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please ignore my previous ticket :) it’s working fine!! thank you, sharon

Got it. Thanks for your purchase and please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Do you use a custom post type for the tickers or are you pulling in default WP posts? Also, does this allow an admin to manually craft tickers as we wouldn’t need feeds from other domains? If yes, can they have scheduled publish and expiry time/dates?

You can create multiple tickers in the WP Admin. Each ticker you create will have an option to select a specific post category to pull the posts from. Setting publication and expiration date is not an available option. It only handles published posts, so if you have a plugin that sets specific posts to schedule for expiration, it may work. We are not sure what you meant by “feeds from other domains,” but the options include filter by Author, Category, and Hide Password Protected Posts.

Where I have to place the licenses to activate the Pro Version?

The pro version is a separate installation. Basically, it works with more features, optimization, and etc.

We understand that this could be little cumbersome, but please install the pro version you can download from Codecanyon and install it.

Thank you!

How do you make the horizontal items appear closer together, with no gap between the last one and the first one?

i.e. in a 5 post example, the last one starts too far away.

post 1 post 2 post 3 post 4 post 5 < too much> first post 1

Can these all be set to scroll with even space between them all?


I am not sure about your question, but if you are asking if the post ticker can be scrolled through horizontal direction, it is not supported. There are other plugins that shows the latest post in such a way.

However, you can control the spacing by using the padding options. Each part of a section has it’s own settings, so you need to adjust the Title Options, Navigation Options and Post Section Options padding until you create the amount of space you like.

Hope this helps!

İ buy your plugin but when I’m yousing it via shortcode server return whit a status 500 . İm yousing last version of whordpress.

If you get the latest version of WordPress, you shouldn’t have any issue. I know a couple of minor versions ago, there was a known issue.

İf im trying to put it via shortcode, till this point everyting is coming. menus banners but if your shortcode strart this content and after dont coming and server return status 500 . menus and banner are still there but the after content is not comming ,even footer.

Can you send us a link to your website? Also, if you can send us the login info, we are more than happy to take a look at the detail. You can submit us a direct mail from the following page: https://icanwp.com/support/