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Can you add more fonts?

Hi , you can add unlimited number of fonts from https://www.google.com/fonts you can watch the demo video to learn how to add fonts here ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAZXtTH1A14&feature=youtu.be Regards

Good job ! good luck with sales ;)

Nice plugin ! i have sent some questions to your email adress ..

Thanks ;) I have replied to your email..

Hey there, prepurchase question. How does this work with woo-commerce? Does the image that is uploaded attach to the product so my client can download it and use it for print (printing onto mugs).

Currently does not work with woocommerce next version will have it, and yes users can download the uploaded images on the product and print it ..

Just read your comment about next version will work with woocommerce … do you know when that will be? This plugin will be perfect for my next client then.

Hi, Can I add different items too? Like pens etc? thx!!

Yes sure you can add other different items …

Does this save the user settings so they can log back into to the current state of the product? Can this be done?


Is it possible to limit how many times a user can download the product images they create on this page? Is there a limit to the size of the product images you can add into this? Also can the product image be exported as PDFs instead of images?

If those things don’t exist, can they be added easily?


Hi Nice plugin. I’ve sent you a few questions. can you please reply? thanks

hi i have a problem with the plugin friend, please answer my private question

Done, ;) if you like our product plz rate it 5 stars here https://codecanyon.net/downloads

can you please reply and answer the questions? thanks

@samsam75. what kind of problem you are getting?

@samsam75 had a css problem due to his theme ( fixed now ).

hi, i get an error when i switch shirt color, the image go out of the box, i’ve send the link to the author of the plugin by private message

Done, ;) if you like our product plz rate it 5 stars here https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Our Plugins is available in french ?

Je peux le traduire pour vous, SVP écrivez-moi à cet e-mail adresse : gordoncodes@gmail.com

Like this plugin.

But resizing text and rotating text does not work in frontend.

Under resize text i got this output in front:
[object Object]px

When I click the text, both resize section and rotate section is jumping quickly, nut there are not dragable sliders to set size or degrees

Where can I translated the frontend phrases (second tab for graphics) “no image uploaded…” (input field placeholder) and “browse” button

Find them in \WP_product_designer\js\jquery-ui-1.10.3.custom.min


its a good idea to make this plugin translateable via po/mo (POEDIT or other). You will get a bigger audience. I translated everything, but its a lot of work and pretty simple to add the “load_plugin_textdomain” function to the plugin. But this should include all these messages and error messages too.

Additional, it would be great to have some backend settings.
  1. The number of images shown in frontend is set via posts per page in wordpress settings. the plugin should have it´s own
  2. Allow to replace images like the three tab images or make tabs with “icon + text”
  3. The template image is too much in the front and overlays other page elements. maybe you can fix this too
Really like your plugin cause most of the other are woocommerce dempended

hello can I use my custom fonts? (not a web font) thanks

Only google fonts ..

can this being used for a regualr non ecommerce website?

yes for a simple wordpress site (non ecommerce).

Hi, i am interested in this plugin, i have a question please, can we show a button (add to cart) when someone come to my website and start designing his/her tee shirt then can order his/her tee shirt?

Also can you please provide me admin demo account for better understanding to this plugin?

Looking forward to you. Thank You!

Hi! I have sent you an email in regards to some question I have regarding the plugin. Looking forward to your reply!