WP Puzzle …..

I think this is a widget, it was disabled 2 year ago. But you can try change file shuffle-puzzle\inc\admin\sp_admin.php via Plugin Editor in WordPress Admin Panel, you need uncomment this line //include_once('sp_widget.php');

Thanks Anatolik. That worked. You are awesome.

Pre-Sale Question: is the plugin compatible with WP 4.5.3? I see no updates have been made in over a year. Thank you.

Can I add this puzzle to sidebar widget on wordpress?

Would there be any way to turn the square puzzle design into a hexagon?

Hi. Can we have jigsaw puzzle feature?

Is it possible to realize example 1 with this plugin and if yes how?

I tried to contact you several times but without success; Could you help me I bought your plugin and i can not set up example 1, this is the reason for buying the plugin, and i think you should help us for 6 months is Is not it? Otherwise I can claim my money at PAYPAL to you to see

Hi, I’ve seen all your messages. I think you did not read the documentation and examples but I will help you to solve your problem.

Thank you very much I know nothing in this field I want to add a puzzle on my website I want it to function as an example it is all and I want to replace the images. I sent you my contact details for wordpress help me please

I just found how to change the text in my language and I also want to do for the picture.

answer me please

How to make the images display randomly with each loading of the page of the puzzle.


Hi there, 1. is this plugin work with the latest WP version?
2. how the level works? is it like normal game from easy level, then, upto, advanced?

1. This plugin works in WP 4.7
2. You can configure levels of the puzzle and other parameters in WP admin panel.

is plugin works with wordpress 4.7

this plugin is compatible with WP 4.7.x

which file Do I need to work to translate it? Is there a po mo files? Needed in spanish


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Hi just bought your plugin and am trying to implement according to the documentation but am getting this message “Unable to Add Shuffle Puzzle” can you guide me on how to fix this because time is of the essence


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what is your email address can you type it here


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I just sent a mail through contact author button now kindly respond


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Why are you not responding to me. is this how you delay?