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Hi. @tunafish

Just in case. Is this advertising system comes in non Wordpress plugin? Like a PHP platform?

No, Only Wordpress. although you can export your ads and show them on non Wordpress websites.

Plugin works on any Wordpress theme. Thanks

Do you guys have anything in the works to incorporate retargeting in the near future?

hello can we used for unlimited site ?

a regular license allows you to use the plugin on 1 website.

Statistics are not being tracked since few days

My site has two active advts. Both of them stopped tracking impressions and clicks after December 21.

Statistics for one of the advt.:



Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

I have already used your helpdesk but no one has replied since 3 days.

I just had a look but your topic on the helpdesk got a reply on the same day as you posted it.

Why my lic code is not working ?

please use our helpdesk for support.

I am interested in this plugin, but need to know if it supports HTML5 code for Ads, thanks.

Sure, HTML5 ads are supported.

Hello …
Is it possible to use or embed script codes like adf.ly or shorte.st or linkshrink.net and these plugins make it possible to change all external links to exit through ads links
Adf.ly Plugin Make External Links Go Through Shortened Link
Can I use your plugin and make these scripts possible through one plugin ?
Thanks in Advance :)

Yes, you can use 3rd party banners with this plugin.

hi. its a pre sale question. i am using adsense. does you plugin protects from invalid clicks or click bombs.

you can block specific IP addresses and we have a default list with known bots included.


JakeXO Purchased

I noticed an update came out – what is the best way to update the plugin? It won’t work from the WP Admin > Plugins screen. Do we deactivate > uninstall > reinstall new version? When we try to add via new plugins we get the area already exists

You can just overwrite the plugin files using FTP. no need to deactivate/uninstall the plugin.


voftik Purchased

Hi! Hi. I bought WP PRO Advertising System, but not found in the received archive activation key to activate this plugin. Where can I get that?

Does this support WooCommerce Subscriptions with the WooCommerce addon?


Chedr Purchased

Hi there, I have just paid to renew support as all of the banners have disappeared from our site, however have not been able to post into your support desk. Im using chrome, your form seems to be frozen? Tried with Safari, same issue. On a Mac. Can you please check and let me know? Need to submit a ticket. We’ve spent hours trying to work this out, 3 of us can’t figure our why our banners (which have been working for several months) have now disappeared to show blank white spaces. All campaigns are still active for the adzones. Thanks for letting me know how to handle.

Just checked and helpdesk is working fine. please try again. thanks


Chedr Purchased

we did. ticket loaded yesterday and note left re this. thx!


Chedr Purchased

Licence code not working. Please advise at earliest, I’ve just renewed support, keen to get this plugin working again. Thank you.

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

Hi. I have your plugin for two years. Now i want to change the site that it is used on, and the license key is not valid. I follow the instructions when uninstalling in the previous site, but it does not work. I ask you to reset the license, and you want to force me to renew the support, because of security measures that you´ve created.. So not cool tuna…

I tried to insert pop-up ads with google Adsense code but it not showing on my website and how to place sticky ads for mobile devices by use your plugin


baburajan Purchased

By default the plugin shows daily stats., but when I click on monthly, yearly or all time stats, it keeps on showing the loading icon but the stats are not displayed. Please try to fix this and try to help us. We want to export advt. stats. for every month. (We already posted the same issue on your helpdesk but nobody has replied yet) http://tunasite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/advt1-1.png

Please use our helpdesk for support. thanks.