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it is possible to integrate ?, woocommerce I want to receive payments for plugins that I have installed on woocomerce, it is possible?

Do You Know If The Membership Plugin will Work with This Theme??


Thank You

It works fine on 99% of the themes.

Hello, presale question…...

Can i add members myself and give them a unique login password? basically i have a site where i only want to sell wholesale to approved people. but they must each have their own login info. thanks in advance.

sure, the plugin uses the default Wordpress user system so you can create all users yourself.

-Support any WP or only Woocommerce ? - I need to add paypal & payment cycle, available ? - I need to change the style of registration form, available ?

Pre sale Question* Can the upgrading to premium and buying premium be done on the front of the website and not in the backend? I have the back end deactivated for all members, i use a front end profile system.

is the plugin WooCommerce compatible?


I’m looking for the possibility to let enable Paid Option with the setting to charge for publishing and to set a post as featured to be displayed in a premium section.

Is possible?

Before Purchase: Hi, I want to buy the plugin, but I want to know if it is compatible with plugin WP-Courseware. Looking forward to hearing from you.

How can i configure it to have a free user subscription without using the Paypal payment gateway? If the price is 0, then no paypal please.

I purchased your “WP PRO Invoicing System”
  • http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-pro-invoicing-system/4625730/comments
  • Please Respond

    I’m getting this error message:

    mysql_real_escape_string(): Access denied for user ”@localhost” (using password: NO) ajax_functions.php on line 49

    How do I Fix?


    I would like to have the membership expires in certain period, say 2 years. Is it possible?

    Hi There.

    Before i decide if i should buy this, i have a few Questions.

    1: Can we set up payment to get access to a specific page? 2: Can we make a membership that will end on a specific date no mater when you buy the plan? Lets say you buy the plan 01. May it will end at 01.June and if you buy it 01.July it still will end at 01.June.