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I like your plugin but I have a question, no way of placing the link to share the post with social networks. look this site and why I want to do for my blog.

Hey thanks for your purchase! The social side of the plugin is made for share the post and not for like it. When i made it i had to choose between like or share as put them both was a bit too much invasive. Have more sense put the like buttons in the body of your post and keep the share ones in the image effect. Anyway if wanna edit the plugin and substitute share buttons with like buttons send me an email and i’ll point you in the right direction ;)

I play so much emotion and disable the plugin in my template does not work and I have the widget plugin that is where the action goes I do not want there.

i Don’t think to understand well what you mean, send me an email to my support mail with a link at your website please ;)

I missing a demo site

I’m setting up a demo site today after the first update of the plugin. I had to code a custom frontend panel for give the chance to the visitors to switch the different styles and options before to be able to post a demo ;)

Demo finally online :)

Can’t activate. “The plugin does not have a valid header.”

Solved. It worked when I tried to activate it from the deactivated list of plugins.

You was faster than me in the answer :) Ty for your purchase, for any trouble find me here, or if need a faster answer find me on my email ;)

can one hide the link icon?

There isn’t an option for this, but can do it easily editing the main function of the plugin, or just hiding it with css. In case need help i’m here ;)

Hi! I’m trying to stylize the share buttons via css but I can’t find the right line of code. Basically I’d like to adjust the first one on the left (FB) because it is touching the left side of the BG and make everything bigger and with more room. Tks!

Hello Wb, the main container for the share buttons is .wc_ptp_share_container the single buttons are links wrapped inside a “li” and their selector is .wc_ptp_share_btn . If you need to style only the first btn you could override the main css with a selector like this: .wc_ptp_share_container li:first a.wc_ptp_share_btn {} this will affect only the first link (FB), but i think that probably your theme css override some plugin css property, probably just adding !important to the properties values of .wc_ptp_share_container and .wc_ptp_share_btn in plugin css would fix your problem ;)

Dude, buy the plugin but am waiting for a response from you that help me. the plugin still works perfectly in my template. you said yes but not is if these busy or that but I hope every day for you. :(:(

Hello JP, sorry for delay wasn’t home these days, just sent you an email ;)

Sent a profile email if you could take a look going live in 3 days. Thanks kindly have a good day

Just sent you an email back ;)

Thanks kindly for the help A++ got me though and working like a charm when my theme author did nothing all within a few mins a++ thanks again

and 2014 wine….. :bashful::crying::depressed:

do friend hey, you died?

Nice plugin! Will this work on a widget’s featured image?

Hola estoy interesada en comprar su plugin, pero necesito antes saber si funcionará en mi web. Ésta se actualiza por feed y necesito que la primera imagen salga como imagen destacada. El problema que me encuentro es que necesito que también cambie el plugin, aquellas imágenes que estén publicadas.

¿Me podría decir si su plugin vale para hacer ésto que necesito, por favor?

Doesn’t work on the latest WordPress :((

Can this plugin work with all image, not only featured image (i mean on all image inserter via wp editor in post/page?

Would it be possible to compile a demo page where these features are showcased? The screenshots aren’t showing much.

If not, I would at least like to know if the overlay effects are hover only?

Sorry …. but the extension does not work I experimented with all methods of work

Please return the money if the extension does not work

I wait for your reply