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ictius Purchased

what template you use for demo?

avada theme.


i would like to ask you a few pre sales questions before i buy your plugin:

- Is it possible to create X Board with X Subboards? —Is there a overview of board and subboards? - Is it possible to upload board icon per main and subboard? - Is it possible to connect posts to forum and of course comments to forum? Means if i publish an article will it be shown in forum and every comment from the article too? And will it work the ohter way? Post in Forum creates a comment in article? - Where i can find themes? I like your avada theme you used for your Helpdesk. - Is there a notification once when there is a new reply? —How the template looks like? Am i allowed to change it in backend? - All WP registrations will have access? - Spam protection available? - Any problems know with WP Rocket caching? - Any demo available?

Okay. I understand. Thnaks for reply. Because i like your plugin i have to ask deeper and maybe again.

Is it possible to get a proper way to get articles to threads and comments connected with the threads and are createrd as replys? Like this for bbpress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/bbpress-post-topics/

About my categorie question. Iam able to see that subcategoies on your board: For example: http://tunasite.com/helpdesk/thread-category/tutorials/

Is there any Listview with all created subcategories and some informations about the latest thread or post?

Yu cannot use this plugin to replace your comments on posts. A list view of categories is available as a widget.

you may help / create any customization of the template for payment?


This plugin is WPML compatible?

It’s translatable using .MO/.PO files.


ictius Purchased

Im private message i ask about your help to put the forum on my website same as your demo, i have the avada theme installed, i dont receive answer. Thanks

Please note that we do not provide support for theme integration customizations.


ictius Purchased

even advice?

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks.


adrank Purchased

I have purchased and installed WP Pro Forum System on a blog and there is an issue with it. I planned to email Tuna Fish support but you have to agree to allow them to have access to your login and password and account. As my account is linked to a payment system I obviously did not go ahead. This is no appropriate way to provide customer service!! I have emailed Code Canyon and they are already aware of this problem and investigating. With hindsight I wish I had not purchased this product since the company seems unaware of data protection and consumer rights. I will give it a week to hear from Code Canyon and then do a chargeback. Cheers. Carol

Hi, the helpdesk just uses the default Envato (Codecanyon) API. The API registration allows us to only allow clients to create an account on our helpdesk. You do not have to provide any of your Codecanyon data. The API just checks if you did purchase our plugin and will create an account on our helpdesk if you did. Its 100% safe, none of your Codecanyon data gets saved on our websites.


I haven’t really tested your plugin yet, but I have a question.

If I have a product “glasses”, then I need to display a dedicated forum for glasses, which will allow and display only the posts which are related to this “thread” category (with the impossibility to go in another thread category).

I think I have bought the wrong plugin.

No, thats not possible at this stage.

Since I have bought another plugin from you (wp-pro-ads-system), can you offer me a refund for this little error? BTW, i’ll be glad if you do it and will review the author section. I’m actually unjobless, just to say. If it’s impossible, whatever then. But i’m those kind of people who think they are honest developper and not only business developper.

Waiting for your message, or contact me directly to moxymore67@yahoo.fr.


Well, it seems you are not ok for a refund, right?

Hi i’m trying to test your demo, but unable t login. It takes me to some authorisation screen , i click login to user envato account but then denies me access.

I just wish to login and view to see what the demo looks like ? Please send me demo link and demo login to view forum? thanks

We are working on a new demo page.

is there social share icons for posts?

Yes, every topic/reply can have social share buttons.

Hello can anyone tell me is this plugin is working OK with the new wordpress update? I am about to purchase it but no demo available and cannot check options or what are the email notifications on offer? thanks

Hi, Yes this plugin works fine with the latest Wordpress version.

Can you please provide documentation so i can view it and check the options on offer? The support looks not so good with this plugin. Can you assign moderators for topics or areas also?

This plugin is integrate with Budypress? I need create area for login user administrative and subscriber,like a Budypress. It’s possible?

No Budypress integration by default.

There is a extension with chat for this plugins? It’s possible integrate chat?

No chat option included.

Hi, is there a way to set up a page to show current followed topics?

Not by default.

Hi great plugin! I have a question concerning the sidebars. I have created a sidebar on my forum-page. But how do I get that same sidebar on the Topic-pages? When I have a topic opened, the sidebar is missing. Where can I add one?

Thnx in advance!



Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks.

I want to create a member section in wordpress. Only the members will have access to a directory & a forum. Now I can give these 2 links visible when someone registers creates a account .. thats ok

But what my question is can the same username/password used to login to the forum, as if the user needs to again register for the forum it would be 2 times he needs to register. In short using a single login for forum and member area

The forum uses the default Wordpress login/registration.

Hello I recently purchased your plugin. When installed, the appearance is not optimal, the feeling that Style Sheets are not working properly. Solution to this problem? What are the shortcodes available in this Plugin? regards Thank you

There are no topics under your username on our helpdesk.

Not how to access the helpdesk system. Send support request through the contact form that you have on the page

We do not reply on support emails. For support you need to use our helpdesk.

Hello I recently purchased your plugin. When installed, the appearance is not optimal, the feeling that Style Sheets are not working properly. Solution to this problem? What are the shortcodes available in this Plugin? regards Thank you

Pre-sales questions:

(1a) I’m looking for a discussion / Q&A plugin where I can set up several instances of discussion boards on my website, e.g. one discussion board for each client or customers on a specific client page (I will probably integrate it a membership plugin to restrict access), meaning only that client can view or access that particular discussion board. Is this possible with your plugin?

(1a) Is there a limit of discussion board instances you can install on one website? And does installing several instances influence the speed/performance of your website?

(2) Can the discussion boards be included in posts ?

(3) Is it possible to give unregistered users the right to submit questions / answers ?

(4) I assume the plugin is mobile friendly / responsive

Thanks M

Only 1 instance can be added to the website.

How to see the demo? Not working.

We have no working online demo for the moment. working on it.

Pre-Sale Question:

Do I add the forums into my template using a shortcode, and it continues within the website? Or how does it work?

Yes you add it using a shortcode.

Hi, Is it possible with this plugin to allow registered users to post only one question per month?

Best Regards Nikolay

no such option is included by default.


Prolet Purchased

Hi tunafish, I emailed you the other day but you didn’t respond. Is it because I have no paid support? I warned you about serious problem which is generated by my security plugin Wordfence. I just want to be sure that you are aware of File appears to be malicious: wp-content/plugins/wp_pro_forum_system/includes/js/ace/mode-php.js

your message has been received and the developers looked into this but everything is fine with the file you are mentioning. So don’t worry about it.


Prolet Purchased

Fabulous news! Thank you