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very useful plugin! good work!

Thank you. I’m glad you like it :)

very great job, nicely done ! i wish you big sales ;)

Thank you very much :)

Very nice work! Congrats!

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Wow, your new plugin came out Congratulations. I am your fan. I hope your business hit the jackpot :grin:

Thank you very much :)

Hi. Is it possible to delete posts with this plugin? For example, the ability to delete posts in a particular category over a period of time, and delete duplicate posts. Will this be possible later?


The plugin currently does not have a feature like this. But, yes, it might be in the future versions of the plugin. I have a feature request like this in my todo list.

This plugin also stop dublicate post , as i see there are many dublicate post creating in wp crawler and i wnat to stop this .

Please see FAQ section and other answers I gave to other customers by searching in the comments section.

i hv alredy search tht , you dont hv to suggest me again and again , and this is why i am asking last time i asked the u said “if you make the plugin do too much work that it cannot handle in between two scheduled runs” but plugin is copying content from only one site. Still dublicate content appear in website , i want to use your seo plugin to stop this , if this plugin have any such feature then sugest me

I also said that if the problem persists, follow the instructions here and send me the debug file. You have not sent me anything.

Great tool. Did working with custom post types?


I’m glad you like it. Yes, it works with custom post types as well.


Will the Turkish documentation be prepared?

Currently, I do not have time to prepare it. However, I think for now you can use Google translate.

Hi Turgut! I’m your customer, I purchased your wp content crawler. Does this plugin support auto translate. ex: I crawler content from Chinese and auto translate to English and post to my wordpress website! Thank you.


No, unfortunately the plugin does not have a translation feature.

Can you make new plugin for automatic translate feature? I will be your first customer! :) thank you!

Sorry, currently I do not have enough time to create a new plugin. But, I noted your request. Thanks.


How to use the plugin with Woocommerce and custom post types like “Portfolio”, or “Projects”?

In the “General Post Tools Settings” section, the “All Categories” are the post categories. I want to use the “Product Categories” for example.


It works the same as the normal post types. It can change its title, description, etc. as it does with the normal post types. If your custom post type does not use default database fields, the plugin cannot do anything about it. For example, if your custom post type does not store the title where the title is stored for default post types, your custom post type won’t show it, although the plugin assigns it. For instance, you can probably change WooCommerce products’ title, since the title is default post title.

Ok, i understand. Did you think about to improve the plugin for full functionality for custom post types or to create a new one for Woocommerce?

Currently, I do not have enough time to improve the plugin or create a new one for WooCommerce. However, I added your requests to my request list.

Hello! please tell me. Will the WP content Crawler and the WP post tools be working together? No mistakes?

And there is a request. Could you please have a demo of the WP Content Crawler add some site where regular expressions will be used. Tried to cut ads in your demo site (<script> ... </script>) using regular expressions. It’s not working.


Yes, they can work together. You can watch video tutorials. This video shows WP Post Tools and WP Content Crawler working together.

Regarding regular expressions, your regular expression might not exactly match the target element. To remove some elements from the page, you can use WP Content Crawler’s “unnecessary element selectors” option. It will be enough to write “script” there, to remove the “script” elements from the page.


arzieh Purchased

Hi, is it possible to render regular WP shortcodes (ie shortcodes from other plugins) inside Templates or do only WPPT shortcodes render in them? thanks.


Short codes registered to WordPress are rendered before the page is loaded. So, yes, if the post content has that kind of short code, they will be rendered.


arzieh Purchased

Ok, good to know. will be picking this up. Thanks.

<article id="6334074487130400223" class="item-post post hentry postnum postnum-0 have-pfeatured" itemscope="" itemtype="http://schema.org/BlogPosting" role="main">
<link href="XXXXX" itemprop="mainEntityOfPage">
<div class="post-featured show">
<div class="breadcrumbs" itemscope="" itemtype="http://schema.org/BreadcrumbList">
<div class="clear" />
<h1 class="post-title entry-title h1" itemprop="name headline">
<div class="item-topmeta">
<span class="item-info authorinfo vcard author" itemprop="author" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="http://schema.org/Person">
<div class="hideit hide" itemprop="publisher" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="https://schema.org/Organization">
<meta content="2016-11-18T08:31:00-08:00" itemprop="datePublished dateModified">
<span class="item-info dateinfo">
<i class="fa fa-calendar" />
<a class="timestamp-link" href="XXXX" rel="bookmark" title="permanent link">
<abbr class="published updated" title="2016-11-18T08:31:00-08:00">نوفمبر 18, 2016</abbr>
<div class="more-options">


Now How to get the date from above ... 


You can use find and replace options to format the date as you want.


rttpi Purchased

hello i install wp-post-tools on my website https://prnt.sc/gvzm7f with theme newspaper 8 that use WPBakery Visual Composer and i notice that it brake the theme https://prnt.sc/gvznyl..... any suggestions

Actually, the plugin does not touch functionalities provided by other plugins or themes. However, it uses a few libraries. Maybe they overlap or their versions are different. In this case, I cannot check every theme and plugin for compatibility. Maybe you can use another theme.


rttpi Purchased

ok thanks …but i keep my theme instead .

If you cannot use the plugin, I can give you a refund if you want. If you want to be refunded, please just send me a refund request.