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good work ;) keep it up !

thanks for the compliment!

Does this plugin work with custom post types?

It does not at the moment. It works on the default WordPress post Taxonomy.

Now, it does support custom post type taxonomies. You can create list of categories under your custom post type and you can select those categories from the selections.

How easy is it to use an RSS feed with this app? Will it include the thumbnails?

RSS feed is currently not supported directly. However, if you can create posts based on RSS feed and assign it to a specific category with a photo as a featured image, you can display posts created from the feed using this plugin.

By the way, you might want to checkout this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/rss-post-importer/

If you have a RSS plugin that turns RSS feeds into a custom post, you can now use it with this plugin as the version 2 supports custom post types.


I need to show in to the slider the articles in the portfolio with the tubnails how I can do it?

Best Regards,


Hello Andrea, Thanks for purchasing the plugin. In order to display the thumbnail images, please select “Show” for “Show More Settings” in ticker settings then select “Display” in the Thumbnail Options setting.

You can display any default WordPress posts by selecting the specific category you may create then assign each post a featured image.

If you are trying to display custom posts from other plugin, custom taxonomy is currently not supported, yet.

Please let me know how you would like to use the plugin and if you are using a custom plugin to create your posts, please let us know which plugin you are using.

There are many developers working directly with the database instead of properly utilizing WordPress settings API and custom post types. If this is the case, it may require some customization in the plugin very unique to your installation.

Please let us know little more detail and we will be more than happy to help you.


we use a theme name UNIK http://unik.weblusive-themes.com/documentation/portfolio.html and it use a customized POST named POTFOLIO. How can I add that Portfolio in to the WIGET WP Post Ticker Pro?

We’ve just updated the plugin to version 2.0.0, which contains a full support for custom post types from themes or plugins as long as the taxonomy structure follows the best practice.

This new version is also tested on the theme you are using and it is confirmed to work with the portfolio custom post type. Please make sure to create a category within the portfolio custom post then assign portfolios to the category.

It will take some time until Envato reviews the update, so the new version may not be available until the review is done.

If you want this update ASAP, please send us your email address and we will mail you the installer.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

Hi. Consider buying your plugin. On the “Live view” page, the scrolling function does not seem to work. I have a client who looked at your “items details” with the internet exlporer and the scrolling did not work there either. Also, does this plugin work with WPML for multi-language sites? Thanks and regards Marc

Hello Marc,

Yes, this plugin should work from i.e. 10 or later. The reason why it wasn’t working from the demo site was that we actually had it stopped temporarily to measure the performance of the website when there are vigorous requests to various plugins we host.

However, you can visit the demo page again and test it now.

Regarding WPML, yes, it works with WPML under the following condition: 1. The ticker has to be created per language bases 2. You have to embed a different shortcode running the posts from a different language 3. Author Name, Post date format follows the main language Structure 4. The manual and the interface of the plugin is only available in English.

Please feel free to ask us any questions.

Thank you, Team iCanWP


guirot Purchased


Just purchased your plugin.

Now, when using it, I found that in the Category Selection area, I mean here http://prntscr.com/cgl9gj , when I select new categories they are not displayed in the widget or in the post ticker.

Can you check if the filter works properly? Or is there anything I am missing?

Thanks in advance!



guirot Purchased


The link you provide just have 1 buttom: Upload…. Impossible to send anything… It doesn´t work.

However, I am working locally, so I can´t send credentials… Have you tried to reproduce the problem yourself?

If we can not fix the problem I will have to forget using your plugin…



The plugin is designed to work with any custom post types with proper taxonomy declared.

It is in our development queue to refine the display of different types of custom taxonomy posts and categories, this includes WooCommerce, but it should always show all categories from the custom post types, themes, woocommerce, and etc as long as they are hooked to the WordPress core properly.

Only the problem is that when you rotate WooCommerce products, it can only display the title, description, author, post date and etc. Our next revision will include displaying the $ amount, any promotions and etc, but it is scheduled to go on live towards the end of the year.

However, you can still create regular WordPress post with title displaying the product price, manually entered, and make it a gateway promotional page to the product. Sort of a landing page approach, which is better for SEO anyways.

