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Hi I want to ask how to do a frequency cap for any ad ? E.g, if I want to restrict each user to view a certain of ad only 3 times a day, how can I do that ?

This is a forum plugin. It does not manage any ads. Please have a look at our other plugin WP Pro Advertising System.

Hi! a few questions, can ure plugin be setup like this: 1. Everyone can put a question and see this question, 2. Just members can respond on this question Hope to hear from u soon! Best regards

You have to choose, or everyone can post and see or only members can post and see topics.

I bought this. It really needs drag and drop for photos.

Hi, Is there a way to insert a widget in a page showing specific topics from forum? The specific topics should be configurable for each page. Thanks in advance.

no widget to show specific topics available.

No longer supported? No live demo working, can’t find much about it on the net.

Hi, we are currently not actively developing this plugin. However it works perfectly fine, we use it as our helpdesk for all our clients. We hope to find some extra time soon to give it an update as we have some good ideas in mind.


mozeq6 Purchased

I’m having this message coming up on the screen all the time, can you help please: Failed to load plugin url: http://www.aeternity-news.com/modules/wp_pro_forum_system/includes/js/fe_syntax.js

please use our helpdesk for support. thanks

Hi Does it work good in wp multisite?

Yes, works fine.