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How do we setup Random Prioritization of the background images? It says on this thread it was implemented 11 months ago.

No, there is no minium size of the coin image.

Hi DevPlus, how do we setup multiple scratch cards with different backgrounds? Right now, all scratch cards have to have the same background set in Settings

I want to be able to create multiple pages like this one, but I need to make sure I can change the background, as we have different markets (not just Lincoln, NE)

Sorry for late, you can change the background in post custom meta (Background)

Hi, i want to create only one winning ticket on, for examples, 200 tickets. Is it possible? Is it possible to show it randomly, then? Thank you

Unfortunately this is not possible in this version. please follow my profile to get the new version when it comes. Thank you.

Is it possible to have the plugin open a link when you have scratched a certain percentage of the area? I would like it to reveal a discount code but open an affiliate link for the product they are looking for a discount for?

Hey, You can open a link but only when the scratch is fully scratched

hi, is it possibile to customize the 2 images I want to show? the one I scratch and the one I see under it?

i’ve an error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected , on line 128

Hello thanks for the purchase, Yes you can change the background, and for the issue please upgrade you PHP version Thank you

Nothing to see on your demo page. Can you check? Thanks!

Fixed, Sorry.

Thanks! Are these digital scratch cards fully responsive?

You can check on mobile. I’m developing a new version, it will have many more features, with also some responsiveness improvements Thank you


I want the scratch to be effective on simple hover, without need of click.

Also I can’t understand how to integrate the scratch in a page (as a shortcode)...

Thank you.

Hello, What do you want to change?


I want the brush to show the image on simple hover, without needing the click.

Thnak you.

Hello, Sorry for late check the line 96 in wp-scratchit.js

Hi, great plugin. Is it possible (or will it be possible) to show info or a name in the ‘image’ based on url parameters?


No it’s not possible, the image is randomly displayed.


lyder Purchased

Hi. great plugin. Please fix the admin css so it only loads when on the settings page. It hide som features in other plugins setting pages… (Ex. it sets the class “tab-content” to display:none in my themes settings page.

please contact me on my profile, and send me the screenshot of the issue,
Thank you

Hello, is this now able to randomize the results? If so, how many possible results can be set? Does it allow someone to only scratch the card once?

The result are randomized, you can set many results as you want and yes you can enable result saving, so if the user refresh the page he will have the same result. You can also reset the history.
Thank you

You can suggest me features if you want!

Does this plug-in require an SSL?


No this plugin doesn’t require SSL.
Thank you.

Prepurchase question – does this plugin work with MyCred multiple Point types? Thank you in advance! Kind regards… S.

Hello, Unfortunately it’s not supported.

Thank you for your reply, do I understand it right, that only main MyCred point type is available? (choosing different point type or set multiple point types is not possible)?


Yes. currently only main MyCred point type is available.

How many scratchcards can 1 game handle, I tested first with 10 scratchcards and everything OK, but now I have added 50 scratchcards and now I get BLANK SCREEN?

Deleting 1 by 1 to determine max cards NOT POSSIBLE? :(

I’ll send you an update in 72 Hrs max.

Superb Quality & Service! o00o-°(_)°-o00o Thanks, so Cool!!

Thank you. Please contact me if you find anything else. also don’t forget to rate it Thanks.


Pre-sale question: will this plug in intergrate with Woocommerce in a way that user can purchase a scratch?



No, currently there’s no Integration with WooCommerce,

Thank you.


I’m interested as whether is has become possible to specify a limited number of winning tickets among a larger pool of tickets, and randomizing the result?



Yes, this is possible, Please see the demo website if you have any issue or question just ask me username: demo password demo

Scratch Cards => Add Scratch (To see the post input) You can add cards and check the “Is Winning Value” Option for your winning tickets.

The result is automatically randomized, Currently there’s no option to control the randomization process

Thank you, and Have a nice day!

Hi, where can I get more information?

I am interested in things like:

- Is it compatible with mycred? - Can users pay with credit points to buy a scratch? - Can I give prizes with mycred points? If the user wins, points will be added to his account. - Can I automate the scratch? For example when the scratches are finished, they start again automatically?

I am looking for a substitute of the official scratch of mycred (it goes bad enough and I want to look if this goes better) ..

Thank you very much

Hello, Yes the plugin is MyCred Compatible.
- Can users pay with credit points to buy a scratch? Not Possible
- Can I give prizes with mycred points? If the user wins, points will be added to his account. Yes Possible
- Can I automate the scratch? Not Possible

Some of asked features are under development but I can’t tell you any date of availability.

when can you put your admin area back up for testing?

Hello I think this is what your are looking for
username: demo
password: demo

Thank you

Is this new version listed? Dead link on new ver.

The link redirect to this page.
Add Scratch means you add Cards and one card will be randomly chosen.
A winning value will be less prioritized than the other cards.

Are you referring to the link in demo site if yes the link is redirecting to this page

What is MyCred? Possible to add funct so we can use scratch on non WP page? Add code to a web page

MyCred is 3rd Party plugin which manage points you can check more at

Possible to add funct so we can use scratch on non WP page? Add code to a web page

Unfortunately this feature isn’t implemented yet !

Hi this looks really cool – is it possible to send this via email to my Wordpress users like in a newsletter?


Unfortunately this feature is not available.

Installation failed: Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /home/cuphoneove/www/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-scratchit/includes/Scratch_Card.php on line 272


Please upgrade your PHP to a latest version

Thank you.

Php is already the last version. I have successfully installed the plugin but it returns the same error.

Please send me a message from my profile. with your website access