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Poor implementation in terms of GDPR. It is not possible to block the cookies from another WordPress plugin like Borlabs.

We provide GDPR solutions for ads not for other plugins.

Hi there! Does your plugin offer the capability to schedule recurring ads? I have 5 different promotions each recur every 5 week (Example: Color of the Week this week is… ) I would love to be able to set it up and know its set to auto- recurr and not have to be mindful to update it all the time.

Thank you!


Yes, you can set ads to show only during specific days, weeks, months,...


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Hi tunafish, I have pre purchase question. We have multisite system. Will your plugin monitor banners throo out the subsites and how is that implemented? you can point me to the documentation if you have one about WP multi-site network. Thank you. Kind regards

You can network activate the plugin, in that case, you can control all banners for all-subsites directly from the main site. Everything works exactly the same as when you install the plugin on a non-multisite Wordpress install so we don’t have separate documentation.

Hello, is there a possibility to create a adzone for static links only? What i mean by that is, i want a section that would have a few static links and sell that space to 3rd party users, one ad would contain 20 char text (no image!), that once clicked will redirect to our clients designated page. There should be a few ads visible in the same section at the same time.

There is an HTML field when you create banners. This is not covered in the documentation, it’s too straightforward.

But if a client buys a space in that adzone can i limit him to only use a phrase of 20 characters or do i have to trust him that he will fallow our conditions?

There is no option to limit characters.

I need custom class in Adning ADS widget…

Please create a ticket in our helpdesk if you need help using the plugin. Thanks

Question, I want to sell ad space on my site, is it possible with this plugin to create an ‘ad rotation’ where different advertisements show every time the page refreshes? Thanks!

Yes, thats possible.


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Hi, Regarding the “limit by impressions/clicks” – is there a way to set this limit per day, week or month? For example: I want to show 100 banner-impression of a specific campaign, but I want it to cover a whole month, so it’ll show 3 impression per day (100 spreading on 30 days). Can you explain how please? Thanks :)


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Hi, I can’t help you here in the comments. For specific feature requests please create a support ticket in the helpdesk.



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Hi, So what you’re saying is that I need to pay 29$ for asking for a feature that you promised to implement 5 years ago?

Hello, can this plugin create mega billboard ads like this?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean

How to create that ads unit like that? Using background ads?

It just looks like a default “above header” ad to me. It’s very easy to position banners anywhere on your website using Adning

The plugin is making my webserver is heavy and frequent downtime. This are some from the error log.

[18-May-2020 00:01:17] WARNING: [pool www] child 42655, script '/web/www/html/index.php' (request: "GET /index.php?wppasaid=71241") executing too slow (67.374058 sec), logging [18-May-2020 00:01:17] WARNING: [pool www] child 42654, script '/web/www/html/index.php' (request: "GET /index.php?wppasaid=71243") executing too slow (67.407603 sec), logging [18-May-2020 00:01:17] WARNING: [pool www] child 42643, script '/web/www/html/index.php' (request: "GET /index.php?wppasaid=71242") executing too slow (60.589395 sec), logging [18-May-2020 00:01:17] WARNING: [pool www] child 42638, script '/web/www/html/index.php' (request: "GET /index.php?wppasaid=71242") executing too slow (67.414850 sec), logging [18-May-2020 00:01:17] WARNING: [pool www] child 42609, script '/web/www/html/index.php' (request: "GET /index.php?wppasaid=90124") executing too slow (67.355819 sec), logging [18-May-2020 00:01:17] WARNING: [pool www] child 42604, script '/web/www/html/index.php' (request: "GET /index.php?wppasaid=91989") executing too slow (78.797114 sec), logging [18-May-2020 00:01:17] WARNING: [pool www] child 42573, script '/web/www/html/index.php' (request: "GET /index.php?wppasaid=73899") executing too slow (78.757321 sec), logging

Please create a support ticket in our helpdesk. Thanks

i am using the old version, how can i have support ticket?

Old version is no longer supported

I am currently using WP Pro Ad System Version 5.3.1, can i just replace this plugin with the new Ning ad plugin?

I already have setup zones and banners on my website, how can I use the new Ning ad plugin?

Adning is a completely new plugin. If you replace it you’ll need to start from scratch.

Does your plugin offer a frontend user’s login page / panel so they can complie, purchase and manage their own ads?

Users can purchase ads on the frontend, we use the default Wordpress login.

Any link to that add-on and a link to a video review to see how it works? (for some odd reason, I can’nt reply to your answer on my previous comment, so had to post a new one!!)

Hi there, i have to discuss with you about some custom work, can you please email me: marius AT zymiausifotografai THE DOT lt

Hi, how many ads max. can we set up on top of page? Is there limitations?

Many thanks before

and what for is the extended license?

No limitations. Extended license allows you to use the plugin on commercial websites


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I bought the plugin, it seemed like a great deal. However I had a ‘fatal error’ on my website and I couldn’t get help to resolve it and unfortunately I can’t enjoy the benefits of this tool that seems to be great. But I can’t use it. The support period has passed and we haven’t solved the problem and now they don’t answer my email anymore. Too bad the lack of attention, it never happened to me here in the evening. I have a fatal error with no solution because I don’t know programming. I was sad to have bought a product and not have a solution. Before you buy it. Test that your site will not have the same problem. Here is my gap.

Hi, is this plugin support multiple publisher ID or two adsense account in 1 website?

You could implement adsense banners with different publisher ID using the HTML banner option.