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Hi, Can I use self hosted ads rather than ad networks?


leborts Purchased

Geo Targeting ad plugin is just broke.. Even on your own website….....http://tunasite.com/wp-pro-geo-targeting/

Works fine for us.


tvieira Purchased

Hi. I´m trying to enter in http://tunasite.com/helpdesk/ but the system give me this error

Array ( [0] => Could not get bearer, please contact admin )

We are trying to see if you answer to the “bugs” that we have with your system, like the banners appears in differents adzones.

Please answer.


Your support has been expired. Please renew your support to login.


tvieira Purchased

Hello. My support has been expired! Yes i know, but when i have support you dont resolve or do not answer to my tickets in your helpdesk. So why do i have to buy more support if you do not help when we have support?


donywebs Purchased

By the way, I’ve bought WP PRO Advertising System – All In One Manager, I have not been able to get it working right now, I can not create banners in display mode. I already sent a ticket. Thank you.

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

Pre-Sale Question: I’ve been reading nothing but terrible customer support in the comments and reviews…but I saw you mentioned something about that changing by October 1st… before I buy, what is changing October 1st?

Support will be back up and running normal starting in October. Thanks


tvieira Purchased

Shortcodes not work: cgeck the vídeo http://recordit.co/Pik59QbSYQ/gif/notify

Hi, Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

Pre-Sale Question: This plugin looks great except for the reviews saying the statistics are inflated. We are looking for a new ad plugin because our current plugin inflates the statistics as well. So can you tell me, is that issue fixed? How can you ensure that those analytics are correct? This is the only thing that matter in our decision of whether to purchase or not. Thanks in advance.

Hi, nothing is wrong with statistics. The problem is that some people compare overall banner stats with page views and they think banner stats should be the same as their page views which is not the case and they get confused.

The ad banner on the site is cut in half now. How to set the phone top banner is reduced to the screen wide?

Please use our helpdesk for support.


FLOWUS Purchased

This ad manager is very good but would have been very complete if the plugin has an extra component for Adblocker detection. It will greatly help and make this plugin fantastic.

Please can you add this feature as optional ASAP, to detect and prompt site visitors to disable their Adblocker and white-list the site URL.

Please don’t suggest another plugin but try add this as an extra feature.

This option is already included in the plugin. Please use our helpdesk if you have trouble using it. Thanks


mehow80 Purchased

Are you plugin working well with wp rocket plugin? i don’t think, can u fix it?tnx.

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

I’m using version 4.6.13. When I update the plugin all statistics are gone. Is this normal? Is there a way to not to loose all stats? Thanks.

my licence has expirded, but I think this is a simple question and maybe future buyers are interested in too. Once we lost all data updating from an older version (2 to 4 I think), I thought that would not happen again but now I see maybe I’m loosing it again, or is what I’m thinking now as you are not answering.

Do I have to pay for support to get a “yes” or “no”?

Please have a look at the documentation.


metEmma Purchased

Is there a way to put the word ADVERTISEMENT before each ad? So that external ads can be distinguished from something that the site owner might put up

Yes, that’s possible. Please use our helpdesk if you need help figuring it out.


Stambol Purchased

Hi, My friends told me about the plugin and i buy but: 1. How i can tracking iframe clicks because my html files is on my server and i get impresion but not clicks and second 2: Where is the export bottom in banners and that code to take and post in widget. Now i have online ad zone for one banner and code for that zone. Did i must to create zone for that baner and post in witget ? On tutorial i can find nothing. Regards

HI, Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

Hi There, We’ve left a message with you and we have also filled out a support ticket for some guidance a couple of days ago about our statistics disappearing after the update and have not heard back yet. (Even if you could send us a previous version of the plugin to see if that jostles our statistics back would be wonderful).

If you could please get back to us that would be great, as our business relies heavily on those statistics.

Thank you! A

Hi, we cannot help you here in the comments. You will receive a reply in the helpdesk shortly.

Sounds good. Thank you!


ibietela Purchased


1. I want ads to rotate only when the page is reloaded 2. Can i use JS instead of Iframe?


Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

I keep getting an “only clients can register” on the help desk. I managed to bypass it once but this time it won’t let me in. I left a ticket trying to use my purchase code. I switched my hosting and now it won’t let me use my code on the same site.

Make sure you’re not using an adblocker or anything that blocks outgoing/incoming connections. People who experience login issues like you always have one of those active in their browser.

It’s hard to login to your help desk. Always has the “Only clients can register.” popup eventho I have logged in before. Please check, I have to settle my issue asap.

Make sure you’re not using an adblocker or anything that blocks outgoing/incoming connections. People who experience login issues like you always have one of those active in their browser.

I managed to log in already. I did not have any advertisement block plugins installed. Maybe I try use incognito next time. Appreciate if you can reply my ticket soonest, it has been pending for almost 24 hours.

Hello! I have 3 questions.

1.Tell me please, your plug-in can automatically insert the ad code immediately for all posts on the site – in the middle of their text, after the headlines H2, H1, at the end of the post or before the comments? I have contextual advertising Yandex.Direct (analogous to Adsense), and I want to embed the ad code in the middle of all articles of the site automatically so that I do not edit each article manually (since there are a lot of them). 2. Will not your plugin heavily load the site and will it work correctly with the Avada theme? 3. Does the plugin support all popular types of code?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, Yes you can add banners to all posts,pages,custom post types automatically anywhere you want (top, center, bottom, or after x paragraphs). Yes, plugin works fine with the Avada theme. Avada theme is one of the themes we use to develop the plugin loading is very smooth. Sure the plugin uses any kind of code for banners.

And another such question. Does the plugin use dynamic ad caching?

No caching included for banners.