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login info demo/demo returns invalid user name


User: demo. Password: demo I have just tried. It is working.

Reagards, Villatheme Support Team

I have tried to login with demo/demo but the CAPTCHA verification doesn’t work

Hello, It is working. You need fill same captcha (uppercase, lowercase)

this email will go to main inbox ? not in promotional?

Yes, of course. Email will go to inbox. Promotion, you can fill in email content or not.

Hi Please if I need to send each user different email, ok this works great, but when I choose template i can not edit it before sending to user?

I mean I have 3 email templates, one of them is to inform users of what FILE they did not send us, so can I choose template, then choose user from (Send now) then see the email before its sent so I can edit and add what files did he miss?

Please another question, if user replies, where will the replay go? can i see it inside the system? or it will go to FROM address emaill address?

and for each templete i can make seperate email FROM account?

thanks a lot waiting ur replay


You are trying on demo site? Demo site is only show all options and not send working. It is working with admin role.

Thank you for your patience.

Sorry. Plugin is send email not email server system. If you want get replies from users. Please send via SMTP. They will send email to your email what you set in Email template or Settting page.

I want create many email in my host server and create an wordpress account in admin panel for any email address. Then I want any account have their inbox in wordpress admin panel to send and receive email from wordpress admin panel. Can I use your plugin for this job? Thank you

Sorry. My plugin send email from email content in WordPress System. You can see demo

Great work. Good luck

Hello, only a question. Is this also working if i implement a html mail template? or no way that this is working? thanks. br

This plugin is working with content what you write the same post. You can preview before sending.