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I can use it in a blog posting? Paste simulation using short code?


The contract needs to be displayed on it’s own page. However, you can simply add an iframe with the a link to the contract page. There is not a shortcode to display the contract on a single page or a blog post. Sorry this is not a feature we are going to add to the plugin.

You have been locked out due to too many login attempts.

This was due to a brute force on our admin. I have unlocked it. You can try again now.

It is a shame this isn’t being updated with new features. How long can it really take to add a branding logo to the options to display on the simulator front end?

We are working on a new redesigned code base for this plugin. I do not have an ETA since we are finishing up on a few projects and our contract plugin redesign, but something is coming in the future.

Hi Can this plugin work on a html site? Maybe installing wordpress on a subdomain with this plugin?


It only works with WordPress, so you would have to install WordPress on a subdomain or a subfolder.

That is a great idea, but we do not have plans to implement this in the near future. I will add it to our possible additions, but that is not a guarantee that it would be added.


Feature Request.

I would like to use the URL from the site I am using Responsive Simulator on. Right now it returns a 404 error.

Sometimes I only need a page and can do it within the site rather than host from an external url.

Example: I needed to create a popup demo. It is simpler and quicker to do it locally, then import that popup into the site and paste the Responsive Simulator URL.


How can I tweak this now for this capability?

You can tell em what to do with the code if that is fine.

Right now I am having to duplicate a whole site just for a popup demo.

That is correct. The title is only used for multiple domains.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

Np. Good luck with everything and let me know if you have any other questions.

I don’t think that is a wp plugin, so no we are not.

well anyway i already send this to the author so he can check the code, so he can determinate if deserves a DMCA or not

Thanks I appreciate it. Again considering our PLUGIN is built for wp using options and code from wp I am pretty sure his bookmarklet and our code is not the same but thanks for reaching out to him so you can resolve this for us.

Is there any issue with this plugin and WP 4.2 as all I am getting is a white / grey area where the websites once loaded…

Hi futuredesigngrp,

before i buy your very helpful WP-PlugIn for mobile website presenations, one important question for me: Is your PlugIn compatible with WP v4.2 and what is the maintenance commitment from your side to update this WP-PlugIn to align it with the newest WP-Release?

Thanks very much for a short reply!

The plugin is updated for each release of WP. It currently works with 4.2 even though we have not updated the requirement here on the plugin page. We have tested it and it is working.

This plugin is just awesome and such a show-off :) before I disciovered this extrension, I have been looking for ages to add such a feature to my website. Thanks for developing this :9 Regards, Rob

We are glad you like it. Please remember if it works exactly how you need it to, you leave a good review on here. You can do this by going to your downloads and adding a review for our plugin. Thanks for the purchase.

How can the demo be accessed? Cannot see any login details…

We updated the themes yesterday so that may have removed the login credentials on the home screen. The username is demo and the password is password.

You have been locked out due to too many login attempts.

This was a temp error and our DB reset cleared it.

Thank you. This is what im looking for … i’ll buy very soon (next month). Thanks again and see u soon.

Software Version wordpress 4.4.1 update?

The plugin should be compatible with this update as we have updated our site and it works. Let me know if you have any issues.

Hello, well as you can see below: http://bit.ly/1S1ShOW

I would like to know if is possible to make some changes to have something like at the next site : http://bit.ly/mockuportfolio.

Please let me know if you know some plugin as it…lol…

Hi, This is the best tool ever.

Question… can the next update contain a more obvious scroll bar? When in mobile mode, the devices having touch screen navigation we have no way to use the mouse.

Unsophisticated users, prospective clients can not always be depended upon to engage and problem solve. If it’s not easy, it’s broken.

You know how some people are… they just refuse to think.

Can the demo be integrated within a theme’s layout?

Unfortunately no. The design utilizes a heavy dose of JS to produce the effects and overall functionality. If you integrate that into a theme you will have conflicts.

can you integrate this onto a portfolio page to display a clients website. or does it have to be on its own page