WP Sheet Editor - Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products and WP Posts in Spreadsheet

WP Sheet Editor - Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products and WP Posts in Spreadsheet

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The Best Way to Edit your WooCommerce Products and WordPress Posts Quickly

Things that you can do with WP Sheet Editor

  • View all your WooCommerce products and WordPress Posts in a spreadsheet
  • Create a lot of posts and products at once
  • Edit your posts easily, just press “Enter” and you´ll be editing the next post!
  • Increase or decrease your products stock in bulk
  • Edit your products prices in bulk using formulas
  • Edit your products/posts images in bulk
  • Edit your products/posts titles and descriptions in bulk using formulas
  • Improve your SEO by editing the titles of your posts
  • Edit Yoast SEO title, description, and focus keyword
  • Change post status, comment status in bulk
  • Edit your media files quickly
  • Improve your SEO by editing your images titles, captions, and descriptions
  • Copy information from one post to other posts quickly.
  • Among other things.

All the features

  • You can edit WooCommerce products (all types except variable products) including their information like prices, short description, gallery, visibility, attributes, categories, tags, etc.
  • It works with Visual Composer – You can open the live and backend editor right on the spreadsheet
  • It works with advanced custom fields
  • You can add custom columns to the spreadsheet to edit custom fields
  • You can edit YOAST SEO information in the spreadsheet, like SEO title, description, keyword, noindex, and see the SEO score.
  • You can filter the posts in the spreadsheet using the “filter” tool in the toolbar. It allows you to show posts by post status, published by specific authors, date range, categories, tags, or any other taxonomy.
  • You can update hundreds of posts at once by using the “formulas” tool in the toolbar. You can use REPLACE and MATH formulas and execute them on specific columns.
  • You can add new posts quickly using the “Add new” tool in the toolbar.
  • You can save all the changes at once after you finish the editions. It saves only the modified posts.
  • It supports unlimited number of posts. You can use it on sites with hundreds of posts.
  • You can autofill cells by dragging down a individual cell from the bottom right corner like in excel. (Showed in the previous video)
  • You can enable / disable the load of more posts when reaching the end of the page to continue editing more posts
  • You can enable / disable the cells formatting to display the values as plain text or use fancy formatting like calendars and dropdowns.
  • You can move around the cells by using the arrow keys in your keyboard
  • You can edit the post content and click the “next / previous” buttons to continue editing the next / previous post
  • You can edit featured images right in the spreadsheet
  • You can hide columns in the options page
  • You can rename columns in the options page
  • You can see contextual help.
  • It works on any server, even shared hosting.



------ V 1.3.1 - 12/24/2016 ------
NEW: Options page - Added option to allow the edition of the post slugs column. It´s off by default for security reasons.
NEW: Formulas - Added placeholders to use other columns values in formulas.
FIX: Columns visibility - Fixed some PHP warnings.
CHANGE: Options page - If reduxframework is not active, don´t display links to the options page to prevent confusions.
CHANGE: Options page - If reduxframework is not active, save default settings during installation to allow the use of the plugin without reduxframework.
FIX: Custom columns - Default data source is empty, so some columns are not connecting to the database.
FIX: YOAST SEO - The score column is being registered even if YOAST SEO is not active or the column was disabled.
FIX: Save changes - When loading more posts in the spreadsheet, it considers the last posts as "modified" and saves them with no need.
FIX: Custom columns - new columns don´t allow to be hidden or renamed in options page, due to a wrong default setting.
FIX: Custom columns - new columns are marked as "hidden" in the options page by default.
FIX: Formulas > replace - If the search or replace text contains quotes, it breaks.
FIX: Formulas > replace - It doesn´t save changes to the "content" column, sometimes it leaves the field blank losing existing content.
FIX: Formulas > replace - If replacing $current_value and current_value is empty, the post is skipped.
FIX: Options page - It doesn´t load the options page in some cases when reduxframework is loaded internally by other plugins.
FIX: Quick usage screen - After saving settings it generates a redirection loop.
FIX: Global - Sometimes the options dropdowns won´t open due to css conflicts with other plugins or theme.

------ V 1.3.0 - 12/05/2016 ------
NEW: CORE - Added option to fix the first column, so it´s always visible while scrolling to the right.
NEW: Filters - Added option to search/filter by keyword in post title or post content.
NEW: WooCommerce - Added columns: "allow backorders", "is featured", "manage stock", "stock quantity".
NEW: Columns visibility - Now you can sort the columns on the settings page per post type.
FIX: Custom columns - Some JS files were loading globally in wp-admin causing issues.

------ V 1.2.1 - 11/30/2016 ------
FIX: CORE - When saving email-optin notice it doesn´t save a flag to not display it again.
FIX: CORE - Quick setup screen - when redux-framework is already active, TGM throws a warning.

------ V 1.2.0 - 11/28/2016 ------

NEW: Added "what´s new" page after plugin updates to show the new features to the users.
NEW: Added "custom columns" module that allows to add custom fields to the spreadsheet editor.
CHANGE: Added logo to the dashboard widget.
CHANGE: SECURITY: Spreadsheet - Display file upload columns only if the wp user has permissions to upload files.
CHANGE: SECURITY: Spreadsheet - Display only the posts that the wp user is allowed to view and edit.
CHANGE: SECURITY: Spreadsheet - If the wp user is not allowed to publish or delete posts, we don´t show the option while editing posts.

------ V 1.1.0 - 11/23/2016 ------

NEW: Added multisite compatibility, one license per network. 
FIX: License verification - Removed PHP error on old versions of PHP. 
NEW: Added Advanced Custom Fields integration. Edit basic ACF fields in the spreadsheet. 
FIX: WooCommerce Products Spreadsheet - JS conflict caused by WC JS files. 
NEW: Added Visual Composer integration. Use Visual Composer backend and live editor while using the spreadsheet editor. 
CHANGE: Dependencies - Don´t ask to install required plugins if the plugins already loaded from a theme. 
CHANGE: Quick usage screen - Added "Settings" button. 
FIX: Spreadsheet - Cells with very long values make the rows too tall. Now the text is truncated aesthetically but saved in full. 
CHANGE: Spreadsheet - If there are no posts to display, don´t display empty rows. 
CHANGE: Added "PRO Theme - Professional WP Admin Dashboard Theme" compatibility. 
CHANGE: Tweaked the CSS to prevent conflicts with other plugins.

------ V 1.0.1 11/08/2016 ------
FIX: when saving posts in the spreadsheet, the post ID is wrong. 
FIX: when saving posts, the modal on the front-end doesn´t show the right number of posts to be saved.
FIX: when editing a "single image upload" cell, we get a JS error.

------ V 1.0.0 - 11/08/2016 ------

- Initial release.