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How to create subscription plans?

You can add subscription plan from back-end side using plan creator menu.

Great work GLWS :)


Is there a simple way to change the color from orange to another color?

We do not have it now but will release it soon with color option

I bought it but it didn’t work.. how can i upload it to my wordpress theme.. I tried to upload it from the Cpanel and from the theme but it’s not working..

please share wp-admin detail and ftp details in the email support.

Nice work I’m interesting in buying. Do you have demo for admin?

you can check admin screenshots

can the search in the initial page listing be collapsible? Where you have the Rent Sale Vacation Rent http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/wp-realty-real-estate-plugin-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/16964204

Yes,The search box can be collapsible with code customization.

Using uDesign theme, the property list page’s width is way to wide. Should be about 960 px. How do I fix your plugins issue? The page’s emplate setting is set to full-width page. So it’s not a sidebar issue.

Copy wprealty_template folder from wp-realty plugin to your theme and you can edit as you want.you will see list page in the folder. You can adjust width in that file.

That will cause issues on future theme updates. I found the div… class=”rems_container emgt_list_page” and tried modifying the css with a width, but it still aligns to the left of the browser instead of with the theme. Any CSS that would fix that issue?

Pre sale question, will this work for property management company keeping track of residents and monthly rent? tenants can pay through the website using this plugin?

No it does not have this feature support. But we suggest you to check WPAMS – Apartment Management System for wordpress plugin. https://codecanyon.net/item/wpams-apartment-management-system-for-wordpress/15946837

Hi, I have paid for this plugin, give it a test and it’s not fit for purpose. simiilar to ‘Diabolical-Dillon’s’ post above, I am using enfold theme, one of the most popular themes on themeforest and the layout is all over the place. Unusable! I’d like to get a refund as I definetly wont be using this plugin. thanks

Thanks for purchase our product. Please send you admin and ftp details. Let us check it. We will try to resolve your issue.

PRE_SALE: Are statistics available to agents for their listed properties? ie: Can they see how many views, shares, etc a particular property has received?

No,this feature is not available in this version.But we will look to implement it in next versions.

That would be greatly appreciated. A good tool for any agent to determine effectiveness of ad and marketing

Awesome Work. GLWS


Is it compatible with wpml and avada theme? What I want to do is to show the available units of a condominium project with some search filtering options like categories, tags, price or more customizable ones. Is it the right plugin for me?

Also can we hide fields like location, rent and vacation rent, then add custom features(tags) in the search pannel

It is not tested with these themes.Yes it is possible to change search filters with code customization.

great work! but is posible create this plugin to laravel framework? (Not Wp plugin) THANKS

yes we can

Can you provide a date? We wait for purchase it…:)

Seeing this is a plugin, will it integrate with any theme i choose?

its been tested with wp default theme.

I am getting this error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/kbyree/public_html/kbyreemock1.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-realty/admin/fields/index.php on line 22

Also the listing page is not displaying



1.I am getting this error: Can’t use function return value in write context =>Please share ftp details so we can check the error and the url link of the page showing error.

2. Also the listing page is not displaying => Please go to wordpress menu settings->permalinks-> click on save button. It will refresh url links. please check once after this.


Nice plugin. First to buy, I’d like to know: 1) are there other languages? 2) can I use this plugin in my theme? 3) in this download will have the demo data? Thank you so much :)

1) are there other languages? => Yes, you can translate it to any language you like.Plugin comes with .PO file.

2) can I use this plugin in my theme? => Yes, you can use it.You have to put wprealty_template folder to your theme if you want to edit pages. => Yes,It has demo data included.

3) in this download will have the demo data?

thank a lot!

your demo does not work!

Please check now.

The plugin does not work to edit or create a new plan, tell us how we do in this case, thanks

please click on support tab and email us your FTP and admin details.

Hello, now it works OK. Another query, how can I change the “location” selection that appears in front-end? Since it does not need all the list of countries, but to modify them by regions of my country. It’s possible?

replied over email support