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Does this plugin enable me to change existing images (and keep the existing url) in my media library (going back more than two years) to black and white and then adjust the contrast and brightness?


It does allow you to edit existing images but it will not overwrite them. It will create a new image (url)

does it has wpml support ?

It supports translation using .mo/.po files

1) is it working with wordpress 4.5.2 ? 2) is it translatable in italian language and what about other languages?

Yes, it works with WP 4.5.2 and supports translation using .mo/.po files

A working demo would be very appreciated

Hi there, the plugin is looking VERY good, Does it adjust Highlights and Shadows?

Can I adjust the transparency of each layer?

finally I figure it out ,though it is not so convinient but it is okay

I need to work with a pattenr of 1980×1080 and I need to see it fully in the screen. If my monitor resolution is 1366×768 the image will get larger of my laptop screen or the pattern will resize automatically to my screen?

This is a pre-sale question,

Besides for the Admin edit.

Do this plugin also let website members to upload their own image to edit their own photo? Also with an upload button they can upload to a page for everyone to see?


Hi, Only admins can access this plugin.

Pre-sale question. Do you know if this plugin will work in a multi-vendor environment found in a WooCommerce marketplace type of wordpress site? Specifically using this plugin https://www.wcvendors.com/

You can log into their demo site here https://dev.wcvendors.com/ Try out the vendor dashboard and how it accesses the media library.

If this is successful it may be a popular plugin for all those using that particular mult-vendor plugin.

I have just purchased it but it seems not to be able to use Front End. I got it for Front End not WP_admin. Any suggestions?

This plugin only works on the backend.

Do you have live demo?

We have many product photos on our website that need editing, but we need an image editor that will replace the existing image with the newly edited one. I have been looking for a plugin that does this, and I am unable to tell if it’s this one. If this plugin only makes a new copy of the image, then it won’t work for me. Can you please tell me if it saves the edit over the previous image or does it make a new copy? If this works like I wish, then Im buying it buy. Please help.

This does not replace the original image. It makes a copy