WP Pro Geo Targeting

WP Pro Geo Targeting

Wordpress Geo Targeting

The WP Pro Geo Targeting plugin is the perfect solution to geo-target users depending on their country! WP Pro Geo Targeting is based on the excellent Maxmind GeoLite IP database. It allows you to accurately target 99.8% of your users.

You can show or hide specific content based on the users geo location. It uses the IP address of the user to detect his/here country and checks if the specific user geo data has access to the content they are looking at. If not the content will be invisible.

This plugin is very easy to use and can be applied to all post, pages and custom post types. It also offers a shortcode option to control specific parts of your content.

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The plugin will collect the following data:
  • Users Country Name
  • Users Country Code
  • Users City (if available)
  • Users Continent Code (if available)
  • Users Latitude
  • Users Longitude
  • Users Metro Code (US only/if available)

Wordpress Geo Targeting

note that city, continent and metro codes may not be available for every area and we only provide support for countries.

Ready to use with the “WP PRO Advertising System

Use this plugin to show specific banners based on the users geo location. The Geo Targeting plugin is ready to work with the WP PRO Advertising System and will add all the same features to your banner and adzones edit pages.


V1.0.9 - March 09 - 2016
    - Added is_object to prevent trim() error.

V1.0.8 - February 12 - 2016
    - Updated to Maxmind GeoLite2 database.
    - Added localization files.
    - Added shortcode to show users city. [geo_target_user_city] 

V1.0.7 - July 6 - 2015
    - Added shortcode to add the users country into a sentence. [geo_target_user_greeting] Hi you are located in %s [/geo_target_user_greeting] 

V1.0.6 - June 9 - 2015
    - added do_shortcode to enable to run short codes based on geo location.

V1.0.5 - May 13 - 2015
    - Improved the way cookies get encoded. 

V1.0.4 - January 17 - 2015
    - Added option to show/hide content based on users city, continent, metro code, …

V1.0.3 - January 16 - 2015
     - Complete renewed and improved plugin.