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We have three open tickets on your helpdesk platform (the first one was 6 month ago) and never got ANY REPLY for any of them. We need help because the “adblocker” you claim to have, doesn’t work. Doesn’t give any notice to turn the adblocker off or anything. We need the answer ASAP (and don’t tell to ask in your helpdesk because you don’t answer there)

Your support service is really poor.

Still Drop and drag feature not working…

Drag and drop is working fine here. Please have a look at the documentation and search for conflict detection.

This product allows exibição banners popups, which can be configured to close in a certain period of time?

Yes it does.


Vwake07 Purchased

why don’t you reply myticket !! plz how to use banner editor !!

Hi, our banner on homepage is not redirecting to checkout paypal? See https://vercasas.com/ (banner center)

Hope you can help!


desireon Purchased

Hi guys We need to give access to the editors. Can you explain how can we give editors access to the plugin? Thank you very much

Only admins have access to the plugin settings.


desireon Purchased

Hi Tunafish. Thanks for your reply. I can’t reply your comment, that’s why I’m writing here in a new comment. We don’t want to give them access to the plugin settings. But, Editor users need to have access to add, publish or edit banners. They need access to: (advertisers, campaigns, Banners,etc …) Is that possible with the plugin? Thanks

No, this is not possible. Only admins have access to these functions.

Tuna Fish, I just purchased the WP PRO Advertising System – All In One Ad Manager (Regular License) Do I have the Addon needed to buy and sell on my WP website or do I need to get the “BUY AND SELL” addon separately? Please forgive my ignorance but I cannot see this option on the WP admin bar. Since the item says all in one, I am assuming it is there…. Can you help please?

Addons are not included. They are sold separately.

Thanks TunaFish

Hello Ive emailed twice but maybe others can help. I cant get mid article banner ads to show up on mobile devices. Website is https://www.riverbeats.life/neworleans/ and they are found after the second paragraph on every article. The box is showing up where they should be but the images aren;t showing. Someone please help!


elbnetz Purchased

Hi There, the rotating function suddenly stopped. We assigned two banners to an adzone. Until yesterday they rotated as expected. Now the adzone is empty. Any idea?

Please have a look at the documentation and search for “conflict detection”


elbnetz Purchased

Di as recommended, with no results.


cibii Purchased

I’ve had a ticket open since June and still no reply. Since I installed the plugin the banner creator hasn’t worked. Please help. Thanks.

Please have a look at known issues in the documentation. (Search for “debugging”) it sounds like your server is missing a required php function.

Hi. When I add a shortcode or php code for a banner it breaks my theme with lots of errors. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


gitstray Purchased

Hello – I’m not finding adzone in the api – where do I get this info to post on other websites? https://....../wp-json/wp/v2(?) – I’ve gone through the WP Pro Advertising – Documentation and I’m still not seeing how to add this to the api feed.

Prepurchase questions for this and other add-on plugins. With the adder Buy and Sell Ads plugin:

1. Could the customer/guest add video ads (ex. YouTube, .mp4, etc)? If so, what are the possible formats?

2. Could the customer/guest add HTLM5 ads?

3. What is the restriction or contradiction found by others who have commented here as far as being able to ad or show video ads?

4. Can customers see status of their ads in the frontend/front panel? How?

5. In the integration with WooCommerce, is there a single item created for the all ads in the store, or is each ad created as a separate item?

6. Special ads like video, flash, or those made with the Visual Banner Creator viewable on other websites using iframe, regardless of wheither they are in a WordPress site or other?

7. Is it interactable/compatible with affiliate marketing?

8. Does it tract statistics for ads using iframe?

9. Can a customer add ads with special triggers, limits, or geotargetting?

10. Can ads serve with a special logo or text that helps distiguish from adsense and other networks?

11. Can visitors to ads click off ads and/or report ads from the block?

12. Can ad views and clicks be limited per session? Is there any fraud protection? If so, what?


Is it GDPR compatible or no !? If no, I really recommend you to make it compatible

want to know if some adzon already have banner and this zone can take 10 banners and I want to let users buy to add their banner in this zone . IS it possible to do that and how ? regarding the user who purchase banner does he get a control panel to his banners in front end ? if yes okay if no how he will get details about his ad such as statistics and expiration date ….etc

I did gtmetrix comparison between some page contains wp advertising pro and without and I got the next result PageSpeed Grade less 15% than without WP adv pro YSlow Grade less 15% than without WP adv pro Fully Loaded time less 6 sec 15% than without WP adv pro Total page size less 63.3 kb than without WP adv pro Total # of requests 141 request less than 15% than without WP adv pro

my question is that normal when using wp adv pro or there are some adjustments must be done ? thanks


Vwake07 Purchased

plz either tell me how to use or activater visual banner editor , this is 3rd time i am asking for you help !! after fucked up by your tunashit support system !!!!!

No need to activate, it’s active as soon as you activate the plugin.

How do I get a refund for the copy of your plugin I just purchased? We won’t be using this on our site seeing the poor quality of the plugin immediately.

Some issues we’re seeing, which lead to this request: There’s a missing image in the banner and zone list in Wordpress. The requirement for both an advertiser and a campaign is unnecessary. Why can’t we select a zone before we activate an ad? And the page gets really jumpy right before an ad slides. The entire page moves up and down a few pixels very quickly. And there is no way to globally many ads on a multi-site network install like the features mentioned.