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hello, I’d like to use the plugin i just bought…

1st – How to fix 2 specific sizes. (remove all the IAB size and just add my 2 own sizes)

2nd – I just want user to be able to upload an image, nothing more (edit element, text, ad objetcs, drawing, svg etc.. i’d like to remove those functions)

Help please.

Plugin customization is not part of the support.

ok, TY for fast reply.

Hi. How to localize this plugin? Where to add .po and .mo localization files?

I was wondering if you already made progress in the compatibility between WP PRO Visual banner creator and the Buy And Sell Ads addon for WP PRO advertising?

Not yet.

Apologies for the probably stupid question – but how do i add this on a page on my site so people can create their own banners on my website from the front end? what is the shortcode – where do i find it?

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks.

In your demo, a graphic and some text are preloaded on the front end editor. How can we set it up to where clients are provided with a preloaded template to edit their banners with?

please use our helpdesk for support. thanks

Hi, just bought the plugin, I picked a size but it’s not reflecting in the preview and it looks like it has only one size, your tutorial on youtube is different from the plugin

No, do you have documentation on this plugin, what I need is banner creator and that’s what I bought, it will be nice to give me a link to your tutorial

Please disregard my inquiries, I figured it out, but can I add animations to the text?

animations are not possible.

Hmm i think i need youre help thats look not normal http://www.betshareforum.de/banner-maker-online-kostenlos/

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What’s the short code to enable the upload image on the front end.. Had look all over you help center and cannot find this shortcode


Hi tunafish

Why you igoring my qestion?

FORGET IT .. FOUND IT HERE [visual_banner_creator image_upload=1] BUT THANKS IT SHOWED ME WHO REALLY YOU ARE

its a plugin or use it only with wp pro?

It’s a standalone plugin. that can be used with the WP Pro Ad system.

Hello…we would like to ad a grayscale overlay to an ad that was produced in wp pro ad mgr. We are inquiring if this plugin has that capability.

This plugin has no options to change the colors of images.

ASK FOR QUTATION: Ho much cost to add the option that automatically will zoom out the image if the pattern is bigger of the screen? Practically to make the screen partially responsive.. and not make the users to loose time scrolling the page to use this plugin.

We are currently not able to work on customization requests.

Why “wp pro image editor” is using the Zoom function in the Layers and “WP PRO Visual Banner Creator” not? I think that that function is useful there too.

The visual banner creator allows you to scale the image directly. No need for another zoom button.

you are right, thanks! :)

how do I enable the plugin for users on front end of site? I added shortcode and it appears but it says (uploading images is disabled) ??

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ok.. do you have documentation available for the plugin? Seems my support has Expired???

Yes documentation is included in the files you downloaded from Codecanyon.

Dear Sirs.. . the documentation does not address this… I do not need support, I only need to know how to activate a basic feature.. Can you please let me know?


I’m sorry we can’t help you here in the comments section. We have not enough knowledge on how the plugin works to answer this question. Our developers work directly from the helpdesk please ask your question over there. Thanks.

This Add-On is incuded in WP PRO Advertising System – All In One Ad Manager ??

No, this is a separate plugin. it can be used standalone or as an add-on for the WP PRO Advertising System – All In One Ad Manager.

Hello Tunafish
Can the user download the banner once they create it in the plugin?

Images are not getting saved on the demo and so they are not downloadable either.

i just tried it on my site and I am not able to download the banner to my desktop when I click on the export banner button…

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is there anyway to export the banners to desktops.
i want to allow users to create banners for free and then download them and use.
How can i do this or can you guys ad that on to the plugin.

OK Tunafish
I think i want my money back.
1. the css is not the same as it is on the image the layer elements section height is too small…
2. the editor panel is not sized correctly so you have to scroll left and right to change the color…
3. Users cant download or export the banner created (this is very deceiving)...
Either fix or give me my money back!!!

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Hi – when I save the banner, the order of the layers gets mixed up – eg: if I have a text layer above an image layer, when I save, the text disappear, I need to ply with the layers to get them in proper order again. Can you advice?

Hi, please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks.

WPPROADS Visual Banner Creator do nothing. I click in NEW BANNER and nothing appears…

Hi, what’s the added value of this plugin compared to the build in banner creator in WP PRO Advertising System – All In One Ad Manager 5.x.x ? It isn’t clear to me? Regards, Eric

There is no added value. This is just a stand alone Banner Creator.