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plugin have a lot of issues and broken my website many times, I’ve paid 30$ to developer to fix issues and he can’t fix all, I want to refund, I’ve create support ticket and send issue to author and he refused refund and ask to go to theme support, and theme support say plugin have issues and broken site and now when I ask him to refund he say create support ticket?! What’s that??!! I’ll give you bad review and raise abuse because your refund cancellation!

you don’t help me in support you ask me to go to theme support to solve it! Is you call that support? should I have to wait to close ticket you doesn’t solve it to refund?!

I’m sorry, you must be misunderstanding the support ticket. The developer is asking you to provide them with some specific theme information so they know what to look at. In most cases, the easiest way to get this information is by contacting your theme developer. However, if you know the answer yourself you can just reply with that information in the support ticket.


developer told me this issue from theme and ask me to go theme to solve it not to provide him with information!! I don’t recommend anyone to purchase it!

Witch shortcode do I have to use to get Demo 2?

[forum_system vision=”forum”]

Hi there. We have built a website a business directory company. They want a forum on the site so that Venues who want to hire the business, can post on the forum (no one else). Then the Businesses on their can respond to the forum posts (no one else).

So this won’t really be for just any to comment on…. ie “yeah good idea”, as that’s pointless. This is so “Hotel X calling on any businesses who can provide this service”. Business A sees it and logs in to reply “yes we can do that for you”.

Reason being: Business A is paying to be on the website,

Can this plugin do that?

You can assign specific roles to specific user accounts and you can specify which roles can post/reply.

Can it be set so only those that are logged in, can view the Forum itself? So a Venue can register on there, and submit a question. And the Businesses that are registered with their listing, are the only ones who can View and Reply?

Yes, you can set the forum to be visible for logged in users only.

I can see Create Topic, and other elements about ‘Topic’. Is this term in the database or hardcoded. As we want to use this for Venue Owners to post requests for new Performers, and only registered Performer to reply to those requests.

Yes, all posts can be moderated, however, there is no option to approve posts before publishing.

It’s not the post we want to moderate. It’s the Sign Up of new users to the Forum. This forum will be for venue owners to register, and request any ‘Acts’ on the system to respond, offering their services, ie “any comedians out there want to offer a service for a party we have this weekend?”.

We don’t want just anyone signing up to post, as we could get all sorts!!

Posts: no moderation needed. Registered users on the form: Yes, needs to be ‘confirmed’.

Can it do this?

Yes, thats possible. You can assign a specific user role to users who are able to post. So any new registration will not be able to post until you assign the user role.

Where do I find the created topics? Not under Forym, not in Posts or Pages? I want to change some thing in the topic and also change the user.

Forym -> topics

Some times “Topics” are missing in the menu :-/

Please create a ticket in our helpdesk for support. Thanks

I have written to you on Support about a Refund but yet to hear from you.

14 days on, and STILL no refund. Why?

I tried to uninstall the plugin, and I had set it to “ON” regaring uninstalling all FORYM stuff, but there are still several tables in the database: FRM_settings + forym_activation + FRM_taxonomy_9 + FRM_taxonomy_10 ….......and maybe more tables. How can they be removed in a clean way?

Please create a ticket in our helpdesk for support. Thanks

Is there a way to import messages and users from BBPRESS to formy ?

Warning: stripslashes() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in public_html/cpaptest/wp-content/plugins/forym/includes/classes/FRM_Pages.php on line 30

Please create a ticket in our helpdesk. Thanks

Will it be possible in the future to auto embed things like Twitter and or Youtube? That is the major thing missing from this.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve passed this to the developers.

How can I adapt to the theme I use –

Forym -> General Settings -> Page Settings -> PAGE HTML

Please create a topic in our helpdesk if you need help setting up the plugin. Thanks


fengtao Purchased

When will the problem of calling the text editor on other pages be fixed?


fengtao Purchased

I have purchased a lot of plugins, but this one is the slowest service I have encountered. If you leave a message to them, they will not reply until a week or later, or they seem to disappear…


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