Discussion on WP Pro Geo Targeting

Discussion on WP Pro Geo Targeting

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Why was it necessary to add a city to the demo??? I bought this plugin just to show the user the name of his city!!!

I’m sorry! i’m find this on plugin settings. Thank you verry much for good product

Hello! Please tell me the shortcode for displaying the name of the visitor’s city.

Can i get a response on my private message sent to you on themeforest? Creating a ticket says my support is expired which is not

In your updates you said “Updated to Maxmind Geo2. Support for ipv6.”

Pre-purchase question

QUESTION : Is that database included in the wordpress plugin code (will that not make the plugin slow)

Please help with response

Would this work with WooCommerce products?

Not working plugin.. PLEASE FIX IT !

Hi, a pre-purchase question for your plugin: is it possible to manage a menu item in such a way that in one country it is seen with XXX and in the rest of the world with YYY?

i just purchase the plugin and found it is not working at my website. there is no opton to hide product as per user location… please refund the money..

Can I add this directly in to the theme, instead of a shortcode? I wanted to hardcode some content in to a template file.

Hey do i need anything like a maxmind account or geo data bases for this to work? or does it supply it all

It supplies it all.

Pre order question: 1. Can I take only sentence and make it “geo targeted” and make it “hidden” for users that are not from the country Im targeting?

2. Do you support states in the USA?


Is it still supported?

Hi there

this is a pre-sale question.

First of all, you still support this plugin? I see that the last update was released a year ago – 21 December 19

Second question, is it possible to display also the regional names? Example: + I live in the + city of: Oberndorf, + which belongs to the region / district: Salzburg Umgebung, + which is in the federal state: Salzburg, + which is in the country Austria

When I open your dummy-site: it shows City: Eugendorf (which is the city name of my internet provider) Subdivision Name: Salzburg (which is the federal state) But between Eugendorf (city) and Salzburg (federal state) there would be actually an additional region / district.

So the chain would look like this: Eugendorf < Salzburg Umgebung < Salzburg < Austria City < Region / District < Federal State < State

Or … City: Eugendorf Region / District: Salzburg Umgebung Subdivision Name: Salzburg

If that would be possible, I would like to purchase your plugin.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Best regards, Alex


hello, how can I make the plugin control (LMS) learnpress course

still waiting a response from you

Pre-sale question: can the plugin hide header menu items depending on the country?

Not by default

Hmmm… does it mean it can be hidden in the settings? This could be a deal breaker for us, because hiding an entire page is no use if its link on the menu is still visible.

There is no setting to make the plugin work on the menu. You would need to use the plugin code and add this to your theme yourself.

Hi, is it possible to have a redirect by zone? I mean that if the user is in the “Pub da Marco”, in specific road, he has access to a specific page. Thank you

We only provide support for countries.

I dont see any documentation on how to use the short code to get the user country or country code ie [user_counry-code]. stuff like that so I don’t know how to get the location of the users

Please create a support ticket in our helpdesk. Thanks

I did I haven’t received any response

You received a reply yesterday.

Hi, i just buyed the plugin and want to add a redirect depend of the city.. I have two cities, For example if you enter to Home from City Y you will go to City Y. How i can do that? I’m trying to use this code.. [geo_target_redirect showhide=”show” city=”city x” url=””] content… [/geo_target_redirect]

So the code is saying redirect depends of the city, if you come from City X the webpage will show, and if you come from the rest of the cities you will go to

I already asked this 1 week ago and you told me that is possible.

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks


I have this project and want to know if your plugin fit with my needs, then i will buy it.

The project is basically two/or more cities (Let’s say City X, city Y, City Z, etc.) So every user will join to and then if you come from City X it will redirect you to the same for City Z (, etc.. Your plugin can do that?

1-What happen in the case the Geo-IP is wrong and says that you came from City X and you came from City Z? can I add a select so you can choose on the top bar to go to another city and stay there without another redirection? because the system thinks you came from City X.

2-There’s a possibility to save those users on the Cookies? So never again the user need to change again?

3-There’s a way to do something similar with your plugin?

I know that cities is not accurate but it’s the only way for me I think to do it.

Thanks so much, Have nice day.

Hi, our plugin would be able to check the user city and redirect the user to the correct page. If you want to create a selection menu you will need to do this yourself, this would just be like a menu item where the user selects his preferred city.

Thanks for your answer, let’s say this.. Everyone enter to it shows a PopUp that you need to choose from City X and City Z (I just changed the name from the Countries from example USA to City X and Germany to City Z). Then if the user choose City X it redirects to and the same for City Z redirects to

So everytime that user join (City X user) the web will redirect automatically depend of what he choosed (Redirect from to on the first and unique PopUp, obviously i will add something like a button to change the City if he want to join to another city.

In this way I’m not using the Geo-IP redirect, just need the cookies/cache system to save what he choosed, and the redirection to a specific web.

The PopUp selector i will do it by myself.

I really appreciate your help to resolve this “inconvenient” and know if with your plugin can do that. Thanks!

Hi our plugin can detect the users location and redirect them to the page you want.


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