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Hi there – I just purchased this version without realizing I needed the stand-alone version. Any chance I can get a copy of it so this works on my wordpress website?

Contact me through my profile, I’ll send it to you.

Hi there!

Pre-sale questions:

1) can I use this plugin as a Script on WHMCS & Clientexec? 2) How do I install on my phone, are there instructions provided?

Thanks in Advance for any answer

I don’t know what WHMCS or Clientexec are, so I can’t answer that.. to install on your phone, go to the control panel on your phone’s browser and add a link to your homescreen. There is no dedicated mobile app.

Is there a way to take the “Need Help? Live Chat Online” button and make it float instead of having it stationary?

You would have to use HTML instead of the shortcode. The HTML can be customized with CSS to make it float in a fixed position.

I have been testing my plugin but it keeps saying “Users Name” has ended the test session. But I am the one testing it and the chat box is still open. So it doesn’t let me reply back.

Edit: It shows active in the “online” tab that you can click on. But for some reason in the “history” tab it shows they closed the window.

That happens when the user is on slower internet, it may need adjustment. What was your internet speed at the time?

Hi, does this work with Australian Telcos?

Regards, E

I cannot find a gateway for Australian Telcos.. You may have to end up using a SMS gateway like Clickatell

I like it. Good plugin. But i have a small problem with greek characters in the automatic message. Appears with ?? . Can you help me with a solution.

You may want to go into your database and change the type from LATIN to GREEK or UTF-8. Let me know if this works.

Thanks for your help. Now its ok!

Awesome! give me a buzz if anything else comes up :)

Hi endat Never has been working for me, the following error:

html/wp-content/plugins/quack-chat/qc_connection.php on line 31 Unknown MySQL server host ‘_ENV{DATABASE_SERVER’ (2)

That’s odd, Is the rest of your site working? It looks like it can’t figure out the correct database to connect to.

Life keeps sucker punching me in the head.. I apologize for the delay, but I WILL find a way to update this app despite my financial problems.

Okay, whats the deal? You have the wordpress keyword listed as one of the tags for this script but when I click ‘live preview’ there is a big bold message that says ‘WordPress version not yet featured on this website. Please check back later.’. Can this work on wordpress as a plugin or even not as a plugin?

One other question… can I change the color so that it fits well with my website?

yes, it’s quite easy.. all of the design elements are separated out so you can just sort of swap em for custom ones. I am really surprised when I look at all of the sites using this app, and the incredible ways they have integrated it.. clever people for sure.

I freelance too but a company kind of “bought” all of my time.. I pretty much have to oblige. If my personal projects (like this) ever get me over that hump, I will dedicate my time to them.. that is my dream :)

by the way, if you decide to go with Standalone 1.0.3 contact me through my profile and I will send it.. I meant to package both together but again haven’t had the time.

Dear Endware, We are quite excited about your application. However we are concerned about a few points. 1 Would it be possible to set a min / max amount of messages per user per day? And 2 would it be possible to set a minimum length per message for instance the minimum amount of words would be 100 and the maximum amount would be 300. Now the last question is regarding buddypress we assume this plugin is intergratable and we are also curious if we could connect this to a creditable system which allow users to send more messages after they purchased credits. Please let us know we are interested in an extended license for multiple domains thanks in advance have a nice day :)

Those are not features that are readily available within the settings panel. Doing these things would require heavy modification of the script. You may do this with an extended license, but my time to assist with any quirks related to the script is limited to weekends and occasional week nights. These modifications don’t sound difficult, especially since the base script is very simple. Thank you.


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Thank You,

I could not get this to activate on my website

What version of WordPress?

I could not get this to activate on my website

What version of WordPress?

4.7 Can you install the correctly on my website? I want to add another to my other website but it’s running 4.9

I keep receiving error can you get this to work?

Also are you going to update to work with the new wordpress

Yes, I am actively working on the plugin for 4.9.4 and also making sure it is working for 4.7.3. I should have it uploaded within a day or so. Please contact me through the profile so I can email you a copy once it is finished Thank you, Bobby.

It’s been 26 days did you fix the problem?

The plugin overhaul was completed. Would you like me to send you the update?

Can you install this I can get it to work.

PLUGIN UPDATED TO v1.5 (Complete Rebuild) – This has been tested with WordPress 4.9.6 and confirmed working.

Hopefully will increase this plugin’s 3.7 star rating. Any problems, please contact us. Thank you.