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I think the product is not supported any more 10 days back I asked a query they say contact help desk but there is no option to contact help desk also. Nether willing to help.

Incase if the reply was missed please reply immediatey.

Else I would recommend others not to buy this unsupported product.

I seriously would not recommend that anyone buy this product…it crashed my site and I have not received any support from the author despite posting on their forum on their site and paying for 12 months of support…please avoid this at all costs!

I have a problem with this plugin when used with WP Hydra.

Can you help me check? If I use another domain name on the website, the shortcode will not work with the GEOIP , meaning all the content within the shortcode will be shown.

Can you install WP Hydra, use another domain name and test it out?

Please use our helpdesk for support.

You can add geotargeting to the posts or just in the pages of the site?

Posts and pages.


Can i set specific ads based on languages subfolders ? For example if i have my main site in english example.com with english ads, but example.com/fr have french ads only.


Its based on the users location. if the user is located in France he will see french ads.

Does it work with the ip ?

yes it IP based.

Whats is the helpdesk url? the plugin crashed our site.

already posted on a similar reply there.


I am having some troubles on my site while WP Pro Geo Targeting addon is enabled. First of all, it’s giving me this Error in jQuery.ajax while submitting a form:Bad Gateway. As soon as I disable this add-on I am able to login/register again. I am using UserPro plugin to handle logins/registrations. Please help. Thank you

Please use our helpdesk for support.

Will do. Thank you

Hi, I did use long time ago but I haven’t received any answer yet.


Hi ! Trying to access support but it does not recognize me as a client. My theme has an option of next and prev slides, would you be able to help me if this plugin can detect the ip and jump to the next allowed post id (in that country or city) instead of jumping to one that should not be visible to the user ?

for example in the queries it works fine. All my custom posts that are visible only to USa are not visible wehn the loop is played but when the person is viewing a single post .. they have an option to go to the next and prev post id viewable ?

this is how they go to the next post id.

if ( is_a( $next_post , 'WP_Post' ) ) { ?>
      <?php echo osetin_get_post_thumbnail($next_post->ID, 'osetin-medium-square-thumbnail'); ?>
          <?php esc_html_e('next', 'osetin'); ?>   
     <?php echo get_the_title($next_post->ID); ?> 
<?php } ?>

Hi, we are no developers here so I’m unable to help you here in the comments. you will really need to post this in the helpdesk. I would recommend you to try again as the helpdesk is working fine for all of our users so it shouldn’t be a problem for you. It could always happen that there is a temporary issue with the Envato API in that case it could happen that your not able to login.

I do not know what the deal is with your helpdesk. Sometimes it works fine but sometimes it refuses to allow us to login and keeps giving the error only clients access. it is frustrating. please fix it or please allow manual login


mejaz91 Purchased

Hi how can target a certain city using shortcode?

please use our helpdesk for support. thanks.

Hi, We’ve been trying to access your support team for days now but they don’t seem willing to reply to our ticket on your support system. Here is the issue…

We are trying to display our ads based on the location of the visitor. We already had WP Pro Advertising plugin, We bought WP Pro Geo Targeting as well but it does not seem to work for us.

visit your support ticket for more detail: http://tunasite.com/helpdesk/ftopic/wp-pro-geo-targeting-not-working-with-wp-pro-advertising-plugin/

Hi, I checked but it seems like the team already replied to your topic. Please note that we do not work during weekends.

Hi, Plugin is not working with w3 total cache & cloudflare. The pages only work correctly if I disable the cache or login as Admin. Do you have any fix? Without cache support this plugin is useless for me.

please use our helpdesk for support. thanks

If this plugin can’t work with Cache plugins whats the point? Totally Useless

This plugin is causing a 502 Bad Gateway error when trying to log in. The rest of the website works just fine, however, you cannot log in to admin. The cause of this is unknown to us :-/

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks.

No one really responds to the help desk !

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

It might be Hola the problem, I’m not sure so don’t jump to conclusions (like I did)

Confirmed, Hola is the problem, testing with public proxies and was able to make some work.

I need only users in a few states to see posts from 3 categories on my homepage. But if anyone accesses the address of those posts they should be displayed normally.

My theme has its own builder for Posts and Pages so I can not use shorttags.

Can I do this with your plugin?

If I buy and he does not pick me up, can I borrow my money back?

Hey there, few days ago i contact also the support, but till now no body give answer! No support???? They writte here always “go to the helpdesk” but there you cant make a new question. So i ask now here over the comments. Ah sorry, i bouth this plugin!!!

My question: When i hide a specific post and then you copie and paste the URL from this post in a blank browser, then you can see the complete content. So why happen this? If the content is blocked by a country, why i can see the complete content if i copie and paste the URL of the pos directly in a blank browser? May be some body have interess to help…

Please use our helpdesk for support.

You kidden with me?! The support help desk dosnt work!!! I cant use your Help desk!!! When i want create a new question in private box, the complete screen is frozzen!!!

Hi, can this plugin geo-target regions and cities within New Zealand? If not, would we be able to modify the functionality of the plugin so that it can? Cheers

We cannot know if regions/cities will work for a specific country. That’s also the reason we do not provide support for this. We only guarantee countries.

Is it possible to modificate post depending on the city?

Only countries are supported

Hello, I bought this plugin and I want to hide one page in particular – the whole page should only be showed in Macedonia. In the field “Select the countries where you want to show/hide this page for” i put Macedonia, and in “custom values” i didn’t add anything. However, i checked and the page can still be seen outside Macedonia. Help?

Hi, does this plugin works with IP2Location LITE database?