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Is this plugin still supported? Dow it works with the latest WordPress?


Does this plugin work with Woocommerce orders? My situation is that I need to make a copy of a live woocommerce site so that I can perform theme updates. The live site will continue to get new orders, and I need to sync this with the copy staging site.



I have a short question before buying this plugin. Can you please help me understand something regarding the Compatible with woocommerce products?

You say that the plugin “currently not support all features” in woocommerce…. but regarding products and especially variable products does it replicate variable products with attributes and variations, descriptions and pictures?.

Thank you!

This is thoroughly an amazing piece of software. HOWEVER … It is very hard to get support. Such a shame … Therefor I’m afraid that I will have to start looking for an alternative that I can use. This is a very specific plugin that not a lot of people need (or buy). So that is probably the reason why the developer can’t spend a lot of time on support: he’s not earning enough on it. That is 100% understandable … But it is a HUGE problem for those (few) people who DID bought the plugin and are using it.

I WOULD have bought this immediately, but it has not been updated in 18 months! No one has purchased it in a year. It is a shame – it offers a function that admins using infinitewp, managewp or mainwp to manage a collection of sites (but NOT using “multisite”) NEED

I confirm that this plugin work very well (07-01-2017)

Hi. I’m getting an ‘inlvaid URL or Pass Key’ message when I try and sync. The details I enter are a direct copy from the field info created from the import plugin. Please advise as to how I can fix this or what might seem to be causing the problem. Thanks…

hi i want to sincronize two site’s posts (from site1 to site2). i’ve 4 user account in site 1 and site two with same name (Ivan, Cristina, Max, Leonardo). but if i create post front site1 with an account and i save , in site2 i find the same post but with another account. sometimes the post in site2 have a account that site1 doesn’t have. what can i check? thks Max