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Hi, Is there any Anti-AdBlock addon or option to display the ads to those using adblock? Thanks

Please use our helpdesk for more information about improving your ads for adblockers. Thanks

Hi, My support has expired. You’re asking me to pay $21.88 for this question? I think this question may be helpful for all your customers, not just me. Please reconsider. Thank you!

Maybe you can make some kind of add-on, i’m sure many would love to pay for it, including myself

Hi, I sent your helpdesk form on your website 3 days ago and still don’t have any reply. Would you look into this? Tread name is “Locations Banner” Thank you.

Hi, I’m sure the support team will be helping you shortly. Thanks

Hi, I still haven’t seen any reply to my ticket

Hi, I had a look and support replied to your ticket 2 days ago.

Hello, I’m really looking at purchasing this all in one and really want to buy this on sale price, but I do need to confirm before I switch over as I’ve just purchased “Ads pro manager + multi agency and it doesn’t seem to work all from one page. e.g this page, for example, I should be able to buy and click on the ad I want from that selected network but I seem unable to do this. – https://www.247united.com/agency-order-form/

I want to make sure that your plugin can do this for me, as I really need my advertising up asap as I have a customer looking to purchase. Could you please just confirm asap and let me know when the sale does end so I can purchase it.

Hi, yes. buying ads can be done instantly from one page on the front end of your site.

how do i prevent the system to load all banners in the pool? i want 1 banner per location per page.

Hi, Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

I have 2 questions:

(1) What is the difference between this: https://codecanyon.net/item/addon-buy-and-sell-ads/792910 And this: https://codecanyon.net/item/pro-ads-buy-and-sell-woocommerce/9826037 ?


(2) Where can I see a demo of how this plugin selects the highest paying ads first? Do my advertisers bid on the position? How does this work? I cannot find any demo nor information about this…

Hello… Did you skip over my question?...

Hi, the latest versions of the plugin include the option to sell ads by default. No more add-on needed. We have no live demo for the selling process. Yes, users can bid to increase their banner position for the adzone.

Hi, I still haven’t seen any reply to my ticket from Sunday last week

Hi, I had a look and support replied to your ticket 2 days ago.

Pre-Sale Question:

What are the payment options for users buying adspace? Does the plugin support setting stripe as the payment option?

Only Paypal is included by default.

I don’t think I can receive Paypal payment in Nigeria, even though I’m running a business account. I’m curious to know if your plugin provide a workaround for this? Thank you!

PRESALE Question: Is this plugin fully compatible with WP 4.8? Is the documentation updated and current? are there any known bugs or compatiblity issues with the Divi theme?

Hi, yes plugin works fine with v4.8+ all documentation is up to date. No experience with Divi theme.

Hi, Does this plugin has an option to show ads on AMP pages? Thanks ;)

Hello: A pre order question: Can we add the ads on local area? I mean in different city?

Yes, you can show ads for specific categories and tags only.

Hi, For a client I am considering your plugin. Two pre-purchase questions: 1: Don’t you offer a proper demo for this with demo-login and the ability to do some tests? 2: Is it possible to assign a specific user-role (eg. “client”) and then give the “client” a login to create their own ads? Thanks. cheers P.

Hi, no online demo available. Only admins can manage ads.

I want to buy this plugin, but I need to know if it is possible to block the page until the web visitor click the ad

You can use the popover option to add a popup banner over the page and goes away when user clicks it.

Hi there,

nice selling rate and this without any live demo – and this is my first question. Do you provide a demo behind the curtain or more images about what a customer of ads can see after payment? The reason why I ask all this questions is – we are tried and buyed 3 other plugins and have to get our money back, since they don’t fulfill our needs and German law restrictions.

Next questions:
2. Email – Customer is buying an ad-space – Orderconfirmation, Paymentconfirmation and billing?
3. When 2. can we edit the text for all mails?
4. Do an advertiser have access to account information/statistics/bills?
5. Do an advertiser have access to ad-builder?
6. Tax management?
7. Can we put the order-element everywhere by shortcode?

Cheers and best regards,

Hi, no online demo available.
2. No email confirmation email after purchase. Users can see their orders in their account.
4. Yes, users can see banner information on their account. No stats yet but this will be available soon.
5. Yes, users have access to the ad builder even on the front end.
6. No tax management.
7. Yes, can be added to any page using shortcode.

Hi, how do you insert adsense banners into articles/posts?

Several options, shortcodes, widgets, iframes, template tag.

Hi, I use last WP PORO ADV, update yesterday.

The DB with statistics is enormus 500MB only the WP Pro advertising. How can I delete all statistics in DB?

Is possible delete all statistics from admin (if yes, where? I don’t find it) or what table I need delete in DB? Thank you

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks


I’ve got a pre-sale question: do you provide a kind of JS code (or iframe) so we can integrate the ads on other websites or do we needs “WP PRO Advertising System” to be installed on the same wordpress as the one we will broadcast the ads on?

I’m asking this as I’m afraid of performance issue. I would like to have the “WP PRO Advertising System” on ads.mydomain.com on a separate server and then use the JS or iframe to display a Ad Unit on any of my website (it’s a network of websites)

Hi, yes you can export ads using iframe to any other (non) Wordpress website.

Is it possible that website users buy ads directly (just like in facebook), choosing their geo target, their ad format, etc. and paying online for X CPM (or CPC) ?

Yes, users can buy ads on your website. However, they cannot choose Geo targets or ad formats themselves. These things get selected by the admin, users just buy banners into their preferred adzones.


2 Years ago you promised to add an option to spread limit of click per day: https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-pro-advertising-system-all-in-one-ad-manager/269693/comments?page=37&filter=all#comment_9028041

I can’t find this option. Am I missing something? Thanks

Hi, I’m sorry you must have misunderstood. Adding something to the list does not mean we promise we’ll add this feature. We add it to the list and see when we could implement something like this. If a feature gets added or not depends on the popularity of the request. We get too many requests to be able to add everything. We need to choose and the most popular ones get priority. Thanks

Well I found several posts regarding this issue, so it can’t be described as won’t popular question’. That’s a very important option to have when you want to manage budget and campaigns. I’ll look for another plugin because the support here is lousy. Sorry.

I need some support fast. My banner ads are not being responsive on mobile devices.

Hi. Are the ads only working in wordpress or can i add later the add code also to other static PHP or html sites? Greets

Yes you can export the ads to any (non) wordpress site.

I have an opened support question for you since 4 days ago and no one is replying. Kindly check for it, cause I am waiting for it..