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Talooz Purchased

Please make jquery.chosen scripts in your plugin work with RTL admin in your next update. currently it does not work properly with RTL. only thing you need to do is add ” chosen-rtl ” class to your select box if admin is rtl.

Thanks for your feedback we’ll send this to the developers.

I need to purchase an advertising plugin that can manage large numbers of image ads that my client sells, each of which only needs to be shown to viewers in the town the advertiser is located. What is the max numbers of ads that this plugin can manage to show? My client eventually expects to have between 5000 and 10,000 ads. Will this number of ads all be able to be managed and served up using GEO plugin that is the companion to this plugin?

We only provide support for countries using the GEO Targeting plugin. As we cannot guarantee it will work for every city. For your server settings you should contact your server provider we cannot give you information about this. The plugin creates ads just like normal Wordpress post so you can have as many as you want without any problem.

Tunafish – my client’s ads are image ads, not ads like a Wordpress post. More like ads that you see in a magazine or other publication, saved down for web posting. Does your plugin work with great numbers of these ads? Eventually they will have 5000+. And they want to load them with a geo-location that is a city – certainly NOT an entire country. Thanks, Chris

Sure, what I mean is that if you create a banner using the plugin (image banner, HTML banner, any kind of banner you want …) it gets saved the same way like a Wordpress post so you really can have as many (image) banners as you like it’s not a problem.


mosesng Purchased

Hello there, I created ads and I watched the video tutorial how to do that but the ads doesn’t display on my website.

What happen?

please use our helpdesk for support. thanks

Tunafish- Does the plugin handle image ads? That is the type of ads that my clients creates.

Sure. Image ads, HTML ads, any kind of ad type you want.


tvieira Purchased

Hello, We would like to confirm if this plugin already has “priority” support.

My idea is to have several ads in the same zone with different priorities.

Waiting for your fedback.

Yes, You can choose what banners should show first for each adzone. You can drag and drop the banners in the adzone to define the priority.


wildme Purchased

Hi the update for this plugin has bug. The Statistics don’t work

Please use our helpdesk for support. tahnks


wildme Purchased

whats the point of having update and it messes up the plugin? can you look into this issue. I need update on the plugin cos I believe the update got issue with my themes that makes the Statistics not to work.

The update is working fine. If you have troubles on your website please use our helpdesk to get support from our developers. Thanks

hello, this is pre sales question. is this plugin can be used on header or footer ?example : we wanna add ads code to header.php

sure, you can add ads anywhere you like.

Hi, 1. How many ads can be created with the plugin? 2. Does this plugin has the options to (display ad on all posts except | Display ads only on selected posts) 3. Does the plugin has the ability to display ad (before/after certain paragraph). 4. Does the plugin has the ability to display the ad before “last paragraph”? 5. Does the plugin has the ability to display the ad after certain tags (H2,H3, etc)?

1. You can create unlimited ads using the plugin.
2. Yes, you can show ads on all posts or on specific posts.
3. Yes, ads can be shown before a specific paragraph.
4 & 5. not by default but using the template tag you can create any custom ad positions you like.


geolz Purchased

hi, I need help https://forums.envato.com/t/license/89876 ............................................................................................................................................. Hi. How can I transfer the license of WP PRO to a site to another?

Note: Due to lack of payment for my other site has been removed. Now I have a new one.

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

No user account is created on our website yet for this account so you should be able to create one. Make sure you are trying to register using the account you purchased the plugin with. If you still have trouble please try emailing us directly from our codecanyon profile page and explain that you are unable to register on the helpdesk and clear info about your problem.

Hi tunafish, In your plugin can we specify an ads by page or page type ?



aveyron Purchased

ad block is blocking my advertisment , initially i had the word banner in my image but now i have changed it and it stil wont show the advertisment..

Correction,i have created a different ad zone that has absolutely no relation with ad banner or anything like this and it is still blocked by ad block

please use our helpdesk for support.

Does the Geo Targeting work at Ad Level or Zone/Space level? I have the same ad zone for all countries, but I have different banners on that ad zone for each country.

It can be used on ad level or adzone level. up to you.

With this plugin are people who purchase ads able to log in and see their ad stats?

If you install the “Buy and Sell Add-on” this is possible yes.


Edoku Purchased

Hi Team, is it compatible with WPML translater?

the plugin can be translated using .po/.mo files


ImageJock Purchased

I need the ability to incorporate ads into a photo gallery. For instance, display an ad after 10 images have been viewed and have it display for a defined amount of time. Does this Ad manager do this? Please say yes…. :)


ImageJock Purchased

I don’t really have a gallery chosen yet for this function. It seems none of them really have ads built in very well. Do you know of a gallery that would accept your inserted ads? thanks for your time. Im definitely going to buy your system for the website ads.

The plugin works fine with Slider Revolution. http://wordpress-advertising.tunasite.com/#_sliderrev


ImageJock Purchased

Ok. I need ad functionality with a full blown photo gallery where 250 photos will be displayed, not necessarily a slider with a few images.


wildme Purchased

Hi Plugin runs down Godaddy memory. when I deactivate website load faster and when I active it become slow to load.

Please use our helpdesk if you have trouble using the plugin. Thanks


wildme Purchased

I am not allowed to login to support. I am letting you know the problem with the plugin. Its too slow and eats up too much memory.

Please note that the plugin is working fine everywhere else so you must be missing some server settings. I see your support has been expired so please renew your support and contact our developers on our helpdesk. They will be able to help. thanks

Does this work with WP Multisite? Any particular instructions to get it to work with MU?

Yes the plugin is multisite ready.