WP Premium Members + Pre Advertisements admin

WP Premium Members + Pre Advertisements admin

This plugin is more than just a normal Membership plugin. Beside displaying Premium content to your paying members only, this plugin also manages Pre Post Advertisements. This plugin is designed to work both as a standalone premium membership plugin and it work’s together and extends the possibilities of the WP Pre Advertisement plugin.

Subscription payments are made using the Paypal IPN. The users can choose either to subscribe for recurring payments so there Premium membership will be updated every month automatically or to buy a single Premium membership which will expire.

If you are running a multisite, this plugin has the option to allow premium users to create own blogs.

This plugin is super easy to install. You just upload it to Wordpress, add your Paypal email address and your ready to go!

Plugin Options

  • Manage Premium content
  • Only show Premium content to paying members
  • Multisite – Only allow Premium users to create blogs
  • Manage pre post advertisements
  • Set permissions on who does and who doesn’t see pre post advertisements
  • Automatically remove all advertisements from every post
  • Automatically add advertisements to all your posts
  • Manage your Premium members
  • Paypal IPN to handle user subscriptions
  • Paypal Recurring Payments


WP PREMIUM MEMBERS v1.2.3 June 01 2014
  • Added Multisite support if plugin is network enabled. – multisite.

WP PREMIUM MEMBERS v1.2.2 May 27 2014

  • Started integrating Multisite options.
  • Added the option to allow premium users to create blogs – multisite.

WP PREMIUM MEMBERS v1.2.1 May 27 2014

  • Improved code.
  • Started adding translation options.

WP PREMIUM MEMBERS v1.2.0 May 26 2014
  • Included short code [premium_content] to hide specific post content.
  • Started updating/cleaning all plugin code.

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