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1 I need the images to be responsive (for all size devices) when inserted within a page (either as a background image OR within the text block of any page both need to resize for any width device = responsive )

2 Ability to collect emails within wp admin panel

3 export to CSV all emails

4 after user signs up, there’s a unique referral link for users to ask others to sign up

5 inside wp admin, keeps track of number of referrals for each user

6 integration with sendinblue.com, emailoctopus, etc.

7 confirmation email of subscription automatically sent (autoresponder)

8. inserted as inline text of any post or page

9. shows as a pop up

10. shows as a bar at the very top of each page

11. I need it to work with an existing theme, so I can implement it only as I want it.

Hi ,

My client purchased this plugin and used it in http://countdown.dermaflashdev.com/. Now he has redirected http://www.dermaflash.com/ and http://dermaflash.com/ to http://countdown.dermaflashdev.com/. Everything works fine while browsing from all three urls. Emails submitted are added to the mailing list but in the new urls the success and error message that shows up after a user inputs his/her does not show up.

Upon inspections I saw this error

XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://countdown.dermaflashdev.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘http://dermaflash.com' is therefore not allowed access.

Please help me solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Due to security reasons, browsers do not allow cross domain calling. You need to have the plugin installed under the same domain.

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Looks great, but the timer on demo changes when I change the time on my machine. Is this actually accurate?

Will the timer be same on everyone’s(worldwide) machine if they don’t change time?


yep, you can set the UTC offset to make sure that time stays the same across all timezones.

Best Regards,

Hi, Everything is in “0”, time, hours, secs. Could you please help me with this? Thank you.

Hey, can you please send me the link to your site?

need to urgently enable access to a user who is not to be an Administator – how to do that please? They are an editor level user only. They need to see front end thx a lot.

Hey, can you please open a ticket at themewizz.com/support and let us know the url of your site?

Hi there, I bought the plugin, installed it on nicecard.de (with newest version of WordPress) and set the due date to 09/01/2016 – but the counter shows 00.00:00:00. What’s wrong? Where’s the problem?

Hey, thank you for your purchase, you need to change the UTC to be 0, not WET :) Best Regards.

Yeah, thanks – now it works fine!

Hello! I am having issues actually installing this plug in on the home page. I don’t see home page done. Can you tell me if there is a step I missed?

Never mind!! All set, thanks

Try to upload and says css stylesheet missing

Hey Thank you for purchasing, this is a Wordpress plugin so please install it via Plugins page.