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is this plugin support geo location. I am from india and I want o show advertisement for only few city.

Does this plugin have functionality to avoid displaying duplicate ads? For example, I have 3 different ad sizes in each campaign and mulitple campaigns. Can they all be active to display randomly in my 3 ad locations without displaying duplicates from the same campaign? This would be for static ads that load randomly on each page load, not rotating ads.

sorry but i still did not recieve any answer on my question about loading all the banners in 1 time. if the banenr location loads it loads allt he banners in 1 time. is it possible to only load 1 banner? otherwise hte load timeis verry high

Banners load on page load.

Hi, does this advertising system allow clients to login to view their own individual banner stats yet?

Author of this Plugin is not replying for support tickets. My account here says “Hurry, 11 days left! for support expiry” and they are asking us to extend the support for 6 Months by paying ”$15.63”. They are selling the Plugin and not doing good in Supporting the issues.

Hi, I’m sorry we must have missed your topic. We’ll make sure someone will come back to you asap. Thanks

Appreciated, Thank you, I know you developed the best Ads System and working on new additions for this Plugin, but I wanted some support and was not getting any reply. This made me a bit disappointed, But Now, thanks for your reply

When i tried using this plugin for google adsense the (_blank) open ad link in new page does not work, there by taking traffic completely off my website. Please advice

We have no control over links in Google ads.

so all network ads would take traffic away from our website instead of opening in new tab/window. Many people would be concerned about this, and there are more adserver that can handle this. I advise you should fix this and send an update.

You may want to give us option to force all ads to open in new link, which I think most people would support.

If you decide to use 3rd party banners you need to change the banner settings where you get the banners from. If you want to control the settings for your banner links you need to create your banner with our plugin.


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Why you dont answer support tickets?

We have a month old tickets wich required your attention.

The problem is that the banners repeats in different adzones.

Please check

Please give better detailed instructions for how to upload a Google Web Designer HTML5 ZIP ad to the platform. It is not working.

Hi, presale question: Can I add a new ad and then push this ad to all sites in a network? Will this add be editable in just one place and changes will reflect on all subsites?

Yes this is possible.


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Please check and answer our tickets in Forum Support. The system have problems. The system puts the banners in different adzones


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question – how do you add background image ads to the page / post ( with out visual composer plug-in ) ?


If you have 2 site can you copy the data from one to the other? Saves having to do it all over again manually.

You can manage all banners from one website and add them to any other website.

I mean can you easily duplicate the setup of WP PRO from site A and transfer it to site B?

There is no export function for main banners. However, banners created using the Visual Banner Creator can easily be exported and imported on other websites.

Hello, I’m sorry plugin is good but just not what i need. Could you please give me a refund? thanks


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Hi! I’ve seen that you finally bring a new feature to show or hide ads for specific posts based on category or tags. However, i can not find the page like this: “Banner Settings -> Display Options for Posts & Categories” If I create a banner, i see only “Categories Select categories if you only want to show this banner for specific categories.” line nothing similiar than you mention in the documentation. Where can i find this page? Show me a screenshot where can i find the new display options for posts. I use the latest wordpress version and of course downloaded the latest WP Pro Advertising plugin as well. Thanks your help!

Presale question: Is there a way to show Ads in the Admin panel? Like the advertisements you post on the frontend of the site can also be shown in different places in the Admin site, like banners that can be clicked on etc… Does this make sense, I’m doing it for a multisite network?

Yes, you can add ads anywhere you want

Hello team, i have purchased this one but never used it so far after some initial use glitches/class with theme. I am reconsidering the use after almost 2yrs now.. want to understand a bit. I have a cluster of independent websites (not multisite) and so can i make 1 website as the ad network server and use other independent websites (not multisite) to show the banners? Appreciate your response. Will revenue support if the answer is yes…

Yes, that’s possible. You can manage all ads on one website and export them to any other website.

Can I show floating ads on both sides, left and right, on the page? Like here https://imgur.com/a/bfjaV Also, is there an option for setting margin top and bottom for floating ads to avoid overlapping navigation and footer?

Yes, you can add banners anywhere you want. And you can adjust margins.

Hello, Buy the plugin a few months and 4 months after installing it, when I try to get the graph of visits and clicks of an advertiser It worked. Now I try to get the statistics of all 2017 (because I think a custom period can not be selected) and the plugin is left thinking and hangs without showing the statistics.

What can I do? Thanks

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

Hi, Can I use self hosted ads rather than ad networks?



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Geo Targeting ad plugin is just broke.. Even on your own website….....http://tunasite.com/wp-pro-geo-targeting/

Works fine for us.