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Hi, monthly recurring payments per Ad is possible? (using stripe/woocommerce)

recurring payments are not possible.

Presales Question:

1. Can I extend this plugin to show ads across my other non-wordpress sites? 2. Can I extend this plugin to show native ADS for iOS and Android

Looking forward to your response.

Yes you can export ads and add them to non-wordpress sites.
You can show specific ads for mobile devices but not specific IOS or Android.


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how do i delete the plugin from my old website so I can use on my new website?

If you are using adning, removing the plugin will remove your activation so you can re-use it on another site.


T3CSLtd Purchased

the other website hasnt been up for a couple years. And not sure if i deactivated it at the time.

Please email us your license key directly from our Codecanyon profile page.


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Does anyone have any thoughts on using a separate Google Analytics Tracking ID specifically for Adning? So, there would be one ID for the website (UA-xxxxxxx-1), as a whole, and another for Adning (UA-xxxxxxx-2)? Or, would this just confuse things? Thanks.


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Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on this? I’m not a SEO guru and still learning how ADning works with GA. Thanks.

1. Can I use it on many of my websites? 2. Can I use it for the subdomain of the primary domain? 3. Can I set the option to display only on desktop and laptop computers (not shown on smartphones and tablets?)

1. One license / website
2. Yes, subdomains count as one domain.
3. Yes you can show ads on desktop/laptop only.

My license is going wrong as it is because my site now only operates on “https”. The error message is “This license has already been activated on “”. I can not generate a support ticket because support has already expired.

Please email us your license key directly from our Codecanyon profile page.

I am sent by a new message, because in responding to the previous one, the site Codecanyon presents error 422. “fc1ed624-9b28-4bde-a5e8-50dfe01f3903”

Question: “My license is going wrong as it is because my site now only operates on “https”. The error message is “This license has already been activated on “”. I can not generate a support ticket because support has already expired.”

Excellent work. I’m tempted to buy it, but I have some pre-purchase questions: 1) I have this theme and I want to know if it is compatible. 2) I have AMP installed, but it limits the use of ads because it only allows me to put ads up and down the page, so my question is: Can I put ads between paragraphs of the post having active AMP?

1. I’m sorry, we have no experience with this theme. I can tell you that the plugin works fine on 99% of all Wordpress themes.
2. AMP doesn’t allow most AD formats so whether the banner will be visible or not will depend on your banner type normal image banners should be ok. 

Please add a function to disable ADs on AMP Pages. Thank you

Hi, can this plugin achieve all things like old (WP PRO ADVERTISING)...I mean: Create Advertiser – Campaign – Ad Zones – Banners ?

Yes it does and it works much better, faster and easier.

Is there Visual Banner creator in this new Ads plugin like WP PRO ADS?

No, we do have a separate option though imgMCE


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I think there is a huge problem on your support website. THERE IS NO ANSWER for my questions that I posted about a month ago (you keep asking me and the rest to post the questions on support website, but the case/ticket is no response from you/dissapear … LoL).

But well, let me asking here…

FIRST. I already created an ad banner, the sync to google adsense works fine. But the ad is not shows, may I know why?

Tried to change (copied) the adsense code from “Auto Ads” code to “Ad units” code, but both codes are no “live-preview” shows.

Any advise?

SECOND. I created the banner with pop-up layout, but there is NO ad shows too. Is there any specific layout with biggest chance of success?

FYR, My website is using 2 ad tools (your plugin, and copy the adsense code manually on header). YES! The manual injection (without your plugin) is NO Problem (the ad is shows).

Please answer my questions above asap (this case is outstanding since last month). Thanks

Sorry we do not provide support in the comments here. Your support ticket got a reply 1 month ago but we never heard back from you.

I am trying to upgrade the plugin but I am getting this error An error occurred while updating ADning: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided. can you help please ?

Please use the support center for support. Thanks


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smarTrack is not working for me neither.. it’s not counting any click and when i trun on debug mode of wordpress that show me an Error :

....wp_strack_st’ doesn’t exist] INSERT IGNORE INTO wp_strack_st (tm, track_id, ip, language, country, browser, platform, user_agent, device, content_id, content_type) VALUES (‘xx’,’xx’,’xxx’,’fr-fr’,’gb’,’Chrome’,’win10’,’Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/73.0.3683.103 Safari/537.36’,’desktop’,’50’,’page’)

can you please help. I need response as soon as possible Please!

Please use the support center for support. Thanks

With the new update, can the bottom layered ad be like Google Anchor Overlay Ad for mobile device?


Your plugin seems like a great solution to add custom adds onto our website. Congratulations for your outstanding customer feedback!

We have a few questions before purchasing your plugin:

1. Does it enable ‘sponsored content’ ads? Like a ‘sponsored by’ with a logo at the beginning of a specific post?

2. Could you please confirm we can easily display tailored ads per category and/or per individual tag?

3. Can we display a slider / carousel displaying a few rotating ads for a specific post, category or tag?

Very much looking forward to leveraging your awesome plugin to take our ads revenue to the next level.

Kind regards Christophe

1. Yes you can do that. It’s very easy to add a sponsored by logo to every post.
2. Yes, you can limit ads to show for specific posts, pages, categories, tags, ...
3. Yes, rotating ads can be limited for specific posts, pages, categories, tags, ...


Thank you for your answers. Excellent news!

1. Could you please confirm it is possible to add a sponsored by reference at a single post level?

Do you have a live demo or a sample movie ?

is this for shortlinks, for example like convert url?

It’s an advertising manager to manage banners on your website.


N4N1XS Purchased

HI, I purchased the plug in a while ago and tested it out on a site I no longer use.

The plug in has since remained inactive and has been removed from my previous site.

I’d like to start using it now on a new site that’s active, but can’t because it says that I’ve activated it on another site. But that site however, is no longer using the plug in. What can I do?


Please email us your license key directly from our Codecanyon profile page


i have been using oio publisher for a long time and there are couple of features which i am familiar and found useful too with that plugin which is what i am looking here.

Can you please provide an admin demo for me to have a look at the plugin backend to make sure what i am expecting is available before i actually make up my mind to buy this one.

Thanks Aparna