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is it possible to use the geo plugin in the banner creator section and not only in the advertiser section. If not, can you add it in the future?

Adding the Geo targeting option to the Visual Banner Creator is on our todo list.


I am interested in your plugin. I have a couple of questions before I purchase.

1) I am using revolution slider on my homepage. I want a different slider displayed for the UK. Can this be done using the plugin?

2) I want certain blog posts / pages to be displayed for the UK and not for the rest of the world – is this also doable?

Please let me know as soon as possible.


Yes, you have the option to show/hide specific content using shortcodes or to hide entire post/pages.

It causes a bad gateway error when activated and won’t let me access my dashboard.

Any idea how to fix this?

Please use our helpdesk for support.

I have an application not sure if this plugin will do Once I discover it will do I am happy to spend the time getting it working. End game: I have a wordpress site that when customer lands on it and A. The “site” detects they are in New Zealand and directs them to page 1/ site 1 B. The “site” detects they are NOT in New Zealand and directs them to page 2 / site 2 . Will this plugin achieve that “out of the box” ?

Hi, this is possible using this plugin but not right out of the box. By default, it does not redirect people but just shows/hides content. But you can use this plugin to create your own custom redirects.

I want to buy this plugin but I see that it has not been updated since 2016…

When will be the next update, works with the latest version of wordpress?

Plugin works fine. No updates needed.

Can this plugin be used on unlimited multisite networks?

Yes you can use it on all sub-domains

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this plug-in but I have a few questions before purchasing. I’m currently in the process of creating a directory website. Currently the theme only displays all listings on the homepage. However, i would like the listings to be geo-targeted to only show listings relevant to the user’s location. Does this plug-in have this feature?

Yes, you can show specific content based on user location.

I’m interested in your plug-in but have a few questions.

1.) I want to be able to distribute a unique code to specific user or item. This said code would be able to be inserted into my website to bring up content pertaining to this individual code only. Then the person that inserted the code would be able to put their own story or photo in the page for others to see when they insert this specific code.

Does this plug-in allow this type of functionality?


Hi TunaFish!

I am looking for codes to be able to pulled up from the database and shown certain parts of the country that someone has logged on and added their own information.

Am I making sense? :) LOL.

No, If I understand you correctly you are trying to do the opposite of what this plugin does. This plugin is very simple, it shows/hides specific content for specific countries.

Ok, thank you.

Hello, with your plugin it is possible to show only a message with the user’s city? Like: “This course is also available in [city]”. Thanks

Only countries are supported

Hi! Does it work well in Spain? Do you have any impression limit? I am interested to complement it with WP Pro Adeversing

Thank you.

yes works fine for every country. No limits

Hi, just a question.

I have a site that will have admin users from different countries that will have filtered, is the content blocked for them when they are logged in or can admins see everything?