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Hello, I purchased your plugin and have been having an incredibly challenging time with it since the moment I purchased it.

First, the instructions are incredibly complicated, and confusing. A plugin should be simple, this one is not.

Second, your chat tech support team here: do not seem to understand that people contact tech support because they don’t understand coding.

Third, the demo part of your site makes it look like download buttons are part of your plugin. They aren’t. According to your “tech support”, buyers have to figure out how to create download buttons on their own. Your plugin just creates a link, and it’s not as simple as copy/pasting a hyperlink into a button.

Fourth, I finally was able to have it installed, however the download time, once you click the download link is about 20 seconds! That far too long to expect a customer to see their download! It should be pretty instantaneous, especially since the download I used was from Amazon S3.

So my questions are as follows….

1. Are you aware of the many problems your plugin has?

2. Are you working to fix the many bugs it has?

As you are probably aware, it’s very difficult to find a plugin that does what yours “claims” to do (But in reality falls very short) and I’m not even sure if there’s another option out there currently. I even asked your “tech support” for your direct email so that I could communicate with you and help you to make the improvements that your plugin so desperately needs. They told me they couldn’t share that information.

I do hope to hear a response soon.


We are constantly working to improve our products. thanks for your feedback. I will keep in view your suggestions as we work on updates.



I bought this plugin and am having trouble to get it working. I get the following error – The page isn’t redirecting properly

I have defined slink in a Post. I think we can define only pages ?

Basically I would like to offer a download button in the Post. Is this possible ?

slink can be used in both posts and pages. yes, you can add a button to post. for button try to use class=”button” class=”btn” in the slink tag as shown below.
[slink url="" class="btn"]A buttton link[/slink]
[slink url="" class="button"]A buttton link[/slink]

If you use a relatively new theme that is bootstrap enabled or has css class button defined it will work for you.


I have installed the plugin, configured it (based on the documentation) and added the following shortcode into one page:

slink url="" class="button" name="FooBar" ]ZIP File FooBar Download[/slink]

I added the [slink in the shortcode.

It does not download the zip file, it’s only redirecting to the “no access page”. Why? I have no idea what’s going wrong. I’m happy about every hint!

Thank you.

Best regards Martin


thanks for your reply. Is allow_url_fopen php function permitted on your server. also if you use a virus scanner wp plugin is it not permitting access to files inside uploads directory

Have you tried to place a file has it worked?

Have you tried the url /wp-content/uploads/2016/11/ in the slink tag

[slink url="/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/" class="button" name="FooBar" ]ZIP File FooBar Download[/slink]

thanks Anu

Hi Anu,

I didn’t activate the allow_url_fopen function. Thanks for the hint!

Hi Martin, That is great. You are welcome! Anu


luongbb Purchased

hello, when I upgraded version 1.2, i has lost the text editor.

i am use Wordpres 4.7. and plugins: Social Locker, Wordfence, Total Cache, ustified image grid

image samples:

Please help me fix it . Thank you

there is a .htaccess file in the plugin folder. if you delete it, the editor will be okay, on some servers that htaccess in needed not on yours perhaps


luongbb Purchased

Thanks for quickly support

hey i’ve bought the script and it seems to not be working for me. ive intalled from zip, setup the auth page and it seems to always send me to the auth page no matter the qualification. i am an admin, i have enabled allow_url_fopen = On in my php.ini and have placed it all over my folder in hopes to find the solution. if you can help me that would make my day.

Hi, Kindly send an email to I will check this. Anu

Bought the plugin, Installed and did everything that is mentioned in the Documentation still its not working. Here is my issues:

1. No matter what it’s keep redirecting to the Unauthorized page which I created. And no downloading of the file

2. I want to create a button instead of the link. I am using Intense shortcode to create button.

Please advise, I need to start my work by today.


Ok so you are simply refusing what I said, Wait let me provide you the complete screenshot of every server I tried with. If you are not going to let this plugin work or provide me the refund, then be ready with lots of reviews in every major blogs about your plugin. Don’t ever try to cheat your customer and behave like this way.

we are not scared of negative reviews, you are free to do whatever you want. we are confident of our product and know that it works. i am sorry we are not able to resolve your SERVER’s issues

No worries, I already asked envato to refund my money if I didn’t get my money I am going to get this issue in every major news site

Hello I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to protect a post and will not allow a user without the special link to access it. I also want to make sure it only allows the first ip that accesses it to be the only option that can access it. And I wat to generate the link via php. Can this plugin do that ?

Protected Links my other product lets you do it. it is not WordPress Plugin. Kindly check the demo and test it if it suits your application

Just purchased your plugin Error console and visual editor not appearing. Here’s the error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 () wp-tinymce.php:1 Failed to load:

Can you please send the ftp and wordpress details to my email so that i can check this.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. I’ve also discovered inside plugin’s error log the following: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_action() in /home/usname/public_html/wp-content/plugins/secdown/sdldownload.php on line 14 Also with the plugin enabled 2 404 errors are generated to 500.shtml internal server error. The idea of the plugin is great but at least to me, too many errors generated, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask for a refund. Thank you for your quick answers though.

I am unable to replicate the issues you are facing, so am unable to help you here,