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where is the shortcode?

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

So I bought this item and asked a question about usage in the creators own forum where I had to login with Envato credentials. I did that since lots of questions here were answered with “open e helpdesk ticket” so I did that.

I opened the ticket on their site 18 days ago. Two days ago (a full 16 days after opening the ticket) I got the following reply:

“We do not provide support for this plugin.”

So you take my money, but if there are problems you deny any help? You cannot be serious! I will report this to Envato. And you really need 16 days for not answering my questions? Seriously?

I will give you a last chance to answer my question, as it seems to me it is a bug in your plugin:

“Every time I paste an SVG sourcecode into the SVG box and click “add” the graphic is outside of the bounding box and such behaves wrong (and sometimes cannot even be seen as it is outside of the canvas). I tried SVGs from Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, both behave the same way.

What do I have to change in the svg code to get this to work?”

And the other question I asked in the ticket, that is a simple usage question and should be answered aswell:

“In frontend mode I have no option to select images from the media gallery. How can I allow that without allowing image uploads?”

I this is not answered in a timely manner I will report to Envato and provide a bad rating of plugin and author.

Is there standalone version of this?

This is a standalone version.

Hi, I just purchased the WP PRO Advertising All in one. How do i use the Visual Banner Creator? I tried creating a banner and use the shortcode but nothing displayed on the page just a blank page. Pls help!!!