We would love to take a look at your environment to further investigate the issue, but if the dev server is off the internet, can you let me know the version of php you are running? It is very likely the plugin is not working when running on php version 5.4 and prior. Those versions are out of support anyways and dangerous to be out there.

If the secure upload doesn’t work, which requires the latest java applet, you can send me one to the support email directly and delete the account in 2 days.

Thank you!

Oliver, I found your message with the login information. It was in the message field instead of the file uploaded. However, the access information did not work when I tried to login. If you could send us the info again, we’ll take a look. All support includes our free inspection of the website and the best practice so we might be able to make some good advise on your website.

Pre-sale questions. i have a two custom post types created by a plugin. i am currently using custom taxonomies without a category assigned. will this plugin allow to select custom taxonomies

If you are using a plugin that creates custom post types, but no taxonomy, it won’t work.

If the custom post type hooks to WordPress Core Built-In Taxonomy, it will work.

If the custom post type registers it’s own taxonomy. i.e. register_taxonomy( ‘custom_category’, ‘custom_postypes’ $args ), then creates categories under the taxonomy created, it will work.

Hope this makes sense.

Good evening. This is my purchase code [removed] WP Post Ticker Pro. I installed WP Post Ticker Pro. When I create a new Post Ticket does not appear the customization option (Category Selection, Post Display, Sorting Order, Show More Settings, etc.). Can you help me? Thanks so much. Simona Renie

Hello Simona,

Thanks for purchasing the plugin. First of all, please don’t post the purchase code as this is a public comment.

The problem you seem to have is due to a Javascript conflict from another plugin you might have installed. Or, it could be a browser add on that blocks script or conflicts with it. I would recommend you to try using a different browser to see if the issue is still there. If not, may I ask you to send us the login detail written in a text file and uploaded to https://webspi.filelocker.com/inbox/support ?

Thank you!

Hello Simona, Hope the issue you are having has been resolved. If any help is needed, please feel free to contact us. By the way, I’ve requested to remove your initial post as it contains the purchase code that shows to the public. :)


I’m getting this error when I publish the ticker. Might you know what is causing this?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /var/www/mywebsite/staging-site/wp-content/plugins/wp-post-ticker-pro/public/partials/wp-post-ticker-pro-public-display.php on line 389



Alright, please replace the whole if statement containing line 389 with the following:

if ( $wpptp_disp_opt_thumb == ‘0’ && has_post_thumbnail() ){ $wpptp_thumb_section_w = intval( $wpptp_thumb_w ) + 10; $wpptp_post_thumb_id = get_post_thumbnail_id( get_the_ID() ); $wpptp_attach_img_src = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $wpptp_post_thumb_id, array( $wpptp_thumb_w, $wpptp_thumb_h ) ); $wpptp_img_url = $wpptp_attach_img_src0; }

$html .= '

actually, the code doesn’t really paste here. Please check out this post for solution: https://icanwp.com/developer-blog/post-ticker-pro-error/


Your plugin works great on my live site. But it fails at my staging site, which is likely due to some sort of “relative file path” settings, I assume. Trouble is, I REALLY need it to work at my staging site.

This is the error I get when I publish the ticker and then save it to a widget and then load the page (error displayed on the page with the widget):

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /var/www/mysite/staging-site/wp-content/plugins/wp-post-ticker-pro/public/partials/wp-post-ticker-pro-public-display.php on line 389

The same error occurs, regardless of the widget.

I actually installed the widget on my live site first, and then use the stagecoach service to push the whole site to my staging environment to make sure all plugins work, but as you can see it’s not working correctly in this instance. But the same error occurs if I first install the plugin on my staging site first, and then follow the plugin instructions.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



Hello Larry, Thanks for purchasing the plugin. May I ask you what version of php you are using?

I’ve seen the issue from running an old version of php. Parsing [] directly from a function that receives an array as a return value was not available until php version 5.4.

If you are running any version prior or 5.4, you should seriously consider upgrading your version of php for various crucial reasons including security vulnerability.

http://php.net/eol.php you can find unsupported php versions and migration guide for new version.

However, this doesn’t mean that we will not provide our support.

We will work on the code and make it backward compatible.

You should hear back from us shortly.

Thank you.

