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jimchalk Purchased


My client has major issues viewing their stats the page is just hanging. I have updated the plugin to the latest version but the issue still remains. The download link doesn’t work either just comes up with a page of code.

I found this link http://tunasite.com/helpdesk/ftopic/heavy-load-on-server-when-stats-are-enabled/ in a previous comment but am having trouble connecting my Envato account so I can log in a view it.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Jim Isles

It seems like your support has been expired. Please renew your support and contact our helpdesk if you have trouble using the plugin. Here in the comments we cannot help you. Thanks


jimchalk Purchased


I have purchased support and created a topic http://tunasite.com/helpdesk/ftopic/exporting-stats-before-recent-update/.


Jim Isles

Thank God my support has not expired (if thats the way you go about fixing issues) my stats hang up. I can only comfortably view 1 day stat. Once i go past 1 day it hangs, i need this addressed urgently.

Please use our helpdesk for support.


ppruthu Purchased

I have created topic on support desk, I want to deregister my old url linked with this plugin, I have installed this plugin for trial purpose in my old url, now I want to use it in my current url. Please help me

Please use our helpdesk for support. We can not help you here in the comments. If you created a topic on the helpdesk you should receive a reply soon.


utpal Purchased


Thanks for the nice plugin; I am mainly looking at the ads on a rotation basis. Can we achieve that through this plugin? If so how can we do that/

Thanks, Utpal

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

your help desk don’t work for me… keep getting the message that I have to be a registered client which I am…

I can’t active the plugin. I had it activated on a different website which I’ve deleted. Would this also make my campaign on hold?

I don’t want a new support contract. I want my licence key to work which shouldn’t expire.

You want me to renew my support because my licence key isn’t working. For that I might as well go somewhere else. That’s not great service.

I’m sorry support is included in the license. It’s your license key that is expired so you need to renew it in order to get it reset to use on another website.

Pre-purchase Questions:

1. Can you make Ad Units ‘adhesive’? As in sticky

2. Can you place Ad Units in the LEFT side of your site without having to do any customization?

Thanks guys!

1. Yes sticky ads are possible.
2. You can add ads anywhere you want. How easy it is depends on your theme of course.

Banner Creator not showing for author role.

I’ve so far been able to permit authors to create their own ads by uploading images. However, I also want them to use the integrated banner creator. For Admin that option is shown, but not for the author. How can I allow authors to use the banner creator as well?

Thanks in advance

Please use our helpdesk for support. Thanks

Hi, I’m interested in buying your plugin.

My goal is to show banners inside blog posts after specific number of paragraphs.

I was wondering if with your plugin I can add MORE THAN ONE and DIFFERENT banners inside the same blog post.

For example:

banner 1 – after 10 paragraph banner 2 – after 20 paragraph banner 3 – after 30 paragraph etc

Is that possible?

Not by default. but we do have an API filter that allows you to add tags. http://wordpress-advertising.tunasite.com/docs/wp_pro_ads_banner_limit_categories/

In my first question I asked you if it is possible to insert more than one banner in the same blog post and you told me yes. Do I have to do that using a shortcode or is there a way to do it automatically?

If you need to assign more than 1 banner to a post your best option will be to use the shortcode option. That way you can add as many banners as you like to each post.

Can i just replace the files with the new ones? Or i need to uninstall then re-install?

Just replace them. No need to uninstall


xgamanet Purchased

Hello! I wrote you 5 day ago at your support sys without answer from you: http://prntscr.com/emuitg

We have no control over the helpdesk here in the comments. If you think they forgot you please post another reply to check in. thanks


tvieira Purchased


Can you please answer to my issues in “support tunafish”?


The comments here have nothing to see with the helpdesk. For support please use the helpdesk.


I wrote a post in support zone 10 days ago. And i want to know if can any answer me about my post.


Please, i need resolve this error, because my client is waiting

Hi, we have no control over the helpdesk here in the comments. I do see that you did not provide the details they ask for in order to help. Please have a look here: http://tunasite.com/helpdesk/ftopic/how-to-create-a-support-topic and update your topic. Thanks

Hi its is posible to show different banner for Mobile and desktop on a responsible theme??? I try that but always show the same one http://welcometoibiza.com thanks

Yes you can show different ads for different devices. Please use our helpdesk if you need support.

Will this work with adsense

Yes you can use Adsense

Will this work with adsense

Yes you can use Adsense

is that possible to insert ad between posts on blog page by using regular function of the plugin (without using coding, php or whatever)?

sure, you can use the shortcodes or widgets

Does it work with google ads?

Sure, no problem