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HI! I can set some limit of win? just like a stock

Hello, Unfortunately in this version it’s not possible, stay tuned for the next update Thank you

If I update the plugin can I lose my Scratch Cards?


Extract the archive and Upload it to remote server (wp-content/plugins/wp-scratchit). You’ll not lose any cards.

The update does not work.

It is possible in this version to go to a link if the image is winning?

hiya , i have purchased your plugin and I try installing in my wordpress. I set the setting accordingly , with the scratch card visible. I disable Anonymous scratching. However when I tested , I encounter few errors : a. I login a user ( thru Woocommerce login ) & scratched but the Scratched is still 0 b. There is NO Scratch Card entries even though I have login to scratch c. I enabled MyCred for the winning card , 15 points. Suppose to be added into user mycred account , but the system didn’t add alhough scratched the winning card

Thanks , hope you can assist. Jet

Hello Please contact me on my profile

I am trying to verify this plugin is still supported and not abandoned? I get an automated message when purchasing or asking for support. Can a purchaser confirm they have received recent support from the seller for this product?

I do not see a way to delete scratchit cards at the bottom? If that doesn’t exist, how can I choose what card is actually winning and losing?


I think the terminology is off, my friend! We are very close!

I have set 2 different cards to be ‘winning’ cards.

It does randomly distribute them!

I cannot limit real ‘winners’ though. I can limit amount of ‘cards’ shown this way.. That is awesome!

Can I limit the actual winners so you don’t show my real winning card more than say, 10 times???

This is almost there!

in another plugin it shows the shortcode like this [plugin id=”234234” images=”23423,234234,234234,234,” winning_card=”55555’] or something similar. This sets the image IDs for the cards and then the winning card id. Plus you would need a value for maximum winners added, what you have is perfect for showing a set number of cards!!!!

I would change those labels as well to “Limit Total Cards Shown” and “Limit Card Amount”