Hi, i have a quick question. I only show thumb with post title. But because i have big titles they don’t show up completely. How do i change that in order to have bigger height for the title. I don’t show author date so i have the required space. I tried finding in in the code but with no luck. Thank you in advance

Thanks for purchasing the plugin. We have received your request and will be back to you with an answer. I think we can adjust css temporarily. We remember the exact issue we had confronted due to the limitation in different browsers’ support for CSS3, so we had to fixate some of the element.

Anyways, we will contact you shortly with the temporary fix and consider allowing an additional feature to make it work from a setting within the plugin.

Thank you, iCanWP Team

Just submitted the updated version that will allow additional lines to display the title when meta information is set to not displayed. Each meta field disabled will add an additional text line.

Please wait for the update to be available as it has to be reviewed by Envato before it goes live.

If you like our plugin and the support you received, please leave us a good review and we will appreciate it a lot!


itswik Purchased

Hello, I just purchased the pro version. It is nice but I need two options if you can please include in your next update 1- Post Excerpt 2- Full post ticker (not just title) Thanks

Thanks for purchasing our plugin. We’ll include those 2 in the next version update.

hi i have purchased the wp post ticker pro it wont install into my wordpress site ive tried 2 different pcs it just comes up with wordpress failure notice any ideas on this? thank you rang.

hi yes that has sorted it out, many thanks ive sorted some of the problems you have mentioned also, thanks for the advice. best regards rang.

Glad we were able to help. If you were satisfied with our service, may I ask you if you could leave us a good review?

Thank you, Team iCanWP

Review left. top class all round. best regards rang.

Great work

Great work! But the update will not install because the folder exists and I cannot find the instructions for updating. Please help.

Hello Brett, A new update will be available shortly as we are adding one ”>” character to the file. You can still apply the update by uploading the plugin via ftp directly to override the existing files, but please wait for couple more days until the minor fix version gets out there. Current version still works though.

We are also working on an auto update feature for the future. So, you won’t have to worry about this moving forward.

I’ve created a new category, created 4 posts under this category, selected this in my ticker and nothing displays in my ticker. I’ve created another category, created new posts selected that for my ticker category, placed in new short code ticker ID and still nothing shows. I’ve confirmed I’m using the correct short code. If I update the ticker to display from the ‘uncategorized’ category, it works. Please let me know how I to get this to display. I didn’t have this issue when using your free version plugin (weird). Please let me know how to fix this.

Thank you. I’ve updated to custom url. It it worked once (with one click) with the custom link and then it stopped and now is continuing to link to post itself. I’ve also tried to disable links and it still linking to the actual post. I’ll email you directly admin access for you to review.

According to our test, it is working as long as the settings for the post stays the same.

If the link option doesn’t work, please try the following:

1. Re-download the plugin file, unzip, and override the plugin folder with the new copy over FTP.

2. If the above stays the same, there could be an issue with your website or server’s caching. Are you using any caching plugin or running your website via CDN (i.e. CloudFlare)?

We didn’t receive your email with the admin access, but those two above listed are very likely casuing the issue.

Thank you!

Hello Crissy,

The issue has been fixed on your staging server. We created a test post linking to Google. Please feel free to delete it.

It was due to a variable checking for the options using $$. The fix is submitted to Codecanyon, so when the next update becomes available, it will not have any issues.

However, we’ve manually edited the code on your site. So, it should be fine and no need for the update for the next version.

Thank you, Team iCanWP

How do I give Wordpress editor access to Post ticker?

So, if you can open “class-wp-post-ticker-pro-admin.php” in the admin folder, you will find wpptp_add_admin_menu() function starting on line 77.

In this function, there are 4 arguments that uses “manage_options.” You can search and replace “manage_options” with “edit_pages.”

This would allow editors to update the post ticker. I will update this in the next version release.

Thank you!

Is there a way I could ‘pin’ the latest post at the top?

yes, either / or. I’d like to have one post and if it also is included in the scroll that is okay too. But ideally would like to have ability to ‘pin’ just one at the top and have the rest scroll.

I think it would make sense if we can always keep the “sticky posts” the latest and be included in the display. However, this feature is currently not available and we’ll note this for the next version update. Having the post always displayed will be very challenging and confusing from the frontend loading.

Yes, having the latest pinned / sticky would work. This functionality will be included in your next version update? Let me know. That would be great!