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Hi, presale question. Can i modify the woocommerce digital download url in bulk? thanks!

ok please add in future versions regards!

ok please add in future versions regards!

Hi. I added support for downloadable products in the last update that went live today. You can check it out in the demo site.

Hi VegaCorp,
My Directory Theme uses a Custom Post Type for Adding its Listings.
Now, using Your Plugin, I am able to Edit stuff like “Post Title”, “Post Content”, “Featured Image” etc. But, Your Plugin is not showing the Post Meta Fields like Phone Number, Address etc. Also, its not showing the Custom Fields as well. To Summarize My Question, I want Your assistance on the folowing 2 Issues :

1. I want to display the Post Meta Fields of the CPT as columns in the Sheet.
2. I want to display the Custom Fields of the CPT as columns in the sheet.


Hi VegaCorp,
Its been more than 24 Hours that You haven’t replied so I’m Replying again because I want a Quick Resolution for this. Now, there is nothing wrong with taking Your time to reply, but anyway, We all are busy nowadays.

Because You wanted Access to WP Installation, I’ve setup a Test Environment on Your Demand on a Server. I’ve mailed You the Login Credentials.

Kindly also note that I want You to Explain to Me in a Step-By-Step Procedure how You setup the additional Columns. This is because I’ll take down the “Test Website” from My Server and Move back to the Localhost. I’ve done this only for You to be able to Resolve the issue.

Kindly Revert ASAP,

Hi. I´m sorry for the delay.

I checked your site and I recorded a video to show you how to add the columns for the “listings” post type added by your theme. I sent you an email.

Thank you for purchase.

Great Support ! Thanks a lot My Friend !


my friend recently purchased this plugin after installing the plugin, i copy then paste the purchase code :

i am getting this error : “The license couldn´t be activated. Maybe the validation server is not available , your license has expired , or you entered an invalid license. Please try again later, if the issue persists contact us”

Kindly resolve this issue ASAP.

Answered via email.


Pepouni Purchased

Good job !! I love It! Just does not work products advanced filter by products categories. And it would be great if the user can adjust the column widths.

Thanks. I´m glad you like the plugin. The advanced filter (search) had a small issue and it´s been fixed in v1.4.2, which was released today. The update will be available shortly after codecanyon approves the update.

If you dont want to wait, I can send you the new version directly, just send me a message in the support tab.

Hello, I just bought the plugin to be able to change the status on multiple custom posts. I notice the one of the columns I need to change, the expiration date column is not showing. Can I add a column? I am also unable to change the status of expired and trash posts. I want to make them all published. Can I do that?

Hi. Thank you for buying the plugin.

1- Yes. You can add custom columns. Just go to wp-admin , then in the left menu click on “wp sheet editor – custom columns”.

There you can add the column name, database key (you will see a list of existing keys so you can select existing fields for this column), and post types.

2- You can change the post status using the “bulk update” toolbar. Open the tool, select the column “status”, and select the “replace value” option, then enter the old status “trash” and new value publish>

That will go through every post in the post type and publish all posts in trash.

If you have more questions or issues give me access to your site to check, using the “support” tab.

Thank you. Unfortunately, when I try to change the status or type (which is only 10+ jobs), it stays on the “processing…” screen. It is stuck on that screen with no changes being made. Any further help?

I need access to your site to check the issue. You can send me the credentials privately in the “support tab” above this page.

Hi, I’m having problems with the plugin, I just bought it and it would be for me to edit the variable products. I have set all the columns that I need but when I go to the sheet editor to see which size is to be edited I put the size and color attribute display but it does not show me it brings me the sign of a padlock. How can I do so to see these attributes and understand which stock change?

Answered via email.

In short, the attributes need to be edited in the column “edit attributes”. There you can edit parent attributes and select which ones are for variations, and you also can edit variations attributes.

There are columns for global attributes like “sizes”, but those are available only for parent products.


Ivapix Purchased

SKU cant be saved, also on site of mine client we are missing search_fuild column. Could you please check?

Hi. I need access to your site to check the issue. Send me the wp account privately on the “support” tab.


j81618 Purchased

The bulk editor shows as successfully saved, but when I go to the posts there is a random number of them not saved. How do I fix this?

Answered in the review.

A question: does your plugin support php7?

Yes. It works fine with php7.

hello i bought and installed your plugin , however i can see the title of my products in the sheet ? It is enabled?

Hi. Can you give me access to your site to check the issue? Send me login credentials privately using the “support” tab at the top of this page.

guess it was cache cause now it works fine. Nice plugin to work with. One suggestion perhaps: a copy button to copy records would be nice for me ?

I´m glad that it works well. You can copy information between fields using the “formulas / bulk update” option in the toolbar.

For example, you can copy all “regular prices” to “sale prices”, or copy all products categories to tags, etc.

I would appreciate if you leave a review, If you´re happy with the plugin…

hi VegaCorp!

Great plugin but I facing some problems while using it daily. I frequently made price edits on my products, we talking about 10 to 12 product with max 4 variables each so 40 changes.

Every 4/6 attempts my server crashes displaying a 500 error and logs reports a very high number of http200 requests, about 150requests per minute.

How can i fix it?

this happens both on live server (shared one) and dev (dedicated with no particular hw/sw limits)

thank you!

Hi. I´m glad that you like the plugin. This issue is probably caused by the hearbeat API. WP core makes requests to the server every few seconds to check the login status and other things, which saturates the server. You can use the plugin “heartbeat control” to disable it.

what does it look like when wanting to edit Advanced custom fields? because the demo does not display it and i am curious before purchasing

I replied to you via email.

Every field is a new column and it looks exactly the same as the default columns. But it only works with text, email, password, number, wysiwyg, image, textarea, true_false, and select.


A decent plugin, well done.

One thing that is sorely missing however is a Cost Price field for products. And the ability to do your Calculation on the Cost price, to generate the Regular price.

Many store owners work on creating their Sell price (Regular price) from a base Cost of Goods price. This is something that is missing in Woocommerce which is crazy because it is sorely needed. By this I mean from the Cost prices for products, to be able to Markup that Cost by a Percentage (or in some cases a Fixed dollar amount) to result in the Regular Price.

Thus what is entered is the Cost, and the Sell price (Regular Price) is a consequence of the Cost x Markup %, or Cost + Fixed

Also sorely missing, import a CSV to bulk add the Cost to products, it is too slow and not practical to enter each one manually. We have 3500 products.

Any chance of the above ?



1- You can add a “cost price” field to the spreadsheet. 2- You can generate the regular price from the cost price field using formulas.

The math formula allows you to merge columns, for example, “cost price” * markup, etc. 3- We will release next week an addon for exporting and importing products / posts to CSV.


I have just tried your Demo and I see no way of adding a new field to the Spreadsheet ?

If I already have added a new field (Cost Price) to the database, should it not show anyway in the spreadsheet ?



I recorded this video where I show you how to create a new column for the spreadsheet and how to set regular price based on the new “cost” column.

The formula in the video is an example, you can do a lot of things with the formulas.

Hi can i do export to work on my excel and import it again to update ???

You can´t export to excel. The plugin has a custom spreadsheet in wp-admin and you must edit everything there.

The spreadsheet is very good, you have formulas, auto fill cells, hide / show columns , add new columns , and you can upload files using the wp media gallery (which you can´t do in excel).

You can check the demo or view the video preview.

Thanks but to add 1000 product its no easy :)