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Where is the “qc_admin” link?

There isn’t one. The WordPress version is managed through wp-admin, not qc_admin.
If you cannot access it from your phone, upgrade to a mobile accessible version of WordPress. Or try the standalone version

The plugin generated 203 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

This is from the process of porting this plugin into a WordPress plugin. This does not affect the functionality of the plugin.

How can I run the floating chat window without using short codes?

To run the floater on WordPress, you need to find a place to put your header code (some people put this code in widgets or something else that is always displayed)

<!-- Put this into the head of your website / template on all pages where you will place the button --> <link href="/qc_bin/qc_inline.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" /> <script language="javascript" src="/qc_bin/qc_inline.js"></script> <!-- / end -->

Once you have that javascript loaded, you can put the button onto your pages using this code:

<!-- Put this where you want the Chat Now button to appear. --> <a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="qc_inline.create();" title="Need Help? Chat Now"><img src="/qc_status.php" border="0" alt="Start Chat" /></a> <script language="javascript"> qc_inline.initialize(); </script> <!-- / end -->

Be sure to update your href and src links correctly.

What can I customize about my chat window?

Chat Button

  • File: qc_images/btn-online.png
  • File: qc_images/btn-offline.png

Chat Skin/Logo

  • File: qc_images/bg-chat.jpg
  • File: qc_images/Window_qChat_Normal.png (floating window frame)

CSS (from qchat.php, lines 52-84)

  • input – the input fields where they enter their name or leave an offline message
  • #chat_window – The box where the conversation takes place
  • #chat_message – The box they type in when they write you a message
  • .chatadmin – any messages they receive from the admin
  • .chatquacker – any messages they send to the admin

How do I put this on my iPhone/iPad/iTouch?

Login to wp-admin, navigate to the QC controls and press the “online” tab.
Press the Bookmark icon -> Add To Homescreen -> Confirm

How do I add this as an app to my Android Home Screen?

Login to wp-admin, navigate to the QC controls and press the “online” tab. Press the Menu key > Add > Shortcuts > Bookmark. Users can also set their own preferred Browser Bookmarks by touching the Bookmark icon on any website.

How do I add this as an app to my Palm/webOS launcher?

Login to wp-admin, navigate to the QC controls and press the “online” tab. Press Menu -> Page -> Add To Launcher

How do I take full advantage of this app’s mobile features?

The ideal scenario is, get the standalone version.. copy database data from wp-config.php into qc_config.php and then run the install file.. You’re shown the embed codes after install, put the buttons on your website (make sure all of the code is copied and the URLs are correct for your WP’s SEO situation) and then navigate to the qc_admin folder on your website through your iphone, android, etc.. login and click the “online” tab, then add it to the homescreen, launcher, etc. of your phone (theres usually a button for that). It then becomes a web based mobile app. Once you receive a text, open the app from your homescreen and you’re automatically in the chat room with them.

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