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Can I edit custom fields added by my theme or other plugins o rme?

Yes. You can add custom columns to the spreadsheet to edit ANY field.

My license code is not accepted.

It can be 3 reasons:

1- The license is valid for 1 domain. if you are using the plugin on a second website, the license wont be accepted. You can contact us and send us your license code and we will disable the first website so you can activate the second website.

2- Our license server is down temporarily. In this case you can try later.

3- There is an unknown issue. In this case contact us and give us access to your site to check the issue.

Can I edit custom post types added by my theme or other plugins?

Yes. You can edit any custom post type added by your theme or other plugins. For example, you can edit “directory listings”; “events”, “portfolio items”, “Courses”, etc.

Can I edit WooCommerce products in the spreadsheet editor?

Yes. You can edit all product types like simple, downloadable, variable, etc. You can edit all the fields including prices, stock, images, variations, attributes, dimensions, download files, etc.

Can I edit WooCommerce variations in the spreadsheet?

Yes. You can see WooCommerce variations as normal rows and edit all the fields.

Can I edit Easy Digital Downloads products in the spreadsheet editor?

Yes. You can edit products with their fields. But we provide LIMITED SUPPORT. You need to add the product columns manually using our “custom columns” generator and serialized fields are not supported.

Can I apply changes to all the posts or products at once?

Yes. You can use our formulas feature to apply changes to hundreds or thousands of posts at once. You can do all the changes that you can imagine using formulas.

I purchased the plugin and I need help

You can watch our video tutorials in this page , or send us a support message by filling the form

Will this slowdown my site?

No. It loads only on wp-admin. It doesn´t affect the speed of your public pages.

Can I use the bulk editor in a shared hosting or basic server?

Yes. You can control the number of posts to load on the spreadsheet , the number of posts to save per batch. (i.e. 3 posts every 20 seconds.), the time to wait between batches when saving changes. (i.e. 3 posts every 60 seconds.), and we only save the modified fields.

Can I hide , display , and sort columns in the spreadsheet?

Yes. You can change the order of columns and hide the columns that you dont need.

Can I use the editor with Visual Composer?

Yes. We support visual composer so you can open the live and backend editors right on the spreadsheet.

Can I edit YOAST SEO fields in the spreadsheet?

Yes. We support YOAST SEO so you can edit SEO keywords, titles, descriptions , index status , and see the SEO score.

Can I edit Advanced Custom Fields metaboxes in the spreadsheet?

Yes. We support Advanced Custom fields so you will see all the fields in the spreadsheet automatically. Note. We only support text, email, password, and text area fields. If you want to edit other field types you can change the types to text and the spreadsheet will recognize them.

Can I copy information between posts?

Yes. You can copy and paste cells in the spreadsheet, and you can copy information to hundreds of posts using formulas.

Does it work with WordPress Multisite

Yes. You can install the plugin in a WordPress multisite installation. You can use a single license for the entire network, but each site has independent settings.

Can I edit serialized fields in the spreadsheet?

No. The spreadsheet doesn´t support serialized fields.

How can I install this plugin?

Go to wp-admin > Plugins > Add new – and upload the zip file

What post types can I edit with the bulk editor?

You can edit ANY custom post type, including posts, pages, media attachments, WooCommerce products, easy digital downloads products, directory listings, events, portfolio items, etc.

I am a developer, can I add custom columns for my plugin?

Yes. You can register columns programmatically to integrate your plugin with the spreadsheet editor. We provide a simple API to register columns and you can select cell types like tinymce editors, plain text, select dropdowns, file / image uploader, handsontable in popup, etc.

I need a refund

We can give you a refund under two conditions: 1- You can´t use the plugin because it´s not compatible with your wordpress site. 2- You found an issue in the plugin and you can´t wait while we fix it

Can I translate the plugin?

Yes. You can translate the plugin using poedit .

How many posts can I display in the spreadsheet at the same time?

We´ve been able to load 300 posts in the spreadsheet without issues. But it depends on your computer resources. You can load even 500 posts if your computer has enough RAM and Processing power.

Can I filter or search posts in the spreadsheet?

Yes. You can search by keyword, authors, publish dates, categories, tags, taxonomies, etc. so you can display only the posts that you need to edit.

Can I rename columns in the spreadsheet?

Yes. You can change columns names.

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