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I purchased both your awesome plugins. This one “WP Pre Posting Advertising” and the “WP Pro Ad System”. I love them both but the “WP Pre Posting Advertising” isn’t covering the post. Instead its actually within the post :/

Can you please help out? Can you take a look at my site and maybe provide a quick fix, some css or a code?

I’m also going to email you my sites info so that you can take a look if you can please.


Is there a reason why this plugin is not being update? The updates are the only thing that is stopping me from buying.

No reason to update for the moment. plugin is working fine.


Nice theme, just small questions.

1. Your plugin is responsive ready? or how to tweak that problem?

2. Can I put a Google ad-sense or other affiliate code?

Kindly need your advise Thanks

How To Add Skip Button not Text Button Like Skip Button Image

to do this you will need to adjust the plugins html code.

Just bought this! I’m liking so far! Question, will it affect SEO at all since it “hides” the content for a few seconds?

Can’t really help you with this question as I’m not aware of worsened SEO by this plugin. It really depends how the bots search the site.

Ok, thanks.

Hi, is it possible to disable the plugin based on roles, particularly for customer?

no idea from the preview site what this plugin does.

i have purchased the plugin, but i believe it is not working with video. when i created a ad with a video, and insert the same in the another video post… it showing empty…just advertisement: feature will disply..but if i created a image ad ( inserted the image in the post area of pre ad) than it is showing…

Hello, I bought your plugin then I installed in wordpress but it does not appear on my dashboard. can you help me. thank you :crying:


I’m interested in buying this plugin and have a few questions. But is anyone still providing support?

1. Do you have a demo somewhere? I’d like to see how this really works.

2. Any stats provided for clicks etc?

3. Does it provide both banner and video pop ups? Is ad size adjustable? Any where you have the appearance available for me to see?


The plugin is currently undergoing a major update. To answer your questions:

1. Demo will be back online soon.
2. After the update, Stats will be available in co-operation with the WP PRO Advertising System.
3. It supports any kind of content.


Hi, I have pre-purchase questions.

1. I viewed your demo on Firefox and it does not show the ad? Do you have a fix for this?

2. Also is it responsive? If not, can you disable on mobile devices?

3. Is there a way to enable site-wide for all posts or do you have to manually add this to each individual post?

1. Its working fine on Firefox here. You may have an ad blocker or something activated on your Firefox thats blocking it. But It works fine on all major browsers.
2. If you use it together with the WP PRO Advertising System yes, responsive and you can hide ads for any device.
3. Not yet, you need to manually add it to each individual post.

Pre – Purchase question.

Can this be used as a landing page for first time website visitors such as at forbes / inc magazines?

Sure, you can add this to any page you like.

Hi, Presales question. When the page starts to load? I’m interested starts loading when appears ad/counter, is it possible? or page loads when counter is finished?


The original post loads when the counter is finished.

Ok, it would be possible that loading starts when counter starts? then this plugin could be used as a loading screen plugin, increase a lot it’s functionality. If you implement this feature I’ll be the first to buy it ;-)

Can you show a pre post ad on the frontpage? above the header/menu?

It created to work with the shortcode inside posts/pages but you can always manually add it into your theme to work anywhere.

Is it possible to use with a joomla template? Do you Have one?

This is a Wordpress plugin.

Hi there , Can i know is it anyway to remove the skip ads button ? And i wanna show the ads every time when visitor view page(currently after one time view the ads won’t be show out again ).

I don’t know because I once put a banner but when you click again in the post no longer returns put the banner, also have put another banner in another report and does not appear, I do not know if I do something wrong. You can decrime I have to do as I have also pro advertising. Could you help me, please?

Will the ad show up with all posts per IP? or can I configure it to show once per visitor or once per logged in user?

hi, does this plugins work with WP Post redirect? I want to display the pre-post ad before it get redirected to another external page

We have no experience with WP Post redirect.


Is this plugin still supported ?

Yes, you can see it working here